Jamie Lissow’s Girlfriend, Erica: Wife Photos!

Jamie Lissow has already moved on with his girlfriend, Erika, who is a certified doctor. He had a wife, Jessica Lissow, with whom he was married for almost 12 years, but they divorced, and there are not many pictures of her.

Jamie Lissow is an actor and comedian from the United States. In the late 1990s, he began performing stand-up comedy. He has since been on Comedy Central, The Late Late Show, and The Tonight Show, among other venues. He also has a podcast called The Jamie Lissow Show, on which he conducts comedic and celebrity interviews.

In addition, Jamie is a regular on the Fox television series Gutfelf! Furthermore he has appeared as a guest on a number of programs, including Star Search, Gotham Live, The Late Show, The Tonight Show, and Last Comic Standing. Because of his amazing exhibitions and satirical shows, he has won over many people’s hearts and made them laugh. His name was introduced by the Incomparable American Parody Celebration and the Montreal Satire Celebration, which helped people become much more aware of him.

Jamie Lissow has established himself as one of the best-known comedians in America. Supporters of Jamie and his wife, Jessica Lissow, were stunned to learn that the couple had decided to file for divorce after nearly 12 years of marriage. And as of now, fans wonder about his current girlfriend.

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Jamie Lissow and His Girlfriend, Erika, Are Truely in Love!

Well, after his divorce from his wife, Jessica Lissow, Jamie Lissow (@iamjamielissow) is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Erika (@doctor_erika_). You must be well aware of his relationship with his wife, and divorce was the most talked-about topic, but recently, after learning about his current relationship status, fans have shown interest in learning more details about his girlfriend. So let us get into details.

Erika, Jamie Lissow’s current girlfriend, is a board-certified family physician who places a high value on individualized treatment plans and medical guidance for contemporary women. She loves to make health education interesting, approachable, and enjoyable, so you can’t help but grin and feel as though we and her are old friends getting brunch.

Jamie Lissow and his girlfriend Erica have been together for several years. celebsindepth.comJamie Lissow and his girlfriend Erica have been together for several years.
Source: Instagram

After a family member was diagnosed with cancer when she was a little child, she was in awe of the doctors who treated her, and she entered medical school determined to be just as sympathetic and caring as the doctors she so greatly relied on. However, medical training was a completely different game, and residency was even more rigorous. She became too emotionally linked to patients as a result of witnessing so much illness, sorrow, and death, making it difficult for her to interact with them.

When somebody got critically sick, or when she witnessed her own chest compressions failing and a life escaping directly under her hands, she would crumble. In an attempt to protect herself from the suffering she endured during her eight years of medical school, she purposefully shut herself off, and the new version of herself felt alien and missed interpersonal relationships.

Erika, Jamie Lissow, and his girlfriend Dr. Erika are happily together. They have shared several posts on their Instagram account acknowledging their love and affection. Several fans are happy and have commented on their relationship, showing their praise and showering love on it.

Jamie Lissow and His Wife, Jessica Lissow, Were Together for 12 Years!

Jamie Lissow was once married to his wife, Jessica Lissow. The pair were married for several years, but the information about their relationship and wedding is extremely private. The pair has three children together: Briar, a beautiful girl, and Miles and Charles, two handsome boys. However, the pair are no longer together.

Following more than ten years of marriage, Jamie Lissow and his wife, Jessica Lissow, made the decision to get a divorce. He hasn’t disclosed this information to the wider public, though. Even though they didn’t start dating right away, Jessica and Jamie courted for a long time before getting married. The precise time and venue of Jamie and Jessica’s wedding will never be disclosed, as they have already divorced. However, they haven’t yet made public the specifics of their split. Neither of the parties has discussed the divorce in public or on social media up until this time.

Jamie Lissow is photographed with his ex-wife and children. celebsindepth.comJamie Lissow is photographed with his ex-wife and children.
Source: Instagram

The ex-couple doesn’t have many pictures together. Jamie Lissow’s wife shares pictures of her kids on social media on a regular basis. The fact that children seem to be spending time with both parents indicates that shared parenting is now being practiced by them. It must have been more difficult for the parents to divide up the parental duties after their separation.