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Don’t lie; you were weirdly attracted to Mona Lisa from Daybreak, weren’t you? Well, you were not the only one who fell in love with the character played by the talented and up-and-coming actress Jeante Godlock.

Looking at her performance on the show, it is hard to imagine the role of Mona Lisa was only her third acting credit, and it is by counting a short movie she was a part of called Sell Out! released in 2018. But now her performance as Mona Lisa on Daybreak is out, and it is not hard to see how casting directors won’t be impressed by the amazing performance of the actress.

Jeante Godlock is an actress who plays Mona Lisa in the show daybreak.Jeante Godlock is an actress who plays Mona Lisa in the show Daybreak.
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Jeante plays a high school kid in the show Daybreak, and it should mean the actress is about early to mid-20s. She looks like she is about 24-25 years old, but nope, Jeante was born on 24 April 1988, and as of this writing, Jeante is 31 years old. She was born in South Central, Los Angeles, where she resided all of her life and only showed interest in show business in the late 2010s. Before, she was a personal trainer and even started her own fitness blog.

Jeante lived with Her Parents in California and Learned Dancing and Gymnastics for Over Ten Years (Wiki/Bio)

Jeante Godlock trained as a dancer and gymnast for over ten years.Jeante Godlock trained as a dancer and gymnast for over ten years.
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Through the formative years of Jeante’s life, she was interested in sports and getting herself physically fit. Her height of 4 feet 11 inches was a hindrance, but she found the discipline she excelled in and focused all her energy there.

In high school, Jeante competed in five different sports while also receiving training in dancing and gymnastics. She was taken by the physical requirements and the work you need to put in for dancing and gymnastics, which is why she continued with her training for over ten years.

Through it all, Jeante’s father and mother were supportive of her choices. Soon she decided she wanted to be a physical trainer and also started her own fitness blog to help others. But it wasn’t until the actress was hired to play the character of Simone Biles, her star really started to shine bright.

Jeante Godlock and Simon Biles Connection; Playing the Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

Jeante was looking to make a foray into the show business in the late part of the 2010s. She was trying to get a show or a movie she can appear in and started to train under casting veteran Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd and also the actress Tasha Smith.

The actress was then offered the role of Simone Biles in the movie The Simone Biles Story: Courage to Soar. Her years of gymnastic training came to full effect in the film, and when the movie was released, it was like she was meant for the role.

Simone Biles, for those who don’t know, became an American sensation during the 2016 Rio Olympics when she napped three gold medals. Her life story was the basis of the movie, and to this day, Jeante’s Instagram bio reads, “Simone biles is my twinnie.” This movie was the break she was looking for, and soon the actress was hired to play the role of Mona Lisa in the show Daybreak.

Jeante Godlock Plays ‘Mona Lisa’ in the Netflix Show ‘Daybreak’

Mona Lisa, from the first time you see her, is portrayed as a strong female character. Though the character may be perceived as a follower at the beginning, there is something to be said about how well her character transitions from right-hand woman to someone who is really in charge of the whole thing (no spoilers).

Mona Lisa is one of the Jocks, and she was the only lady in the football team before the bombs went off, which is why she is the only lady we see in a jocks uniform throughout the entire show. But as though and angry, she appears in front of others; Mona Lisa is just someone who cares for Turbo and the people under his care.

Watch: The trailer for Daybreak where Jeante Godlock plays the character of Mona Lisa

As the series progresses, we see more of Mona Lisa and her character development of how she is the kingmaker in Glendale. Daybreak’s post-apocalyptic story fit perfectly for Mona Lisa, who was hell-bent on staying alive at any cost necessary.

Well, after what happened in the finale of Daybreak, it feels as though there is much exploring to be done when it comes to Jeante’s character of Mona Lisa.

Will Jeante Godlock’s Character ‘Mona Lisa’ be back in ‘Daybreak’ Season 2? (Major Spoilers)

Mona Lisa was the right hand woman of Turbo.Mona Lisa was the right-hand woman of Turbo.
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There is still no confirmation of whether Daybreak will be renewed for a second season or not. Netflix takes about 45 days to place a renewal order or announce the show was canceled, and it’s barely been two weeks since the release of the show on Netflix.

So, we are working on the assumption the show will be renewed for a second season, and if the events of the finale are anything to go by, then we are in for a treat. In the finale, we were headed for the generic ending when the writers decided to throw a wrench into the entire plan of Josh, played by Colin Ford.

Mona Lisa switched sides to be with Sam in the finale of Daybreak.Mona Lisa switched sides to be with Sam in the finale of Daybreak.
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Sam, played by Sophie Simnett, is not going to be a damsel in distress who needs saving; instead, she decides to become the dictator of the survivors of Glendale. As she finishes her dialogue, Mona Lisa takes her spot beside the new ruler of the Jocks, and the Daybreakers, along with other factions of survivors, look on in shock.

If Daybreak season 2 happens then, Jeante will definitely be back as Mona Lisa in the show as Sam will most probably go after the Daybreakers. Angelica, played by Alyvia Alyn Lind, Wesly, played by Austin Crute, will all be back, which cannot be said for the fallen hero Eli Cardashyan, played by Gregory Kasyan.

Jeante Godlock is Focused on Her New Career Path with no Time for Relationships

Jeante Godlock is focused on her career and not getting into a relationship with anyone.Jeante Godlock is focused on her career and not getting into a relationship with anyone.
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Relatively speaking, Jeante started pretty late in her acting career, and she is only finding fame recently for her role as Mona Lisa in the show Daybreak. This is why the actress is currently solely focused on her career as an actress, and she’s got no time for boyfriends or husband.

The actress only started in the movie and TV industry pretty late, which is why there is not much information when it comes to her past affairs. We are not certain of the people Jeante dated before finding fame, but one thing is almost certain, the actress is currently single, but she is also solely focused on her career as an actress.

Jeante Godlock’s Net Worth

Before Jeante Godlock found fame with the show Daybreak, the actress was working as a personal trainer and a blogger. A busy person is not going to get a whole of time to write blogs, so making money from blogging in next to nothing.

Jeante was also a personal trainer, which was useful for her to pay the bills, but when it comes to Jeante Godlock’s Net Worth, the actress made most of her fortune from her time on the show Daybreak. She was paid about $10,000 per episode from the show, and the actress currently enjoys a net worth close to $150,000.

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