Jennifer Pfautch

Jennifer Pfautch is not a celebrity, she is the wife of one, though, and Jennifer is married to the actor Omari Hardwick from the hit TV show Power, which is currently in its sixth season over on Starz. The couple got married in 2012, and the two live together ever since. While he is out working on TV shows and movies, she is taking care of the kids, running a blog, and posting on Instagram to her over 100k followers on the site.

Jennifer considers herself to be the biggest fan and supporter of her actor husband, and he calls her his biggest support system. The two are extremely happy, and in a loving relationship, which is amazing considering the turbulence, they faced in their married life. On her official website, she describes herself as, “Pro love. I am pro respect towards oneself and others. I am pro growth even when it hurts. I am pro woman. I am pro human.”

Jennifer Pfautch in a profile image.Jennifer Pfautch is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur.
Source: Instagram @mrsjaeh

The mother-of-two is a private person, which is why she is still to reveal her birth date, but she is also a motivational blogger who talks to people and helps them in whatever way she can. She is someone who’s been able to keep the handsome actor grounded while maintaining a house and taking care of the children. Frankly, she is the reason why we got Omari Harwick in Power in the first place.

Start of Her Career and Early Life; She’s got Roots in the Entertainment Industry

After Jennifer finished high school, she moved to California, where she enrolled in California Lutheran University, where she studied and later graduated with a degree in communications major. She used her time while in college to get an intern job at NBC, where they moved her to Primetime Entertainment Publicity Department.

On the job, the experience was the reason why she was able to land a job in the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), one of the largest talent agencies in the world. This was her job in Hollywood, working as a publicist, which is what she did until she met her husband-to-be.

Jennifer Pfautch is Married to Actor Omari Hardwick

Jennifer and Omari are married.Omari Harwick and Jennifer Pfautch got married in 2012.
Source: Instagram

The couple met around the 2010s when the actor was recently going through a break-up. His past relationship was with a Native-American girl who was disowned by her parents after she started dating someone from outside of their race. Their relationship also became strained when she gave birth to a stillborn baby in 2008, and the couple broke up soon after.

Coming out of a three-year relationship, Omari was not keen on starting a long-term relationship, but Jennifer brought much-needed stability in his life, and the couple started dating. The duo got married on 4 May 2012 in an intimate ceremony among their friends and family.

Omari Hardwick with his wife Jennifer Pfautch.Jennifer Pfautch and Omari Harwick are together for more than seven years.
Source: Instagram

But the relationship between the two did not come with love and appreciation from all of the fan base or the people in the society. There were few who commented on the race of the two people involved and the marriage between the two races, which caused a lot of controversies and the married couple needing to describe their position over and over again.

Jennifer Found a Loving Husband but Her Interracial Marriage was Criticized

Jennifer Pfautch and her husband Omari Hardwick.Jennifer Pfautch and Omari Harwick got married in 2012.
Source: Instagram

Interracial marriage was legalized over 50 years ago, but the stigma of marrying outside of your particular race is still frowned upon and even looked at differently in the society by some. This was the case for the marriage between Omari and Jennifer. She is white, and he is black, which is why there were some fans who were not okay with another black man being taken by a white girl. They were calling her names and leaving nasty comments on her comment section, which made matters worse.

Jennifer’s husband was not going to take it all lying down, which is why he came to her defense and left a lengthy statement for all to see about the relationship the couple share and what it means to love each other. The message was as much for the fans as it was for their kids who were growing up and on the verge of using the internet and they are going to search for their parents, which is going to lead the kids to some nasty comments, and it is not something Jennifer Pfautch and Omari Hardwick want for their kids.

Omari Hardwick and his comments.The caption of Omari Hardwick’s Instagram where he details fan encounters for his children.
Source: Instagram

The former publicist also took to Instagram to vent her frustration, and to remind people interracial marriage is legal and hate is the weapon of the weak. The duo is also activists which is why as much as the people tried to affect their relationship with hate, their bond got even stronger with each passing day.

The couple is in love, and no matter how much hate or bile the “fans” try to levy on them, their love is only going to grow stronger with each day. Most of the time, people are just meant to be together, and they are not going to allow a measly thing like race get in the way of love, and we love the fact after all the hate and criticism the duo faced, they still cherish and care for each other.

Jennifer’s Children

Omari Hardwick with his son and daughter.Jennifer and Omari Hardwick became parents of Nova and Brave.
Source: Instagram

The couple’s first child was born in and around 2015 when Jennifer gave birth to Nova, their daughter. About two years later, the couple welcomed their second child, this time a boy Brave and both the children are of mixed race.

Jennifer not only gave the love of a wife to her husband she also brought to life, two beautiful kids, which only goes to show the couple made the right decision in 2012 to get married and start a family.

Jennifer was the Reason Omari Hardwick took the Role in ‘Power’

Omari Hardwick played the character of Ghost in the series Power.Omari Harwick was convinced by his wife to take the role of ‘Ghost’ in the show ‘Power’.
Source: TV Guide

Jennifer will be modest when explaining the whole thing, she takes little credit, but Omari is not shy about giving props where it’s due. The actor was auditioning for the role of Ghost in the series Power when Jennifer convinced him to take on the role and answer the calling from God.

Pfautch said, “I wouldn’t say I convinced him to take the role [in Power], per se. His soul knew it was time to embrace what God had for him career-wise, and in order to do that, the role of Ghost was the next step in that process. I honestly said very little, just enough to remind him of his call and his purpose.”

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Since the mother-of-two was not going to take credit for the actor getting the role, he was going to give his wife a sweet reminder. He wrote on Instagram, “Between the 45 days of prayer from a one @mrsjaeh asking God to ‘help me embrace my Power & Dominion’ (yes, that word: power), & sitting down even a month after THAT with a one @ckagbohofficial & then talking to a one @50cent …..God had answered that prayer & spoke to me.”

The couple takes care of each other, and with each passing moment, they seem to be more and more meant-to-be with each other. So, we would like to wish the couple a happy family life for now and many years into the future to come.

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