What Has Jim Jefferies Said About Sign Language? Why Doesn’t He Allow Interpreter in His Show?

Jim Jefferies has made fun of sign language in his comedy, saying he doesn’t dislike deaf people but hates hand signs. Jefferies not only dislikes having a sign language interpreter present during his live performances, but he also uses some of his most frequently used expletives so that the interpreter does not distract you.

Jim Jefferies has returned to Netflix with Jim Jefferies: High & Dry, his fifth stand-up special for the service. On February 14, the special had its global Netflix debut, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Bare (2014), Freedumb (2016), This Is Me Now (2018), and Intolerant (2018) preceded the stand-up special. The new special was directed by Scott Zabielski.

According to the subtitle, In the special, newly married and enjoying life with his wife and kids, Jefferies blasts out on the inequities of male pattern baldness, the lethargy of koala bears, and the reason why he’ll never drink again. Jefferies was crowned stand-up comedian of the year at the Just for Laughs festival. His credits include the FX series Legit, which he developed, executive produced and starred in, as well as Comedy Central’s his Show, which lasted for three seasons from 2017 to 2019. Additionally, he appeared in 2021 episodes of The Librarians, Bad Judge, and History of Swear Words.

This Is Me Now featured Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, who always becomes more well-known following a school massacre. He is a super funnyman and had fans laughing from start to finish with a wide range of topics, with more talk regarding hand signs, and deaf people. Here are the details of what he said about sign language during his comedy.

Jim Jefferies Has Made Fun of Sign Language in His Comedy; He Dislikes Having a Sign Language Interpreter, so That the Interpreter Does Not Distract His Fans!

Jim Jefferies (@jimjefferies) made fun of sign language in his comedy. Making fun of sign language he said;

I Don’t Dislike Deaf People, I Hate Sign Language People.

He continued;

The American government will pay for a sign language interpreter, It exists for the time being, albeit probably not for very long. The interpreter will be provided at no cost by the American government. The typical sign user is a frumpy woman who learned the language to romance a deaf man who was out of her league, but whatever.

He claimed that whenever a sign user was present, his performances would never go well because it would be challenging for those who were deaf. They have seen him on Netflix, have been able to read his lips, have the subtitles, and have observed his facial expressions. They aren’t even looking at him any longer. He said;

They simply say, This is a shitshow, and because they are unable to modify their tone, I respond, No! Not a sh*tshow at all! This is not a shitshow.

He said that everyone in the crowd will go if there is a sign language interpreter there. He also claimed that there are various dialects of its interpreters there. He also claimed that there are various dialects of it. He added saying

The human brain isn’t fully formed, so it’s impossible to have a successful comedy show with a sign language user. Deaf people in relationships with other deaf people usually make me feel bad. You have to fight sometimes. You’ve just returned from a party. You’re making an effort to drive safely.

His most hilarious routine, though, was a recounting of a star-studded performance when he was taunted by Eddie Murphy before meeting a shouty Al Pacino and a laconic Warren Beatty at the bar. The rough-hewn comedian was amazed and overjoyed when Pacino began to like him. You will get along with him if you don’t mind his brutally honest humor.

You’ll discover not just why Jefferies detests having a sign language interpreter present during his live performances, but also the signs for some of his most frequently used expletives and slurs so you won’t be distracted by the interpreter. You’ll discover how Jefferies has adjusted to motherhood and figured out how to raise his four-year-old son alone.

But this fact only makes his story seem more bizarre. Knowing that A-list actor Brad Pitt is a major fan and close friend of the comedian, thanks to watching The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central, The entire situation serves as yet another stark contrast between the lives of Gadsby and a comic like Jefferies. Just getting by can be Gadsby’s worst nightmare. Similar to Gadsby, Jefferies breaks the fourth wall of comedy by discussing the process of creating his shows and by disclosing his struggles with depression.

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