Kennedy McMann

Kennedy McMann is an American actress and singer born on 30th October 1996 in Holland, Michigan. Currently residing in Mesa, Arizona, Kennedy completed her BFA in Acting from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018.

Talking about her parents, McMann is the daughter of an American novelist Lisa McMann while her father Matt McMann is a writer and musician. Moreover, she’s got a brother named Killian.

The actress is best known for her work in the small screens, most notably the crime drama series Gone (2017) starring alongside Chris Noth and Leven Rambin.

Kennedy McMann is playing the title role in CW’s Nancy Drew

Kennedy McMann is portraying the title character in CW’s Nancy Drew.

Kennedy McMann is portraying the title character in CW’s Nancy Drew.
Source: Town & Country Magazine

Nancy Drew is a drama inspired by the classic mysteries about an impressive young detective. The story follows the young Nancy Drew, who graduates high school and intends to leave her hometown for college before finding herself amidst a murder mystery of supernatural nature.

Deadline reported Kennedy McMann landed the title role back in February 2019. The actress revealed she was born to play the role as she had read every book about her character as well as played the computer games based on her.

I come from a super literary family. My mom’s an author. I grew up reading the books.

Kennedy added, “I played the computer games all through college. I was, like, hogging the family computer when I was a kid, and then it just became my laptop, when I was, like, 19. They’re the Her Interactive Nancy Drew mystery games. [I solved them] on the hardest level, I had to or else who am I?”

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Directed by Larry Teng and produced by Melinda Hsu, the show uncovers secrets that run beyond Nancy’s imagination. When she herself becomes a suspect to a murder, she regains her fondness for detective work. The clues eventually lead towards the killer being a local girl, who was long presumed to be dead.

Meanwhile, Leah Lewis plays George, a girl who feels hard done by Nancy in high school. However, when she finds herself as a murder suspect along with her archenemy, she is forced to team up with her adversary. The duo strives to clear their names from the accusations, and in the process look to begin a brand new friendship.

The actress is engaged to her fiance Sam

Kennedy McMann is engaged to her boyfriend turned fiance Sam.

Kennedy McMann is engaged to her fiance Sam.
Source: Kennedy McMann Instagram

Kennedy McMann is engaged to her boyfriend turned fiance Sam, with whom she often shares pictures on Instagram. The actress showed off her engagement ring on 30th December 2018, captioning the post “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED Y’ALL.”

Engaged Kennedy McMann is getting married to her boyfriend turned fiance Sam

Kennedy McMann is getting married to Sam.
Source: Kennedy McMann Instagram

On the new year’s day, 2019, Kennedy shared a picture with her special man once again, this time writing an elaborate caption looking back at her 2018. She talked about her graduation from college, making a debut on TV, adopting another sweet kitten angel, and last but not least, her engagement with the love of her life.

Kennedy McMann rounded up her 2018 with her partner Sam by her side.

McMann rounded up her 2018 with her special partner Sam by her side.
Source: Kennedy McMann Instagram

The actress revealed it was not all plain sailing as she had to face immense sadness too. In fact, she even cried on the subway when she was feeling down. All of these experiences helped her learn more about her parents, friends, family, and most significantly her partner, more than she had ever done before.

Kennedy claims to have found the total ownership of her life. As a matter of fact, she loves herself so much, which in turn is gradually leading her to give more than she ever did in the past. Therefore, this was the perfect time to commit herself to Sam forever, who she believes is the cornerstone of her life.

Fans love how Kennedy McMann and fiance Sam always look adorable together.

Fans love how Kennedy and Sam always look adorable together.
Source: McMann Instagram

Speaking of her fiancée, McMann said – “I truly do not know life without you and I hope it stays that way for the next 80 years (at least). I’m so excited to marry you. Wowie wowie what words!!! Though as you said, it’s pretty weird, because it feels like I married you a long time ago. Shoutout to Barbara MacKenzie Wood for setting us up four years ago. You’re a true homie. Here’s to another year.”

McMann grew up in Arizona doing theatre; used acting to cope up with OCD

Kennedy McMann suffered intense anxiety and OCD as a child.

Kennedy suffered intense anxiety and OCD as a child.
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Life was not always rainbows and sunshine for the actress as she had to cope with OCD as a young girl growing up in Holland, Arizona.

McMann said, “I got into theater and it became therapy for me. At nine I would go to rehearsal and for those three or four hours, I got to replace my brain with somebody else’s. It was something where I could escape my problems and have somebody else’s different problems and it was such a relief to me and became one of my therapies.”

The actress who dealt with anxiety and OCD all her life looked up to Jessica Alba as a kid, who inspired her not to give up on her dreams. She added that anxiety has always been a part of her life which only grew further in college. However, she believes a lot of actors carry anxiety which is all too common among stars. Moreover, she reckons it’s something that tends to thrive in a creative mind.

Kennedy nailed the auditions for Nancy Drew

Auditioning for the title role is, no doubt, daunting for any personality. In fact, it’s beyond scary for someone who never carried an experience of a recurring TV role. Yet, the character Nancy Drew came naturally to the actress.

McMann said, “In some ways, the material, when I read it for the first time, I had this very sudden realization that this is my voice.”

Nancy added, she felt like it was written for her, and she instantly got comfortable with the character. However, the casting process is usually long, and lots of candidates are eager to land the role, which made it a bit tricky.

Meanwhile, Kennedy McMann is soon likely to become a household name. Therefore, the actress reassures she shall remain humble and grounded with the aid of the closest people in her life.

McMann said, “For me, it’s definitely been my parents and my fiance. They’re all so incredibly supportive and have always reminded me who I am and given me the support that I needed.”

The actress is also pretty self-aware of looking after her, so Hollywood never takes over. She claims to be health-minded who eats well on time. Moreover, she does a lot of yoga and meditation, helping her mind recover from all the toll at work.

Kennedy McMann smashed the auditions for the role of Nancy Drew.

Kennedy McMann smashed the auditions for the role of Nancy Drew.
Source: Cheat Sheet

Amidst all these, Kennedy is looking forward to her new exciting journey in life. Although it’s nerve-racking, it’s equally enthralling.

I feel like I have a pinch myself moment every day. It can be overwhelming and also just full of love.

Kennedy showers praise to the amazing cast and crew for helping her on set. She cherishes all the memories they’re creating on their journey.

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