Joie Chavis’ Boyfriend, Trevon Diggs: Her Baby Daddy List!

Joie Chavis and her boyfriend, Trevon Diggs, are officially dating. They had been rumored since 2021, and Trevon’s wife, Yasmine Lopez, even criticized them. Joie has a long dating history, including with her kids father. Bow Wow is her baby daddy. She also had a son with rapper Future. Joie and Trevon are together and have a strong relationship in 2023.

Joie Chavis is a fitness enthusiast, Instagram model, and social media influencer. The Instagram model has two children: a son and a daughter. It is commonly known that Joie Chavis rose to notoriety due to her relationship with rapper Bow Wow. She also recently shared a photo of her shelf with her new boyfriend, Trevon Diggs, with whom she had been rumored for years. So let us learn about her boyfriend in detail.

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Joie Chavis Is Dating Her Boyfriend, Trevon Diggs, in 2023!

Joie Chavis (@joiechavis) has finally revealed that she is dating her boyfriend, Trevon Diggs (@trevondiggs) This might not be a surprise for many fans, as the rumors had been circulating for a very long period of time. And followers were quick to comment on her to learn about her new boyfriend in her life. Let us get into detail about their dating lives and relationships.

Joie Chavis and her boyfriend, Trevon Diggs, are in a relationship. celebsindepth.comJoie Chavis and her boyfriend, Trevon Diggs, are in a relationship.
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Joie Chavis relationship rumors with NFL cornerback Trevon Diggs began months after his ex publicly chastised her for supposedly having sexual relations with him. Despite having two children, Chavis maintains her attractiveness and isn’t embarrassed to post images of herself looking lovely. She also posts a lot of videos of herself working out and giving diet advice. She appears to be doing well as an influencer while also running her own online store, Shop Shai.

Joie Chavis fueled speculation with Instagram photos while watching one of his football games versus the Detroit Lions. For the occasion, the mother of two wore a blue jacket, tight black slacks, and black boots, posing on the stand with her sunglasses. She showed off a cup with an image of Trevon on the front in a video that hints at who she was there to support. Yasmin Lopez called Joie Chavis out for flirting with Trevon, she said; the b*tch is dating the youngster. Well if you are unware Joie is older than Trevon in age. She continued;

She has a strange dating history, since she was reported to have cheated on Bow Wow with Diddy before they split up. So, with this desperate attitude, B-tch is up to no good.”

Yasmine has one son with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, who was born in August 2021 after a few months of dating. The Charlotte, North Carolina, model previously made headlines for claiming to have dated Carmelo Anthony after he and LaLa Anthony divorced.

After a video of Joie Chavis and Trevon Diggs kissing after a game circulated on Twitter, the couple shocked the NFL community. The game in question is the Cowboys’ Christmas Day victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Where they edged out their division rivals 40-34. They had already sparked many rumors and controversy regarding their dating.

Joie Chavis and her boyfriend, Trevon Diggs, share a close bond. celebsindepth.comJoie Chavis and her boyfriend, Trevon Diggs, share a close bond.
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But they are now openly dating; we are not sure since when but rumors have been circulating for a long time, and they share each other on their Instagram profiles. The lovely images of the couple have already swamped the social media site as Trevon Diggs admirers share the images while wishing them their best wishes. They seem to be enjoying their relationship as of 2023.

Meet Joie Chavis’ Baby Daddy and Her Boyfriend’s List!

In 2010, Joie Chavis was in a relationship with Bow Wow (@shadmoss). Bow Wow is Chavis’ baby daddy, as in 2011, they became parents to Shai Moss. However, their relationship had numerous issues, and they eventually split up in 2013. They attempted to reconcile in 2016, but were unsuccessful.

Bow Wow is the stage name of American rap singer and actor Shad Gregory Moss. Snoop Dogg helped launch his career in the late 1990s by introducing him to songwriter Jermaine Dupri and signing him to So So Def Productions. His debut album as Lil’ Bow Wow, Beware of Dog, was published in 2000, when he was only 13 years old. Doggy Bag came a year later.

In 2017, she quietly began dating rapper Future (@future). She announced her pregnancy in 2018, but she had already broken up with Future. Their son, Hendrix, was born in 2018, and despite their divorce, they remain supportive of one another.

Joie Chavis with her baby daddy, Rapper Future. celebsindepth.comJoie Chavis with her baby daddy, Rapper Future.
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Joie Chavis has a long dating history list. Sean Diddy Combs and Joie Chavis were spotted on vacation in Italy after their media appearances. Diddy and the model were seen kissing and holding hands on Diddy’s yacht off the coast of Capri. It is uncertain whether Joie Chavis and Diddy are dating. He traveled to Europe with his children to attend a function in Venice before taking a vacation in Italy. However, now in 2023, she is dating her boyfriend, Trevon Diggs.