JoJo Siwa’s Girlfriend: Who Is the Dance Moms Star Dating in 2022? A Complete Breakdown on Her Relationship Timeline!

Sep 14, 2022 @ 16:02 GMT-0500
JoJo Siwa’s Girlfriend: Who Is the Dance Moms Star Dating in 2022? A Complete Breakdown on Her Relationship Timeline!

JoJo Siwa has apparently broken up with her girlfriend Kylie Prew in 2022 with Kylie making an announcement about their breakup on Instagram Live. Following their breakup, the 19-year-old Dance Moms star has yet to make an announcement about her breakup with Prew, so we can safely assume that she is not dating anyone at the moment.

Joelle Joanie "JoJoSiwa (born on  May 19, 2003) is an American dancer, singer, and YouTuber who is well-known for her appearances on Dance Moms alongside her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, for two seasons.

During her three straight D.R.E.A.M. tours, global superstar JoJo Siwa was the youngest performer to take the stage at the O2 Arena. She is a best-selling author, singer, and movie star with over 60.5 million social media followers and 3.6 billion YouTube views. As the first same-sex couple on DWTS, she and her dance partner Jenna Johnson won the People's Choice Award for Competition Contestant in 2021.

Following the breakup of JoJo Siwa with her girlfriend Kylie Prew, people want to know more information about JoJo and her relationship status in 2022. Well, here's everything we have on Siwa's dating history!

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Jojo Siwa’s Girlfriend in 2022: The Dance Moms’ Star Is Currently Single and Has Yet to Make an Announcement about Her Breakup with Kylie Prew!

You may already be aware that JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) and Kylie Prew (@p._kylie_.p) have broken up because Kylie recently announced their breakup live on Instagram. Although the YouTube celebrity hasn't yet publicly confirmed their breakup, Kylie has taken steps to ensure that both she and the star are secure, content, and healthy moving forward.

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew's relationship has been on and off for a while, but they have now officially broken up for the second time, although is it just intuition or something whatever you say. I have a feeling that the pair will again end up being together because it's them.

Siwa, who was then 18 years old, first met Kylie, who was then 17 years old, on a cruise. The two hit it off right away and after spending hours talking, developed a close friendship. They did not immediately begin dating or engage in flirtation after the meeting. No, the popular YouTuber at the age of 19 hadn't even admitted to being gay.

First of all, the couple continued to be friends for close to a year. On Christmas Day, the two went on a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando as best friends and both of them uploaded pictures of the events to Instagram. Later, Siwa claimed that the journey was essential in changing their dynamic from one of friendship to one of love.

The Dance Moms star later came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in January 2021, at which point she posted a picture of herself wearing a T-shirt that said, "BEST. GAY. COUSIN. EVER", sending young LGBTQ+ people all around the world into an enthusiastic frenzy.

Unbeknownst to the fans at the time, Prew, with whom Sia had been dating secretly on January 8, encouraged her to come out.

In an Instagram post commemorating their one-month anniversary, Siwa revealed her relationship with Prew. After more than a year of friendship, Siwa claimed that on January 8, 2021—one month after Siwa came out as LGBTQ—she finally got to make their relationship official.

The couple affectionately marked their first Valentine's Day together a few days later. A selfie of the couple was featured in the since-deleted post, which was then followed by a charming video of Prew blowing a straw wrapper into Siwa's face.

Before breaking up that October, the couple dated for nine months. Then, in May, they rekindled their romance at Disney World.

A few months later, the couple appeared to be hinting at reconciliation when Siwa admitted to being deeply in love in an interview with Extra in April 2022. After a few weeks and a united trip to Disney World, she formally announced their reconciliation on Instagram. Siwa celebrated the milestone's one-year anniversary earlier this year and shared with her fans,

🏳️‍🌈In the last 365 days I’ve felt more love than ever. A year ago today I posted this picture and shared with the world that I was gay🌈.

However, by August, the two had broken up once more and Prew confirmed her breakup with YouTube Star JoJo Siwa during an Instagram Live that was recently republished on TikTok. Prew said during the Instagram live,

I don’t like drama and it makes me really, really anxious and so I don’t want to talk about it for a while, but, um, someone asked me just now if I was single [and] I am.

Prew stated in the brief video broadcast that she has been officially single for close to two months and that she and Siwa are both secure content, as well as a result of the breakup.

Despite having previously been open about their dynamic, Siwa has failed to openly address the status of their relationship. Since going public with their relationship in February 2021, shortly after Siwa's coming out in January 2021, the couple has broken up twice.

And for those who are curious about the 19-year-old YouTube star's romantic status in 2022, she is still single and not dating anyone. If the YouTube star were to say anything about her relationship status then we will keep you updated.

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