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Austin Crute is playing a queer character in the fan-favorite Netflix show Daybreak, which is making the rounds of the streaming platform (and seems to be getting a Daybreak season two). Well, he is not only playing a queer character, but he is gay in real life also, which, according to the actor, was a tough and confusing journey when he was only a little boy.

The Wesley Fists actor was born on 24 August 1995 to his parents, who were both religious and involved with the church in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Austin’s father is a senior pastor at the family-operated church. He went to a private Christian school growing up, and when he was young, it was confusing for the actor as to why he was more feminine than other boys he knew, and Austin felt like a “freak of nature” for feeling the way he did.

Austin Crute is an actor who plays Wilson Fists on the show Daybreak.Austin Crute is an actor who plays Wilson Fists on the show Daybreak.
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Austin was a different kid from the time he was young, he was more comfortable with the ladies, and his tendencies brought a lot of teasing in high school. He soon realized he was gay and not attracted to women, which went against everything he was ever taught in school and in his home but when he left Atlanta, he soon found his crowd where Austin could be the person he was meant to be and not the one society was expecting off him.

Is Austin Cute Gay?

Austin Crute, as he explains, grew up around queer people, but the same thing was not represented in his Christian school or the TV and movies he watched. Most of the gay characters are there to be comic reliefs with not much character development and wearing a lot of shiny dresses.

While Austin was struggling to explain his feelings, these were the things happening in the world. It was difficult being gay in the conservative state of Georgia, which is why it was almost liberating when he arrived in New York. Austin found friends and people he can be comfortable with, and soon, he was coming out one by one to his most trusted friends.

This was such a revealing time for the young actor who was not only coming out to his friends but which each conversation he was confident with his sexuality and identity. The confidence is not only working in his personal life, but it is also seeping into his professional career. In 2019 alone, he’s played two different queer characters in a movie and a TV show.

Playing Gay Character Wesley Fists in Daybreak and Alan in Booksmart

Austin Crute plays a gay character on the Netflix show Daybreak.Austin Crute plays a gay character on the Netflix show Daybreak.
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Daybreak is a comedic action take on the post-apocalyptic world where the show takes elements from Mad-Max, The Walking Dead, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to tell the story of high school students who need to survive in a world full of flesh-eating monsters and other humans.

The main protagonist of the show is Josh, who links up with Angelica and his high school bully Wesley Fists to find his girlfriend, Samira. Wesley is, without a doubt, the best character of the show, and the way his character is portrayed is even more fascinating.

Wesley used to be a Greendale jock who played football and bullied the kids at the bottom rung of the high school hierarchy ladder. But after the apocalypse hits and some other circumstance, revealed later on the show, Wesley takes us the Samurai sword and starts following the Eastern way of life when it comes to non-violence.

Wesley is also involved in a romantic relationship with Turbo Bro Jack, aka Turbo Pokaski, played by Cody Kearsley. We are let in on the romance between Turbo and Wesley, and their first kiss also shown to show the complexity of the relationship between the two. Wesley was a great opportunity for Austin to portray someone he can be proud of.

Austin Crute played Alan in the movie Booksmart.Austin Crute played Alan in the movie Booksmart.
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Other Daybreak cast members include Colin Ford, Alyvia Alyn Lind, and Sophie Simnett, who make up the core protagonist team. Austin is not the lead of the show, but his story is the most important out of all the characters in the show. Though it was not the same case when it comes to playing Alan in Booksmart, he did, however, steal every scene, he was in.

The actor also portrayed the character of Justin Bieber in the hit Donald Glover show on FX called Atlanta.

Austin Crute’s Relationship Status; Does He Have a Boyfriend?

Austin Crute is an interesting human being, he is always ready with a smile and greets everyone with a smile. This is the reason why it is mind-blowing to hear the actor is still single. As Austin will tell you himself, he went to his first pride this year, and the first boy he ever kissed was barely four years ago.

The actor is relatively new when it comes to the queer community, which probably explains why he is single still. The actor did open up about a past relationship he was involved in before filming of Daybreak began. Austin talked about how he went through a tough break up before coming on as Wesley on the show, and the actor poured all the pain, anger, and frustration into playing the character of Wesley.

Austin Crute did seem to share a great bond with Cody Kearsley, who neither confirms nor denies about him being gay. No matter whether he is gay or straight, the actor is comfortable playing characters on both sides of the spectrum.

What is Austin Crute’s Net Worth?

Austin Crute has pretty good net worth from his life as an actor.Austin Crute has pretty good net worth from his life as an actor.
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Austin is only starting out in the world of show business, there are only six different projects to his credit, but 2019 was the year where he got most of his lucrative jobs and earned the big bucks.

Daybreak was a show with a massive budget, which is why the leading characters were paid handsomely for their work. Austin was paid around $200,000 for the first season of Daybreak, and he is all set to appear on Trinkets, which is going to pay a hefty sum for his services as well. According to all the reports, the actor is sitting on a net worth of more than $400,000.

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