Julio Pena Girlfriend: Through My Window Actor is Dating Isabella Souza in 2022!

Feb 5, 2022 @ 23:56 GMT-0500

Julio Pena is currently dating his girlfriend Isabella Souza. They appeared together in a beloved hit show and since then fans have been shipping the couple. Get all the relationship details of the couple in 2022.

Best known for his role as Manuel Gutiérrez Quemola in the Disney Channel original series Bia and coming into the highlight for his latest role as Ares Hidalgo in the Netflix movie Through My Window, Julio Pena is a prominent Spanish actor as well singer rising to the heights. One of the potential actors of today, Julio has gathered the attention of many, and not so surprisingly many are curious to know who the actor's girlfriend is!

Born on July 15, 2000, in San Sebastián, Julio's very first step into the entertainment realm began with a play in his high school. He officially started acting in theaters in 2012 with plays like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Miles glorious, and many more. His keen knowledge of piano and just as melodious voice combined with his impeccable acting skills made him perfect for theater.

The door to the golden screen opened for Julio in 2018 when he was cast for the role of Manuel Gutiérrez in the Disney Channel original series Bia. Just as talented as he is, Pena got nominated for the Kids' Choice Awards Mexico in 2020 as a favorite television actor, to the Most Listened to Awards in 2021 as an actor of the year, and the SEC Awards in Brazil as best actor in a teen series. It's totally understandable for fans to be so into his personal life as he is creating memorable marks in the hearts of the audience. So, here's all we know about Julio Pena's girlfriend.

Julio Pena Girlfriend: Dating Isabella Souza in 2022

julio-pena-girlfriend-isabella-souza-2022Julio Pena is currently dating his girlfriend Isabella Souza in 2022. They have been together for over a year.
Image Source: Julio Pena Instagram

Spellbinding the audience with his incredible acting skills, mesmerizing voice, and candy-eyed looks, Julio has many invested in his love life. As for who he is currently dating, it's not really a secret! Julio Pena's dear girlfriend is Isabella Souza.

A free-spirited person who likes sharing parts of his life on his Instagram, Julio has been open about his love for Souza since 2019. With a picture of both, Julio wrote, "Congratulations mate! Let's break it down ♥️" for the first time in his socials. The couple has ever since become the internet's favorite with their amazing and effortlessly perfect pictures, and their private yet lowkey-flexing relationship.

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Isabela Soares de Souza is a Brazilian actress, singer, and model best known for her appearances in the Disney Channel Brazilian series Juacas as Brida along with the Disney Channel Argentine drama Bia as Beatriz "Bia" Urvquiza. Born on January 13, 1998, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Souza began her professional acting career in 2014. A phenomenal actress as well as an incredibly talented model, Souza is a rapidly rising star set to conquer the world of entertainment.

Ever since the pair appeared in Bia together, they have been shipped by the audience. The chemistry and spark between the two were quite apparent. In an anniversary post on January 13 of 2020, Julio writes, "Congratulations mate. For continuing to share as we have done so far. There would be no better Bia for Manuel. I ♥️ you." The sweet message melted many and they were yet again one of the adored internet couples.

Referring to his girlfriend as "mate" time and again in his posts, many get confused on whether Souza is his girlfriend or not. To clear the doubt and confirm that Isabella Souza is indeed his girlfriend, Pena himself made a post of compilation of their special moments together with a caption that says, "Parabens, I love you ♥️" The couple's relationship seems to be going quite strongly for the time being.

Julio Pena Plays Ares Hidalgo in the Netflix Movie Through My Window

Based on the book by Ariana Godoy, Netflix's Through My Window is Julio Pena's second biggest project and it looks like it's gonna be a hit! Spicing up this Feburary with comedy, romance and drama, the movie revolves around Raquel, played by Clara Galle, whose long-standing crush next-door neighbor blossoms into something more.

Playing the role of  Ares Hidalgo, Raquel's crush, Pena surely has accumulate quite the number of crushes on himself. The story progresses as Ares starts developing feelings for her, despite his family's objections. The tale of love, romance and drama has many on their feet and premiered on February 4 on Netflix.

Directed by Marçal Forés, the cast of the movie include Julio Peña as Ares, Clara Galle as Raquel, Pilar Castro as Rosa María, Hugo Arbues as Apolo, Rachel Lascar as Sofía Hidalgo, Eric Masip as Artemis, Natalia Azahara as Daniela, Guillermo Lasheras as Yoshi, Marià Casals as Marco, Lucía de la Puerta as Samy and Emilia Lazo as Claudia.

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