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Kaitly Rochelle Dever was born on 21 December 1998 to her parents Tim and Kathy Dever in Phoenix Arizona. She was interested in acting from a small age with her father being a voice actor, Kaitlyn was interest in the show business from an early age. After moving to Dallas, Texas, the actress started to appear in commercials, and now she is garnering acclaim for her performance in the hit Netflix series Unbelievable where she is playing the character of Marie Adler.

The little actress was small when she moved to Dallas and started learning the nuances of acting in Texas. She took her talent and her learning when she was able to book a commercial for Barbie after one audition. Margot Robbie is now set to play the character, but it seems Kaitlyn will not be involved in the project. The commercial was only a start because after the first one she started on a run of television advertisements which resulted in the actress moving to Los Angeles to further her acting career.

Kaitlyn Dever is playing Marie Adler in the Netflix show Unbelievable.Kaitlyn Dever is playing the character of 'Marie Adler' in the Netflix show 'Unbelievable.'
Source: Instagram @kaitlyndever

Kaitlyn is the eldest of three daughters of Tim and Kathy Dever, and the parents realized the potential of the little dynamite which is why they brought her to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. and the decision was a sound one considering the actress is now headlining a Netflix show, Unbelievable.

Playing Marie Adler in the Acclaimed Netflix Show Unbelievable

Kaitlyn Dever played the character of Marie Adler in the Netflix show UnbelievableKaitlyn Dever, here seen as 'Marie Adler' in the Netflix show 'Unbelievable.'
Source: Instagram

When a young girl goes to the police and files a complaint about being raped but there are no apparent signs of rape which leads the police to believe the girl is lying and instead they open a case on her. While the detectives are investigating they stumble across a winding path of negligence and missed signs which lead to one of the most mind-blowing rape cases in history.

This is the story of the series and it is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning article An Unbelievable Story of Rape written by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong and published in 2015. The series is the dramatization of the article and the story of the serial rapist who raped multiple women in the Washington and Colorado area during the time period of 2008 to 2011.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of 'Unbelievable' currently available for streaming on Netflix

Kaitlyn Dever plays the character of Marie Adler in the show, and she is the person who comes forward with the rape allegation but instead gets arrested herself for filing a fake complaint. The series was critically acclaimed with Metacritic giving the show a magnificent 82/100 score, and this character is just another feather in the cap of Kaitlyn and her ever-expanding career.

Kaitlyn's Career; From 'Modern Family,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' to 'Justified' and Playing 'Eve Baxter' in 'Last Man Standing'

Kaitlyn Dever in the first season of Modern Family.Kaitlyn Dever appearing in the first season of Modern Family.
Source: IMDb

The first role Kaitlyn was part of was in the TV series Make It or Break It and then the role of Bianca was given to the actress in the first season of the hit series Modern Family in 2009. One and done appearances were all she was doing in the early part of her career which continued on in 2010 and 2011.

Kaitlyn was given the role of Sasha in the movie Bad Teacher and also the role of a girl scout in the hit HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. J. Edgar was another minor appearance she made in her early career, which lead to The Spectacular Now and Short Term 12. Even in minor roles in the mentioned movies, she was able to make an impact and at the same moment, she was winning over TV audiences with her performance in the FX show Justified, playing the fan-favorite character of Loretta McCready.

Tim Allen and Kaitlyn Dever during Last Man Standing.Tim Allen and Kaitlyn Dever played father-daughter on Last Man Standing.
Source: IMDb

The role in the series lasted till 2015, and after a couple of okay movies, the actress got the role of Amy in the hit movie Booksmart. The actress not only garnered critical acclaim for her performance, but she was also able to forge a strong bond with her co-star Beanie Feldstein.

But the biggest role of her career was in the comedy show Last Man Standing where she was cast in the main role of Eve Baxter. She played the character for 137 episode,s but recently, she started to slow her appearance in the show after the opportunity presented to her from other areas of the show business.

Relationship Status of Kaitlyn Dever

Ansel Elgort and Kaitlyn Dever taking a picture together.Ansel Elgort and Kaitlyn Dever were rumored to be in a relationship.
Source: IMDb

In early 2015, there were rumors circulating Kaitlyn was in a relationship with her co-star from the movie Men, Women and Children. Ansel Elgort and Kaitlyn were involved in a relationship in the movie, and there were some who thought the two were dating in real life as well.

It was not the case, Ansel and Kaitlyn were romantically involved in the movie only, and there was no evidence to support the two were ever involved outside of filming. There is also no sign of anyone special in her life with the 22-year-old actress preferring to focus on her career. The actress is only catching fire right now and good things are coming her way after two award-worthy performances in the same year.

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