Ken Goldin’s Family: His Wife, Daughter Laura’s Age, and Son!

Ken Goldin from King of Collectibles has a loving family. Ken Goldin lives with his wife, Jenn Goldin, their two daughters, and their sons, Laura 23, Paul, and Carleigh. He had an ex-wife, Laura’s mother, but got divorced.

A show on Netflix called “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch” is aimed at collectors around the world. Viewers can see how far a collector might go thanks to the reality shows’ enormous collections of valuable items. The majority of the credit for the wonderful work carried out by the business in the program should go to the various employees of Goldin Auctions, who diligently search for the items that ultimately end up being sold or auctioned off.

An innovator and well-known businessman in the sports collectibles sector is Ken Goldin. One of the top auction companies dealing in sports cards, memorabilia, and collectibles, Goldin Auctions, was founded by him, and he currently serves as its executive chairman.

At the age of 12, Ken Goldin began collecting cards as a hobby, which has since grown into a multimillion-dollar business with operations all over the world. He is traveling the world, making sales, and taking planes. Some of Ken’s clients are based in South America, while others are situated in Asia. The curiosity to learn more about his wife and daughter has increased among viewers. Let’s now go into further detail.

King of Collectibles’ Ken Goldin Lives With His Family: His Wife, Jenn Goldin, Their Two Daughters, Laura and Paul, and Their Son, Carleigh!

A new reality show on Netflix called “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch” follows Ken Goldin (@kengoldin), a pioneer and industry titan in the memorabilia sector. Along with his fame, his family has garnered attention. Here we will discuss his wife, daughter, and other family members in detail.

 Ken Goldin's wife, Jenn Goldin, their two daughters, and their son. Ken Goldin lives with his wife, Jenn Goldin, their two daughters, and their son.
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Ken Goldin lives with his wife, Jenn Goldin, their two daughters, and their sons, Laura, Paul, and Carleigh. As a result of Netflix’s new TV series, King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch, Ken Goldin is currently in the news. In 2023, Ken and his daughter Laura were first introduced to audiences in the Netflix original series King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch. Ken and his adult daughter routinely joke about and seem to get along on the show.

Although he prefers to keep his wife’s identity a secret, we are happy to report that Ken Goldin is happily married. But judging by outward appearances, they have raised a wonderful family, and despite his hectic schedule, Ken makes time for his loved ones. In addition, he is a happy father to Laura, Paul, and Carleigh, and he frequently posts pictures of them on his social media pages. We sincerely hope that Ken and his family will always be happy since it is genuinely heartwarming to see the extraordinary closeness they share.

Ken Goldin has a loving family.Ken Goldin has a loving family.
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Ken and Laura’s mother had split up. The two claimed on the show that he proposed to Jennifer, her mother, while he was last in Puerto Rico. An eight-year-old brother and a four-year-old sister are Laura’s two step-siblings. Yes! Laura Goldin, Ken Goldin’s daughter, has over 6.6k followers on Instagram (@laurgoldin). Laura is accustomed to living in opulence; you can see her on Instagram wearing Prada headwear and having a blast in New York. Many of Laura’s Instagram followers congratulated her on her Netflix success in 2023 in the comments section of her pictures.

Despite being 57 years old at the time of this writing, Ken Goldin grew up in a small family and had a strong relationship with his parents. He was never scared to take chances and seek out new experiences because his parents constantly pushed him to chase his aspirations. But he had no idea that one such meeting would change his life forever. When Ken was only 12 years old in 1978, he learned that his friend had a sizable collection of baseball cards.

Ken Goldin had an ex-wife, Laura's mother, but got divorced.Ken Goldin had an ex-wife, Laura’s mother, but got divorced.
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Ken immediately learned that he had swapped a few toy cars for a collection of baseball cards that were worth thousands of dollars, even though neither of them understood at the time how much the baseball cards were worth. This successful childhood transaction ignited Ken’s interest in the memorabilia business, and he was determined to make it a career. He, therefore, took business administration and management studies at the George Washington University School of Business and Drexel University after finishing high school. However, at the age of 20, he and his father co-founded a collectible business, and they haven’t looked back since.