Kiersey Clemons

Kiersey Clemons is a queer actress who appeared in multiple Disney shows at the start of her career and then transitioned to Hollywood movies and TV shows where she was allowed to spread her wings and play characters closer to her hearts.

Kiersey was born on 17 December 1993 in Pensacola, Florida, and to her father, who was African-American and mother who is of European descent, which is why she is biracial. She moved with her parents and a younger sister to the West Coast and settled in Los Angeles, California, where she developed a penchant for acting.

Kiersey Clemons is 26 years old and she is a successful actress.Kiersey Clemons is 26 years old, queer and a successful actress.
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The teen actress first appeared in a small role in the show Shake It Up, which caught the eye of other Disney shows where she appeared in a guest’s capacity. After appearing in Austin & Ally for eight episodes, she finally appeared as Skye Starr in the TV movie Cloud 9, and Amazon’s show Transparent, which eventually opened her up to play her breakout character in the movie Dope.

Large Screen Debut in ‘Dope’ Playing a Lesbian Character

Kiersey Clemons appeared in the movie Dope as the Queer character Diggy.Kiersey Clemons appeared in the movie Dope as the queer character Diggy.
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Directed by Rick Famuyiwa, Dope is a story from the 80s where three friends become involved in a drug mishap and are now are running with a bag full of drugs and a weapon. Dope is a comedy-drama movie, which captures the essence of living in a tough neighborhood in California during the height of drug trafficking.

Kiersey plays the character of Cassandra “Diggy” Andrews, who likes to play the drums in the three-person band and is also a lesbian. The character was a breakout role for Kiersey, who was not ready for the attention she was getting for the movie.

Watch: The trailer for the critically acclaimed movie Dope starring Kiersey Clemons

When the film was making the film festival rounds, she appeared at Sundance, where she was pelted with questions if she was straight or gay. She dodged the questions and deflected to the movie because, as the time of the press tour, she was 19 years old and uncomfortable with talking about her sexuality in public.

Embracing Her Sexuality and Identifying as a Queer. Is Kiersey Clemons Dating Anyone?

Kiersey Clemons is in a relationship with a mystery brunette.Kiersey Clemons is in a relationship with a mystery brunette.
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The experience at Sundance was not particularly a charming one when it comes to the press meetings. The problem was she was afraid to talk about her sexuality in such a public setting. She explained the situation by saying it was not ideal for her because she was not ready to talk about it at all. Kiersey was still to talk to her parents about her sexuality, and there she was being asked questions on whether she prefers to date men or women in a public setting.

But when she returned to Sundance four years later, she was not so shy anymore because she was comfortable with who she was when she was promoting the movie Hearts Beat Loud at Sundance again. But this time there was no one asking her questions about her sexuality, and she came to a conclusion, when she did not answer, there formed speculation and people wanted to know more but when she was confident people just guessed she is queer and did not even bother asking the questions.

Kiersey Clemons and her girlfriend seem to be in love with one another.Kiersey Clemons and her girlfriend seem to be in love with one another.
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Kiersey was at the Sundance Film Festival with her girlfriend at the time who was not identified by name but only as a blonde-haired lady. This leads to speculations; the lady was Dove Cameron, but this was never confirmed.

Whoever the blonde-haired girl was, she is not in the picture anymore because Kiersey is currently dating brunette, who is also not named, but she is not shy to show her love for the beautiful young lady on her Instagram page.

The brunette first appeared on Kiersey’s Instagram in January of 2018, and since then, she’s appeared frequently for nearly two years now.

Kiersey Clemons Movies and TV Shows: Lady and the Tramp 2019 Cast

Kiersey Clemons appeared in more than 30 different projects in her nearly decade long career so far, and when it comes to TV shows, her first notable appearance in the show Transparent where she appeared in nine episodes. She was also part of the short-lived sci-fi show Extant, and her other notable performance was in the show Angie Tribeca where she played the character of Maria Charo in 10 episodes.

While her TV career is noteworthy, it is her movie career, which made her famous and one of the leading young voices when it comes to queer characters in cinema. Her second film was a supporting role in the hit comedy movie Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising followed by appearing alongside Ellen Page in the remake of Flatliners.

Watch: The trailer for Flatliners starring Ellen Page

Kiersey was supposed to play the character of Iris West in the solo Flash movie starring Ezra Miller. She was also supposed to appear in the Justice League, where she gets saved by Flash in traffic, but the scene was cut for whatever reason in the final theatrical cut of the movie.

After other notable performances, she was hired to be in the live-action adaptation of the hit 50s animated Disney classic, Lady and the Tramp. In the live-action remake of the movie, Kiersey plays the character of Darling, who is gifted the cocker spaniel by her husband, Jim Dear. But when a child arrives in the family, Lady and the Tramp go off on an adventure and soon fall in love with one another.

Watch: The trailer for Lady and the Tramp starring Kiersey Clemons

The Lady and the Tramp from 1955 is considered to be one of the greatest animated flicks ever made by Disney, and you can stream the Lady and the Tramp 2019 movie on Disney+. Kiersey is also set to appear in the horror movie Antebellum and the animated adaptation Scoob!, the actress is voicing the character of Dee Dee Sykes.

What is Kiersey Clemons Net Worth?

Being a young actress and a queer, mixed-race actress at that, Kiersey is as rare as they come in the show business, and though work opportunity is still limited to women of color, she is managing to find her roles and playing the characters she is in love with. She not only playing the characters she loves but getting paid a lot of money for something she started as a hobby in school.

Over the years, Kiersey Clemons appeared in multiple productions, and as her star grew, so did the paycheck her agent was able to extract from the production company. Currently, the actress is holding on to a net worth of around $700,000, which is a lot for a 26 years old actress, and seeing how her career trajectory is going, it won’t be soon she becomes a multi-millionaire.

Kiersey Clemons Tattoos

Kiersey Clemons loves her tattos which all carry some meaning for her.Kiersey Clemons loves her tattoos which all carry some meaning for her.
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Kiersey Clemons is not only a talented actress, but she is also a tattoo enthusiast who loves to ink her body with meaningful phrases and symbols. The one standout piece of art on her body is the Sanskrit lettering on her sternum which only shows when she wearing a swimsuit of plunging dress.

There are two roses tattoo on her elbow which touches both her forearm and bicep and there are phrases on her right feet and her right forearm. and the feet tattoo is a recent one, which reads, “Walk by Faith.” There is also a couple of lettering on her left triceps.

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