Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith Break Up – Reason for the Couple Splitting in 2021!

Omar‘s coming yo! Three words that will live forever in the history of TV and so will the name Michael K Williams, a backup dancer turned globally recognizable superstar who passed away this week. Though untimely the demise, it was a life well live, a life that inspired thousands, if not millions. Now, after his death people want to know more about the man, so, here we are detailing Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith break up, a romance that brought joy and happiness to them both, and a decoupling that made us all sad.

Michael K Williams was born on 22 November 1966 in New York City, US. Roots in Bahamas and the United States, young Michael was raised in one of the Brooklyn projects where his penchant for getting in trouble led to an enrollment in a theatre school. A performer at heart, Michael was not satisfied with his job after finishing his high school, so he went ahead and pursued a career in dancing.

Featuring a large scar on his face, the actor was instantly recognizable and the scar led to him getting his first acting opportunity. Transitioning from dancing to acting with Tupac, Michael K Williams found his true calling. Since his beginning in the mid 90s, to two and a half decade later, a star resume was on display. But a dependency on drug also caused some issue for the actor. But before getting into all that, we are here to discuss the Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith break up, so, here is everything we know.

Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith Break Up – The Reason for Their Split

michael-k-williams-and-tasha-smith-break-up-2021Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith break up happened in 2021. The couple dated for about 2 years.
Image Source: Tasha Smith Instagram

The life of Michael K Williams is of much interest to the public now since his demise. The father of one was a man known for his tough guy roles but outside of his movie persona, Michael cared about social justice and black heritage. He was vocal about his support for injustices against the African American communities and in light of the George Floyd murder, the star was also seen at protests.

A ardent believer in rights and advocate for love and compassion, his person life has also featured some great and sad moments. The more recent relationship of the actor was with fellow actress Tasha Smith. The couple made their relationship official on 27 May 2019. Both Michael and Tasha shared the same picture of the two on their respective Instagram feeds.

Michael captioned the photo, “I say word is born cause what I speak I manifest #lawofattraction.” While Tasha shared a little longer post, writing, “Nothing makes me happier!!!!! The love Of my life @bkbmg❤️❤️❤️ this man gives me goose bumps!!!!!”

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The Empire star made it clear that the Omar Little actor was the love of her life. There were more posts where the couple expressed their love to one another but that all went away by the end of 2020. Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith break up rumors started floating as no one was sharing anything about the other. They were not seen in public, something we can attribute to the pandemic, but it appeared the romance was over.

Tasha was talking about weddings and marriage and all of a sudden by the start of 2021, the couple was over. For those looking for a reason for Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith break up, well, all we can say is a change in direction for the two. When stars aligned the lovebirds came together but not all relationships are meant to last forever.

Still, despite the Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith break up, there was no animosity between the two. Their pictures were still up on each other’s Instagram pages and after Michael’s untimely demise, Tasha shared more of their time together.

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After hearing of Michael’s death, Tasha Smith shared a few pictures of the two and their time together. In one of the pictures, she captioned, “@bkbmg you gave us all so much love, wisdom and support!!!!! My Confidant, friend, prayer partner, fellow artist! You loved hard and lived courageously! You encouraged me and inspired me! You will live in my heart, in our hearts forever! I miss you so much. I can’t process this! I know you’re with the Lord resting easy, at peace. But damn this hurts.”

It was love that was manifested and it was love that will last beyond death. Whether Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith break up was real or not, their love always was and it is all clear in the loss Tasha is feeling right now.

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