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What would you say to a person who left her six-figure job to work on a farm so she can rehabilitate goats and other small animals? Most people would call her stupid; some would commend her for her strength and passion, and a little fraction of people will most probably just shrug and say “good for her.”

The above question is not a hypothetical one; this is exactly what Leanne Lauricella did with her life. One day she was living her cushy life, and the next thing she is taking care of special needs goats in New Jersey. Call it stupidity or bravery; one thing is for certain; she doesn’t care what anyone thinks because while most of us think of giving back to the planet, she is not thinking, but doing her part in giving animals, a humane life.

Leanne Lauricella and goat Ansel in a photo together.Leanne Lauricella and goat Ansel in a photo together.
Source: Instagram @goatsofanarchy

Most of the people plan to be doctors, pilots, engineers, and when you cannot succeed at anything, you become a writer (looking at self). And as with most people on this planet, she also carried her own hopes and dreams, but one day in 2014 changed her whole life and set her on a new path. Leanne found what she was meant to do, and then she gave us the beautiful Goats of Anarchy, and the world is a better place for it.

Leaving a Six-Figure Job, Moving to New Jersey with Her Husband and Starting Goats of Anarchy

Goats of Anarchy was founded in 2014.Goats of Anarchy was founded in 2014.
Source: Instagram

Leanne was a party planner before 2014 and was the consummate New York citizen, always in a rush and no time to do anything but work. This all changed when she visited a farm and fell in love with the goats, and something happened for her, this was never in her plan, but she realized she needed a change and find something she loves.

Well, she loved animals, and then the goats just set the whole thing in motion. Leanne was not the first person in her family to quit her job, the man she married, her husband, William Lauricella, also quit his job in Wall Street and started on his own passion project of restoring classic Corvettes.

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Leanne said she was inspired by her husband and seeing how happy he looked after quitting his job and doing something he loved, she wanted the same spark in her life, something she could be passionate about and she found her passion, something she could get excited about.

According to Leanne, the whole thing of quitting her job and moving to a farm in New Jersey was a spontaneous decision. She was not holding a game plan, Leanne just wanted to do something she loved, and so she moved to Jersey and took in two baby goats into her house.

Leanne Lauricella with her goats Jax and Opie.Leanne Lauricella with her goats Jax and Opie.
Source: Instagram

Leanne also became a vegan after seeing factory farming and how animals were slaughtered. She couldn’t eat meat anymore and started her life as a vegan. This was a time of a significant change in her life; she traded in her Mercedes to get a tractor and used her money to take care of the goats.

This type of decision is terrifying, and she was scared too, but then she started the Instagram account Goats of Anarchy. Yup, a play on the name of the hit Sons of Anarchy show, which was a staple for over seven years on FX. She was binge-watching the show in 2014 and decided on the name. After she started the account, the page got about 2,000 followers, and then one day, she put the pictures of her two baby goats Jax and Opie. Yup, again from the show, the two best friends on the show and her Instagram account took off.

Opie and Jax were the reason Goats of Anarchy took off.Opie and Jax were the reason Goats of Anarchy took off.
Source: Instagram

The next day, the page boasted over 30,000 followers, and Goats of Anarchy was a hit. The first day she was out of a job, the Instagram page got over 30,000 followers, and she took it as a sign, this was something meant for her. Then she just couldn’t stop adopting goats and other animals, which resulted from her nursing two goats suffering from e.coli back to health and at first, she was not expecting to adopt more, but this experience changed her, and she started the farm where she takes care of special needs farm animals with other employees.

Leanne Lauricella’s Husband William Lauricella and Their Relationship

Leanne Lauricella and her husband William Lauricella got married.Leanne Lauricella and her husband William Lauricella got married.
Source: Instagram

Leanne said her husband, William was an inspiration for her to leave her job and do what she wanted to. They both left their job and moved to New Jersey which is where the animals care farm is located.

But life is not a fairy tale, and the story does not stop at the happy end, in our world. Here the story goes on, and the happy moments are just the prelude for what is to come. Leaving your job to do something you are passionate about is nice, but this world of ours runs on money. Financial constraints are sure to put a strain on people’s relationships, and like Leanne explained in her most recent Instagram post, “This life isn’t for everyone.”

Leanne Lauricella and her husband William Lauricella are getting a divorce.Leanne Lauricella and her husband William Lauricella are separated and getting a divorce.
Source: Flickr

Leanne explained her relationship with her husband did not work out, and he moved out about a year ago. She also referred to him as her soon to be ex-husband, which probably means they are probably getting a divorce. This time may be hard for Leanne, but she’s got her lovely animals to take care of her.

Leanne’s Net Worth

Leanne says she earns minimum wage and Goats of Anarchy is a non-profit.Leanne says she earns minimum wage and Goats of Anarchy is a non-profit.
Source: People

There are a lot of people looking for the net worth of Leanne Lauricella. There is a certain level of interest among people who are amazed by the 180 animals the farm is taking care of, and people want to know how much she is making yearly.

Well, people, she is making minimum wage, and the only reason she takes the money is like she said, “let’s face it, a girl’s gotta eat!” As she explains it, GOA is a non-profit organization, and it is run by a board of directors, and she’s got no access to the money or the property which is donated to the organization.

Leanne Lauricella said she's got a networth equals to a big fat zero.Leanne Lauricella said she's got a net worth equals to a big fat zero.
Source: Vice

Leanne also disclosed, her bank balance right now is less than $500, and she’s got no saving, no car, and her total net-worth is a big-fat-zero.

The soon to be 46-year-old is doing a great thing, and you can also help out GOA by donating money by clicking right here.

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