Selena Gomez’s Boyfriend in 2023: Zyan Malik or Drew Taggart? Husband!

Selena Gomez revealed of not having a boyfriend in 2023. She was rumored to be dating Zyan Malik, and fans observed that she unfollowed Zayn on Instagram, implying a possible split. Rumors were that she was dating Drew Taggart, but the rumors were false. Also, she is not married and doesn’t have a husband.

Selena Gomez is a well-known singer and one of Hollywood’s most prominent figures. She developed an interest in performing while seeing her mother, Amanda Dawn Cornett, an actress, perform on stage. She began auditioning for television and film roles after being inspired by Amanda’s stage performances. When it comes to her personal life, particularly her relationships, she has always been in the spotlight, as she has dated well known faces. Fans are now wondering about her boyfriend in 2023.

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Selena Gomez Is Totally Single and Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend in 2023!

Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) is enjoying her single status in 2023 while feeling “positive and optimistic” about her love life after years of being open about her dating journey. She has been in a well known relationship including one with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) which till date have been one of the discussed topic.

This is quite surprising news that Selena Gomez is single because we have always heard of her dating a new boyfriend after her well-known breakup with Justin. However, she has admitted to being single and not having a boyfriend in 2023. She has had to dismiss numerous dating rumors along the way.

Selena Gomez is not dating anyone in 2023. celebsindepth.comSelena Gomez is not dating anyone in 2023.
Source: Instagram

On July 13, the singer posted a video on TikTok announcing her single status in the most humorous way possible: with a filter that asks, “Why am I single?” TikTok determined, after a number of alternative answers displayed on the screen, “You have bad taste.” Her jaw fell in terror, and she turned her head in shock toward someone off-camera. “Well, that’s rude, tik tok,” she captioned the image.

Also confirming to the public that she does not have a boyfriend on June 8, 2023, she finally responded to the rumors with a humorous TikTok video. She’s dressed up and observing a soccer practice session in the video. “I’m single!” she exclaims to the other participants. “I’m just a little high-maintenance, but I’ll love you so much.” “The struggle, man,” she captioned the video, which had one of her friends giggling in the background. So it means that she is really single and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Selena Gomez Was Rumored to Be Dating Her Boyfriend, Zyan Malik!

Although Selena Gomez doesn’t have a boyfriend in 2023, she has not been free from rumors with well-known celebrities, including one with Zyan Malik (@zyznmalik) and Drew Taggart (@drewtaggart). Fans were rooting for both boys, so how did the rumors start and was there really something? Let us find out.

Selena Gomez unfollowed Zyan Malik, ending dating rumors. celebsindepth.comSelena Gomez unfollowed Zyan Malik, ending dating rumors.
Source: Cosmopolitan

Selena Gomez was speculated to be dating Zayn Malik in 2023 (after being seen out for dinner together earlier this year). Their admirers have made numerous edits to their connection. An insider told Page Six that the reported couple dated “way back” in 2012, when her bestie Taylor Swift was linked with Zayn’s 1D bandmate Harry Styles. They had a thing a few years ago when Taylor and Harry were dating, according to the source.

However, months after fueling relationship speculations with Zayn Malik, fans observed that Selena unfollowed Zayn on Instagram over the weekend, implying a possible split. Selena barely follows a few hundred of them. As a result, fans assume Zayn and Selena’s romance is over.

Selena Gomez Was Also Rumored to Be Dating Drew Taggart, Which Turned Out to Be False!

Drew Taggart, a member of The Chainsmokers, was rumored to be Selena Gomez‘s boyfriend for the first time in January 2023. On January 16, 2023, a source told Us Weekly, They aren’t trying to hide their relationship by sneaking around at members-only clubs. According to sources, the connection was very casual and low-key. When they were together, they went bowling and to the movies on dates. She can’t keep her hands off him, the individual claimed. They were also said to be having a lot of fun together.

Selena Gomez with her rumored boyfriend Drew Taggart. celebsindepth.comSelena Gomez with her rumored boyfriend Drew Taggart.
Source: Entertainment Tonight

However, in a now-deleted Instagram story, Selena Gomez quickly put the relationship rumors to rest. She captioned a black-and-white photo of a mountain, “I like being alone too much.” She then added the hashtag #iamsingle, implying that things aren’t romantic between them or that they’ve already cooled off.

Selena Gomez Doesn’t Have a Husband Yet!

Many of you might be aware of Selena Gomez‘s high-profile relationships and boyfriends, but now there has been a question about whether she has a husband. Well, no, the singer is not married yet and doesn’t have a husband. While in a relationship with Justin Bieber, many fans thought and rooted that they might get married and become husband and wife, but that didn’t happen.

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