Keely Shaye Smith’s Weight Gain: Pierce Brosnan’s Wife Has Been Struggling With Weight Since Childhood; She Recently Lost 100 Pounds!

Keely Shaye Smith has been struggling with weight gain since her childhood and recently Keely has managed to shock everyone with her huge weight loss; she has lost 100 pounds. The viewers noticed a change in Keely’s appearance as she previously weighed about 300 pounds and now she lost 100 pounds. Keely Shaye Smith is mostly known as Pierce Brosnan’s wife and Brosnan has helped Keely to lose weight.

Keely Shаye Smith also known as Keely Shaye Brosnan (born on September 25, 1963) is an American journalist, author, television host, actress, producer, and director who is mainly known as a spouse of Pierce Brosnan, the James Bond actor

The couple originally connected at a Mexican beach party in 1994 and later they got married in 2001. In addition to being Brosnan’s wife and an award-winning journalist, she is recently known for her weight loss. Keely has lost 100 pounds and previously she struggled with weight gain so in this article we have discussed both her weight gain and weight loss journey!

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Keely Shaye Smith’s Weight Gain: The Wife of Pierce Brosnan Previously Weighed 300 Pounds; She Put On Approximately 70 Pounds After Marriage!

Keely Shaye Smith (@keelyshayebrosnan) has struggled with weight gain since her childhood. The primary cause was Keely’s passion for food; she frequently overate and adored fast food. Well, you might have an idea that those who suffer from binge eating disorder frequently eat inexplicably huge amounts of food and find it difficult to feel unable to stop eating and the same was the case with Keely.

It’s not that the 59-year-old journalist struggled with weight gain after marriage; it was long before she got married but when she married Pierce Brendan Brosnan (@piercebrosnanofficial), she gained more weight. Shaye put on roughly 70 pounds after getting married to Brosnan, which is kind of a big thing.

The main reason for her weight gain was pregnancy; each time she gave birth to her child, her weight would also increase. Following childbirth, many women experience weight gain, which may be brought on by hormonal changes or an unhealthy lifestyle. She went through the post-pregnancy weight quite a few times as a mother of five. Her additional pregnancies and advancing age made it more difficult for her to lose weight.

While her nutrition and lifestyle may have played a significant impact, it appears that pregnancy-related hormone imbalance was the main offender in this case.

Keely Shaye’s changing body throughout time was documented in photographs but she continued to rock a bikini despite gaining weight. Smith had previously suffered from weight gain; she put on a few pounds and was unable to lose them. Being a member of the Hollywood fraternity may be challenging, particularly with rising celebrities and a large family. It makes it reasonable that one’s fitness regimen would deteriorate as a result.

Keely Shaye Smith has endured terrible trolling and outright repulsive remarks, just like other celebrities and Hollywood wives. One supporter even suggested that Pierce Brosnan, the actress, perform weight loss surgery. At that point, Brosnan made the decision to take matters into his own hands and declared his love for her in all aspects and his pride in her for having given birth to their five children. In the defense of Brosnan’s spouse, he stated:

Friends offered her surgery to reduce her weight. But I strongly love every curve of her body. She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes. And also because she had our five children.

It’s encouraging to witness a couple who are proud of both each other and themselves in a culture where body toxicity and self-hatred are rampant.

Keely Shaye Smith’s Weight Loss: The Award-Winning Journalist has Lost 100 Pounds!

Keely Shaye Smith recently underwent a very significant weight loss and she has shed 100 pounds. Brosnan and Keely have managed to surprise everyone with Shaye’s tremendous shift in look.

It was a startling moment when Keely walked in front of the TV. She weighed about 300 pounds the previous time anyone saw her, but this time everything was different. They had no idea that Smith would take this view of them.

Keely Shaye reportedly shed some pounds at Brosnan’s request, according to numerous online publications. Really, that’s absurd and insulting to one of the top couples in Hollywood on multiple levels.

Keely Shaye has an enormous sense of responsibility as a person. It follows that she (or any woman) can decide whether to lose it or keep it and congratulations to her if she made the decision to give up bad eating habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

There’s not much information about how she managed to lose weight but some have speculated that she started joining the gym and changed her diet. However, there’s no information about her diet and workout routine, and all of the diets she consumes and the workout routine she follows are just mere speculations made by fans.

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