Love & Anarchy Netflix – Cast, Plot, Release Date and Details About the Swedish Series

With the North American market firmly in the hands of Netflix, the streaming giant is setting its sight on world domination. Their recent foray into different language markets has led them to Sweden where a successful launch of Quicksand has resulted in another series, Love & Anarchy, with star cast coming to Netflix.

Quicksand was the first Swedish Netflix series. The six-episode series based on an immensely popular Malin Persson Giolito was a big success. This resulted in Netflix picking up another show from the same production company of Quicksand, in 2019. Now, here we are, a year later and Lisa Langseth is bringing her dream project to life.

While Quicksand was a crime-drama series based on a beloved book. Love & Anarchy is an original work and will deal with comedy/drama themes. From the jump the two Swedish shows are a little different and here is everything you need to know.

Love & Anarchy Netflix Plot Details – What is the Swedish Show About?

ida-engvoll-love-anarchy-netflix-castIda Engvoll plays Sofie Rydman in the Netflix series Love & Anarchy.
Image Source: Netflix

There are enough crime dramas on Netflix, and giving a diverse group of content bodes well for the selling capability of a brand. Swedish Netflix is only taking off thanks to Quicksand but Netflix is going a little different direction with Love & Anarchy.

According to the synopsis released by Netflix, “A married consultant and a young IT tech kick off a flirty game that challenges societal norms — and leads them to re-evaluate their entire lives.” The show is described as a comedy-drama and the synopsis does give that impression.

Love & Anarchy will follow a career-driven mother of two who is brought in to modernize an old publishing house. While there, she meets a young IT tech and the duo starts a flirtatious relationship. This relationship makes them question everything in their lives as the repercussion of the game takes hold in their private lives.

There will be a total of eight episodes in the new Netflix series. The plot of the show will play out over the shortened seasons. Since Quicksand operated as a limited series, it appears Love & Anarchy is also playing under the same model.

Love & Anarchy Netflix Cast

Love & Anarchy cast is led by Ida Engvoll who plays Sofie Rydman. She was driven by her work, mother of two adolescent kids, and married to her husband. Sofie is asked to bring modern ideas to a publishing house where she meets a young IT tech.

Bjorn Mosten plays Max Jarvi in Love & Anarchy. He is a young tech working in the publishing house. When he is drilling at work, he is scolded by Sofie. When Max returns to work at night, he sees Sofie pleasuring herself and takes a picture, blackmailing her to buy him lunch, and then only he will delete the picture.

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The leading cast of Love & Anarchy goes back and forth with difficult tasks, which brings them closer. According to the trailer for the show, they walk the boundary between friendship and romance, and things appear to go over the edge as Max and Sofie try to find themselves.

The leading cast of Love & Anarchy are supported by Carla Sehn, Reine Brynolfsson, Gizem Erdogan, Björn Kjellman, Ruben Lopez, Johannes Kuhnke, Elsa Agemalm Reiland, Benjamin Shaps, Disa Östrand, Ejke Blomberg, and Lars Väringer playing different characters.

Release Date and Trailer of Love & Anarchy

According to What’s on Netflix, Love & Anarchy will be released on 4 November 2020. The show will be released in all countries and will be available in English dubbed version, for people who do not like reading subtitles. So, November will have a funny/dramatic start for those who decide to watch the show.

As it is the case for Netflix, they release a trailer for their newcomer show about four weeks before the release date. The same was the case for Love & Anarchy, as the first trailer arrived on 9 October 2020. Now all that is left is for the streaming company to release the show in the first week of November and let its cast shine.

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