Love on Netflix 2020 - Is Love Still on Netflix?

Aug 12, 2020 @ 2:05 GMT-0500
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Love on Netflix 2020 - Is Love Still on Netflix?

For people who have not seen Love by Gaspar Noe until now, you missed out on a lot. Just look at the poster for the movie, three people are kissing, and the word Love is written in white, slowly flowing fluid, it is what you think it is. For five years, Love on Netflix evoked different emotions for people who watched the movie, but it was gone by the middle of 2020.

Love is an erotic-romantic dram art film by director Gaspar Noe who came out of a five-year hiatus to direct the movie. Love featured at the Cannes film festival, in 3D, with an opening scene where a male and female ejaculated during the opening scene. Some critics gave the director his props for making a lavish-looking movie, but the sex scenes were the talking point.

After a lukewarm reception at Cannes, the indie flick made its way to VOD. It was before there were like a million streaming platforms competing for content. Netflix carried the movie from 2015, and for five years, the opening shocked Netflix subscribers. But it was the tiktokers who brought even more spotlight on the film and got Love on Netflix 2020 trending.

Love on Netflix 2020 – The TikTok Effect

People were locked in their homes because of the stay at home order. At that time, people found their way to the erotic movie 365 Dni. Women's rights activists panned the film for the way the actress is treated in the movie. Still, people watched the crazy cousin of 50 Shades of Grey, and after they were done with the film, Netflix diverted their viewers to Love.

All it took was for people to see the opening scene of Gaspar Noe movie Love and soon, a new challenge was going on TikTok. People watched the opening scene, which featured two people pleasuring themselves and reacting to the climatic finish of the scene. After the first few views, people were flocking to see the movie, and it was trending in June 2020.

The movie made its way into the top 10 Netflix movies in the States. There are numerous sexual scenes littered throughout the film, but Love on Netflix was trending for the opening scene. Just imagine what it would have been like to watch the scene in 3D, considering only the normal version of the film was available on Netflix.

Love on Netflix started to trend in 2020 after the TikTok crowd found their way to the movie. After five years, since the film first appeared on Netflix, people watched Love in droves. Gaspar Noe’s artistic film, or as Google likes to put it, adult movie, found a fan base but only for a while.

Is Love Still on Netflix in 2020?

People did not experience Love in theatres wearing 3D goggles, but they were enjoying or tolerating the movie on Netflix finally in 2020. But things only lasted for a few months, though, because as the film's hype was skyrocketing, Love on Netflix was slowly drifting away from the streaming platform.

To the question, “Is Love still on Netflix?” the answer is no, the movie left Netflix at the end of July. You can find the Judd Apatow comedy series Love on Netflix, but the movie you want to see is gone from the streaming platform.

Considering the hype, Love on Netflix was generating in 2020; the streaming service may decide to renew the license for the movie and bring it back. The subscribers want to see it, the ones who have already seen the movie, want to see it. Netflix, bring back Love before the end of 2020, people who haven’t seen the film don’t believe us about the opening scene.

Love on Netflix – Critical Reception of the Film

Love was released on 20 May 2015 at the Cannes Film Festival. It was released in 3D, and after the screening for the film ended, most of the critics did not like the film. The critical reception for Love was mixed to negative, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 39% from 91 reviews.

The critical consensus for Love read, “Love sees writer-director Gaspar Noe delivering some of his warmest and most personal work; unfortunately, it’s also among his most undeveloped and least compelling.”

On Metacritic, the movie has a score of 51 while fans on IMDb rated the movie 6.1/10. A total of 45,203 votes have been cast, and it appears fans like the movie a little more than the critics.

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