The Mandalorian Controversy – Eggs to Canceling a Star, Get All the Details!

The Mandalorian was probably the best show of 2019. It was quick, funny, action-packed, and it was a Star Wars production that had nothing to do with the Skywalkers. But even our beloved show was not immune to the mess that is 2020.

The Mandalorian controversy is growing every day and for those confused about why they cannot love Baby Yoda anymore or cancel-culture people surrounding the show, we’ve got you covered. From eating eggs to a star on the cusp of getting canceled, there is so much going on, so let’s dive into it.

Baby Yoda’s Egg Eating Mandalorian Controversy

baby-yoda-mandalorian-controversySo, the left image is okay, but the right, not so much.
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Baby Yoda was one of the biggest MacGuffin ever created on TV or movie. Half of the people, who begrudgingly watch The Mandolorian‘s first episode, were hooked the moment The Kid came on screen. Then the show played hard on the father-son angle which was fun to see.

Baby Yoda is not exactly a baby, The Kid is 50 years old but is still a child. But who can say no to that bundle of joy? Well, it seems there are people who can and people who are pretty disturbed after seeing The Kid‘s antics in the second episode of The Mandalorian.

The first Mandalorian controversy happened in the Chapter-10 episode of the second season. Mando and The Kid pick up a passenger. Frog Lady is looking to get off-planet to find her husband and she was carrying precious cargo, a jar filled with unfertilized eggs which were supposed to keep on their line intact.

Well, as the episode progressed Baby Yoda started swallowing down those eggs. Well, the idea behind the whole egg-eating thing was meant to be “intentionally disturbing, for comedic effect,” but some people did not think the whole incident was funny.

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The scene had the required effect on us, we were horrified and we were laughing as well. The Boy is hungry so he is eating whatever he is seeing in front of him, this is not the first time Baby Yoda has put something yucky in his mouth. Go back to the jungle fight scene in the first season when Baby Yoda eats an “insect?” in front of the kids.

Well, the reason this egg-eating scene became controversial was that the eggs were supposed to continue the line of Frog Lady. It was the only hope of their race and she was taking those eggs to fertilize them with her husband’s help. Some fans took to the internet to spell their displeasure and Lucas Films needed to make a clarification.

The clarification compared the situation to human beings eating chicken eggs, which are unfertilized. But then again, the egg when fertilize would give birth to a sentient being. Some fans were up in arms about the whole situation and we just want to say that The Mandalorian is a work of fiction.

No real race was wiped out from the civilization and what if one day the chickens start to speak, are we all monsters for eating the eggs. The Frog Lady got her baby in the end, maybe Baby Yoda is should not have eaten those eggs, but he was hungry and it is better to eat unfertilized eggs than eat a living organism, in our opinion.

The Mandalorian Controversy Number 2 – Gina Carano and Her Political Views

Gina Carano is a former MMA fighter who has transitioned into a career in movies and TV shows. From the time she appeared in the Steven Soderbergh movie Haywire (which is still better than most action movies today), we have been big fans of Gina.

Seeing her in The Mandalorian was a big surprise and also a welcome one. Though we do not get to see her in many action scenes the actress did a fine job in the first season. There was a large chunk of people who came to know of Gina Carano due to her appearance in The Mandalorian.

And with wider fame also came wider scrutiny for the actress. First people went after her for not talking about the BLM movement and pointing out her disparaging comments about the protestors. Then people started to realize her political allegiance.

We all live in a divided world, gone are the days where we used to disagree and still be friends. Nowadays it is either my way or “die-way” (as Bill Maher so eloquently put it in his criticism of cancel culture). Gian Carano wrote some things on Twitter about the American election of 2020 which caused some people to come out with #FireGinaCarano.

The actress shared some posts which alleged that the election process of 2020 was not fair. Then the cancel-people came out in force to get her bounced from the Disney+ show. We are of a firm belief that people have a right to their opinion as long as it is not intended as violence towards other people.

For us cancel culture is a toxic public shaming method that is used by bullies to bend people to their will. There were a few people who came in support of Gina as #StandwithGinaCarano also started picking up steam. The Mandalorian controversy is just another example of cancel culture and toxic fandom trying to shame everyone.

One thing people need to realize, not everyone who works in Hollywood is a bleeding heart liberal and just because they support the other side does not mean they are the villains or evil (as Jon Voight claimed).

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