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Marco Ilsø, best known for The Reunion (2011), Vikings (2013), and Department Q: The Absent One (2014) is a rising Danish actor who seems to be growing in stardom every year.

Born on 29th September 1994, he is the brother of footballer Ken Ilsø.

Marco Ilsø is playing the role of Hvitserk on Vikings

Marco Ilsø is portraying the character of Hvitserk on Vikings.

Marco Ilsø is portraying the character of Hvitserk on Vikings.
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Marco portrays the character of Hvitserk in the historical drama series Vikings. He is the son of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland).

Hvitserk, born during the four-year time span between the first and second episodes of season 2, is often seen alongside his older brother Ubbe who he looks up to. The siblings carry a special bond following a childhood incident when they jumped into an icy lake. The duo was subsequently rescued by Siggy who died in the process.

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Marco Ilsø began playing Hvitserk since season 4. His character is darker and more complex than his brother Ubbe, which became more apparent with time.

Following the conclusion of season 5, fans are more eager than ever for the final season. Vikings season 6 premieres in late 2019.

Marco Ilsø auditioned for Vikings the same time as Alex Høgh Andersen

Marco Ilsø and Alex Høgh Andersen auditioned for Vikings at the same time.

Marco Ilsø and Alex Høgh Andersen auditioned for Vikings at the same time.
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The actor was a big fan of the show even before he became an official part of it. Although he initially auditioned for the role of Ubbe, it was later changed to Hvitserk following his final audition in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Alex Høgh Andersen, too, was auditioning at the time. Alex and Marco were aware of each other as they were working together in a movie back in their home nation. The two flew together to Ireland for their auditions, and impressively both landed their roles.

Anderson played the character Ivar the Boneless (birth name Ivan Ragnarsson) in Vikings. Evil by nature, the youngest son of Ragnar usually carries sociopathic behavior.

Marco began acting at the mere age of 14

Vikings star Marco Ilsø was just 14 when he began acting.

Marco Ilsø was just 14 when he began acting.
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Fond of horse riding and afraid of interviews, Marco Ilsø is not your regular guy. It appears he did not have a regular childhood either. The actor got into an acting job as an early teenager, and he certainly did not enjoy it.

The actor said, “Having to go to school during the day and then film afterward, it was a bit much, and at that age, I actually wasn’t too keen on it.”

As a 14-year-old, Ilsø played the lead role in Mikkel og guldkortet for 24 episodes. The actor’s clearly come a long way from where it all began. However, just like when he was a kid, the Danish star struggled initially to adjust to the world of Vikings.

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To his credit, Marco eventually adapted to the task at hand after getting comfortable with the world-renowned Vikings stars on set. The Dane admitted the best aspect about working on the show is the people, all of whom share lots of laughter and fun. He feels it’s like a one big family.

The actor does not find comfort in his fame

Marco Ilsø struggles to be away from his girlfriend and family.

Marco Ilsø struggles to be away from his loved ones.
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Ilsø claims filming for three straight months with a vast crew is different than anything he ever did before. The actor admits he struggles to be away from friends, family, and his girlfriend.

The Vikings star said, “I do get a lot of attention from all kinds of people, but I don't really care about that kind of thing. Of course, it’s great to be part of something like this, but I can also see how it might become a bit too much. If someone came to my door every day asking for a selfie with me, I’d probably just do it. I want to make people happy, but I might have to work on that bit.”

Ilsø revealed the people back home are not too bothered by fame either, and he loves the fact the fans just leave him alone. He said, “Luckily, my friends back home and my girlfriend don’t really care about those kinds of things. In general, Danes are a little more reserved. People might recognize me and take a picture but will generally just leave me alone, whereas here, when I go out, I’m often met by shouts like, “yeah, slaughter those Saxons!”

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