Meet Mark Normand’s Wife/Spouse, Mae Planert: The Couple Got Married in 2022; Details on Their Wedding!

Mark Normand got married to his wife/spouse, Mae Planert, on November 10, 2022. The couple fell in love as they exchanged texts after encountering in one of Mark’s performances. Not to forget, Mae is also a comedian and a podcaster. Follow to know more about Mark’s wife and their wedding.

Mark Normand is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer who was born on March 22, 1984, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He got his start in comedy in the late 2000s, performing at comedy clubs and open mics around New York City. He quickly gained popularity for his quick wit and relatable comedic style and has since become a regular on the comedy circuit.

Normand has appeared on numerous TV shows, including Conan, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Inside Amy Schumer, and Comedy Central Presents. He’s also performed at some of the biggest comedy festivals in the world, including the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In addition to his comedy career, Normand has also worked as a writer, contributing to shows such as Inside Amy Schumer and The Jim Jefferies Show. He has released several comedy albums, including Still Got It and Am Ire. Normand is known for his sharp, sarcastic wit and his ability to connect with audiences through his humor. He has been praised for his observational comedy and his ability to find humor in everyday life.

Obviously, Mark Normand has many fans globally who want to know more about him, including his personal life. Recently, we’ve found that many people have been wanting to learn if he is married and has a wife. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Mark Normand’s Wife/Spouse: The 39-Year-Old Comedian Got Married to His Then-Girlfriend, Mae Planert, on November 10, 2022!

As of 2023, Mark Normand (@marknormand) is married to his wife/spouse, Mae Planert. The couple tied the know on November 10, 2022, at BK Historic House and Gardens in New Orleans. The wedding was massive and full of hilarious moments, beginning with Mark not realizing the night before the wedding that he couldn’t sleep with the bride. On their podcast, Tuesdays With Stories!, Mark and fellow comedian Joe List have been sharing their wedding stories. They even recorded one episode while at the wedding.

Before knowing how their love story got started, let’s get to know who Mark’s wife really is. Planert was raised in Massachusetts and graduated from Roger Williams University with a BA in media studies. Her “waspy” upbringing taught her that one’s “work is supposed to be dry,” thus she first pursued corporate jobs solely, while wanting to be a stand-up comedian. The writer and comic initially pursued standup behind Normand’s back since she didn’t want his help.

Mae (@mae_planert) had a disastrous date with a man she had met the weekend before at a party when she started to fall for Normand. The then-25-year-old immediately realized she didn’t like her partner, who was from Connecticut and had brought an overnight bag. She was able to avoid talking to the Connecticut man, thanks to a friend who invited them to a comedy show at The Stand Restaurant & Comedy Club. She first saw Normand at the club.

When she messaged Mark Normand on Facebook, she used one of his jokes—that when he makes eye contact with a woman, he believes they are in love—as the subject line. Not only did this opening trick succeed, but he also recalled her seat during the performance. The first two years of their relationship “sucked,” Mark’s wife stated on her friend Saman Hasan‘s podcast, because of game-playing and her worries about other women who approach him on social media.

The podcaster received helpful advice from her therapist, who also treats the partners of many other comedians, on how to handle the “unique situation” she found herself in both her relationship and her desire to pursue comedy.

As mentioned earlier, the couple finally got married last year. The bridal couple, carrying lace parasols, conducted a procession through the French Quarter as per tradition. Mark Normand’s wedding became a who’s who of the comedy world, attracting guests from around the country for the major event. Joe List was there and ended up serenading the celebration. Towards the end of the celebration, the comedian joined the band and sang some well-known songs in the dead of night.

Just a few of the comedians that attended the wedding celebration for their friends were Sam Morrill, Stavros Halkias, Ari Schaffer, and Stavros Halkias. Meanwhile, Joe claimed that comedian Luis J. Gomez was quite disappointed because he did not receive an invitation to the event.

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