Matt Rife’s Refined Looks Led to Plastic Surgery Discussion on Reddit!

When Matt Rife replied to a post about not having plastic surgery for his jawline, people started talking about his comeback on Reddit. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, posted a video on his Instagram where Matt was rubbing his jaw, and the video claimed to be about his recent patients who have been treated by him.

Matt Rife is an American comedian and actor best known for his self-produced comedy specials Only Fans. Recently he has been in the news after he replied to his hater by saying that haters are just jealous of him and Osama Bin Laden. Being a celebrity seems to be a tough thing especially once you start getting people’s attention for negative things.

This month Matt has been facing many backlash from his fans. He faced criticism for jokes on domestic abuse since releasing his special Natural Selection on November 15. He’s also been accused of joke stealing, had a plastic surgeon make fun of him, and seen old Wild ‘N Out videos featuring Zendaya go viral.

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Matt Rife has been discussed all over the internet. Some users on Reddit have also been discussing whether they have had plastic surgery or not. In this article, we will be talking about his personal life and plastic surgery rumors. To learn more, read this article.

People Are Talking About Matt Rife’s Plastic Surgery on Reddit!

People has been talking about the Matt Rife (@mattrife) Plastic Surgery case all over Reddit since Matt replied to the surgeon’s post, which started going viral. In the post, many of his fans got offended, and he even claimed that the news was fake and that he was all real. Well, till now, Rife has denied the rumors, and they seem to be fake rumors.

Matt Rife has denied the rumors of having plastic surgery. celebsindepth.comMatt Rife has denied the rumors of having plastic surgery.
Source: Instagram

There are a lot of discussion topics on the internet about Matt. Since the beginning of 2022, there have been rumors that the actor has undergone many plastic surgeries, but now the case seems to be different. People are discussing this topic on Reddit lately because one of the plastic surgeons and Matt Rife fought a few weeks ago.

A famous content creator, Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, who also happens to be a plastic surgeon, posted a video on Instagram talking about his recent patients who have been treated by him. In the video, Matt was rubbing his jaw and then skipping through his office with on-screen text that said;

Me after creating the greatest jawline ever seen just for my patient to get cancelled right after.

What Are People’s Thoughts on Matt Rife’s Video Posted by the Surgeon?

After the video started going viral, people started talking about it on Instagram, Reddit, and other social media gossip sites. On the post, one user said thanks to the surgeon for being real, while another said that Matt Rife doesn’t live in Chicago, so the surgeon might be wrong.

Matt Rife also seems to be offended by the post, and he also commented and said that lying about media history is illegal, just FYI. The comment confused everyone about the situation and people started questioning Rife if the surgeon was right or if it was just a trick to be popular.

Matt Rife has a noticeable jawline, leading to surgery rumors. celebsindepth.comMatt Rife has a noticeable jawline, leading to surgery rumors.
Source: Instagram

Talking about Reddit users’ thoughts over Matt’s fight with the surgeon, people seem dissatisfied with Matt’s behavior. One of the users posted about the situation and said that he responded to an Instagram plastic surgeon, hinting that he did his jawline; otherwise, he wouldn’t be responding to a random fake post.

Many people commented on the post, while some said that they were sick of Matt’s having a plastic surgery controversy, while others supported the user and said that he might be claiming to have the greatest jawline ever because he had done something. Well, there is one more Reddit post that is going viral. On November 28, one of the users posted by supporting the surgeon.

Matt Rife Is Said to Have Had Nose Job, Botox, and a Facelift!

The user asked why is everybody supporting Matt Rife and criticizing Dr. Benjamin when the doctor has not named anyone. Some people seem to be debating the post, while others point out Matt’s comment on the post. It looks like the controversy is not over yet, and there will be a lot of discussion in the coming weeks.

Discussing whether or not Matt Rife has had jawline surgery. Well, many people have guessed that he has done something and has been hiding with his fans. Till now, he has not confirmed about going under the knife, but during an interview in July 2023, he said that the biggest lie he’s read about himself was that he has had plastic surgery. He is guessed to have a nose job, botox, and a facelift.