Mikey Day’s Child, Brandon: Married to His Son’s Mother, Paula Christensen?

Mikey Day has a son, Brandon Day, as his child with his girlfriend, Paula Christensen. The child was born in 2012. Many fans have wondered if he is married to his partner, but no, they are not.

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Mikey Day is well-known and adored by die-hard Saturday Night Live viewers for his funny sketches on the NBC sketch comedy program. But as the comedian‘s fame has grown, fans have understandably been interested in learning more about his personal life. They’re curious about his child. If he does, with whom does he share the child?

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Mikey Day (@mikeyfuntime) does have a child. The entertainment business has seen success for American actor, comedian, writer, and producer Mikey. He got his start in show business as a performer and writer for the sketch comedy troupe The Groundlings. He later joined “Saturday Night Live” in 2016, where he quickly became well-known for his comic skills and adaptability. Many fans are already aware of his child, but let us get into more detail.

Mikey Day has a child named Brandon Day. celebsindepth.comMikey Day has a child named Brandon Day.
Source: Instagram

Mikey Day’s child was born to his partner, Paula Christensen. Their child is named Brandon Day. Their son, Brandon Day, is there for them, which is a blessing. The comedian’s partner at the time gave birth to their first child, who is still their sole child.

Speaking about Mikey Day’s son, Brandon is charming and humor-inclined, like his father. He looks up to football legend Lionel Messi, who represents Argentina, the nation where Brandon’s mother, Paula, was born. The couple worries about their son’s privacy despite posting many pictures of him on social media. Their son’s life has been kept private and off of social media and other platforms.

Mikey Day's son was born in 2012 to Paula Christensen. celebsindepth.comMikey Day’s son was born in 2012 to Paula Christensen.
Source: Instagram

Mikey Day occasionally uses Instagram to post images and shoutouts to significant individuals in his life. But he has shared some images of his child, where we can see his charm and that he is growing fast. He was born in 2012, which means he is now 11 years old. We could also see the bonding between him and his child.

Mikey Day has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Paula Christensen (@thepaulverse). In 2012, they welcomed a single child, Brandon Day. The two may not yet be married, but it seems that way from the way they communicate on a regular basis. In December 2017, the comedian got down on one knee in front of his Argentine beauty after nearly five years of dating. Paula naturally said “yes” when her boyfriend asked her out.

Mikey Day is yet to get married to his girlfriend, Paula Christensen. celebsindepth.comMikey Day is yet to get married to his girlfriend, Paula Christensen.
Source: Instagram

Mikey Day’s girlfriend is an actress. According to her IMDb biography, Paula is an actress and director who has been in a number of television series, including Modern Family, Open House, Charlie at a Grown-Up Dinner, Partners, Cannabis Moms Club, and others.

For the 39th season of Saturday Night Live, Mikey Day was hired as a writer. Nasim Pedrad, who had previously collaborated with him and was a cast member of SNL at the time, gave him the job recommendation. He co-wrote the screenplay for Brother Nature (2016) with Taran Killam, who was a cast member and former Wild ‘n Out co-star on SNL. For season 42, he received a promotion to featured player, and at the start of season 44, he received a promotion to repertory player.

Talking about Mikey Day and his girlfriend, Paula’s, marriage, they are yet to be married, despite rumors that they wed in secret. Although they have kept their wedding plans a secret, they may soon get married. Meanwhile, Selma Blair, a legendary actress, is only one of the notable women Mikey Day has dated. They did not want to fall in love right away, though, for fear of breaking up after the filming was finished. On the other hand, romance was approaching.

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