Millie Bobby Brown’s Game of Thrones Character – Which Role Did the Eleven Actress Audition For?

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most recognizable teenagers in Hollywood. The talented actress won over millions of hearts with her performance as Eleven in Stranger Things. But the actress recently revealed she almost quit acting because of a failed audition for a character in Game of Thrones.

Millie was on the Jimmy Fallon Show when Jimmy asked her about when she almost gave up acting. The Stranger Things actress went on to say that the movie and TV industry is difficult to survive in. She mentioned there are more no’s than positive answers in the industry, and one negative answer from Game of Thrones casting almost resulted in her giving up acting.

Imagine Stranger Things without Eleven and Millie Bobby Brown playing the now-iconic character. Doesn’t seem right now, does it? Still, we are glad she decided to carry on, and we are here to see which character did the actress audition for in Game of Thrones.

Which Character did Millie Bobby Brown Audition for in Game of Thrones?

Millie Bobby Brown was 9-years-old when she made her debut in 2013. So, the possibility of her going for Arya‘s role is out of the question as she would’ve been five years old during the time of casting. And she did mention in the interview that she went for the audition right before being cast in Stranger Things.

So, a possibility would be the character of Lyanna Mormont. Lyanna is a beloved character from the later parts of Game of Thrones. Her defining moment was in the finale of season six and later in season eight.

According to the producers of the show, Lyanna was supposed to be a small part. But seeing the performance of Bella Ramsey in the role made them add some more scenes for the character. It was a wise decision because Bella, as Lyanna, gave a few memorable scenes in the final few seasons.

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We think Millie Bobby Brown auditioned for the role of Lyanna Mormont because Bella and Millie are of similar age. And one of the most notable young addition to the cast of Game of Thrones fitting Millie’s age is the Bear Island’s young but fiery custodian.

Lyanna Mormont is a fan-favorite character, and so is Bella Ramsey, imagining anyone other than her playing the role is weird. The same is the case for Eleven and Stranger Things. Maybe the casting rejection of Millie for the role of Lyanna or any other character was meant to be.

We got two strong actresses making memories on screen because of one decision. In the end, it was meant to be as the decision of Game of Thrones casting directors not to hire Millie, resulted in her auditioning for Stranger Things, and the rest as well all know is history.

Stranger Things Season 4 Has Started Filming

Stranger Things season 4 started production after the COVID-19 delay.Stranger Things season 4 started production after the COVID-19 delay.
Source: Google

The ending of Stranger Things season three was wholesome. Almost all the threads were tied, and the friends were also sent their separate ways as different priorities make the residents of Hawkings leave. But ass the final credit rolled, the announcement of a fourth season also came.

Well, not exactly, but still, the show was renewed for a fourth season. Considering Netflix‘s penchant for canceling shows before they even reach the third season, it was a welcome change of pace. Had everything gone perfectly, we would’ve been able to enjoy the fourth season this year, right in time for Halloween.

But a global pandemic had a different idea for everyone else. Due to the lockdown forced by Coronavirus Pandemic, all movie and TV production was shut down along with the global economy.

And as the world is trying to return to a normality level, production on Netflix shows is also resuming. Stranger Things season 4 has started shooting as evident by the official Instagram page and Millie Bobby Brown’s personal feed.

By this pace, if no one gets the coronavirus, during the production, then we will be getting the fourth and possibly the final season of Stranger Things in the summer of 2021. It has been a long wait, but the production beginning on the fourth season is great news.

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