Mind Your Manners Cast Members: Meet the Host & Clients of the Netflix Show!

Mind Your Manners Netflix cast includes Sara Jane Ho, Stephanie Osifo, William Termini, Raishel Jones, Illiana Nuez McDonnell, Christy Aldred, and Bunny Yan.

Mind Your Manners, a Netflix reality series introduces viewers to the world of etiquette. Each episode of the show features a different person who is eager to better themselves and achieve their goals. They approach Sara Jane Ho, an international etiquette teacher whose expertise and knowledge are nothing short of impressive, to accomplish this.

The first season of the show featured many interesting cast members and their fascinating stories which captured the hearts of the viewers. As a result, many people have been curious to know more about the show’s cast members. So, here is everything you need to know.

Meet the Netflix Cast of Mind Your Manners: Everything You Need to Know!

In Season 1 of Mind Your Manners, international etiquette teacher Sara Jane Ho works with six clients who want to improve their manners. She takes them on a journey of self-discovery that goes beyond learning good manners by showing them how to handle personal and professional situations with style and grace. Meet the host of this new lifestyle reality show, as well as the cast members.

Sara Jane Ho

Sara Jane (@sarajaneho) is honest with her clients about the changes she believes they should make, but she also works to boost their self-esteem. While she may correct how someone holds their fork or drinks their tea, she is not afraid to share laughter or tears with her clients and attempts to meet them on their level.

In her web series, The Sara Jane Ho Show, Sara Jane gives more etiquette advice. She also appeared in the documentary Generation Wealth, which was released in 2018.

Stephanie Osifo

Stephanie (@officialyabish) is Sara’s first student and cast featured in the Netflix show. The young woman desired the coach’s assistance in turning her life around and moving on from her past hurts. Stephanie currently resides in Sydney, Australia, with her family. She has younger siblings for whom she hopes to be an inspiration, in addition to her parents.

Stephanie is a disability support worker who describes herself as a “party girl.” She works with Sara Jane on toning down her wardrobe and carrying herself well in a professional setting after developing a provocative persona around clubbing.

William Termini

William (@will_termini) is also one of the cast members of the show. He is an introverted systems engineer looking to find a romantic partner. He hopes Sara Jane can give him some tips on how to be more assertive and approachable

William likes to share his pictures through Instagram with his followers. Additionally, he has two YouTube channels that feature a variety of content. As of writing, William works as an Engineer in Cyber Security. Furthermore, it does not seem like he is in a serious relationship at present.

Raishel Jones

Raishel is one of the cast members of the show. She is a stay-at-home mom who is ready to return to work now that her two daughters are older. She works with Sara Jane to update her résumé and gain the confidence to apply for her dream job, despite her lack of confidence.

Her passion for fashion is evident throughout the show, and the reality TV star appears to be making impressive strides in the industry. Raishel and her daughters were recently awarded the Myer FOTF competition’s second-best-dressed family award on Stakes Day 2022.

Illiana Nuez McDonnell

Illiana (@illianamcdonnell) is one of the cast members of the show.  She joined the Netflix show at the age of 31 in order to regain her confidence. She is a new mom who is having difficulty focusing on her own goals while caring for her 10-month-old daughter. She works with Sara Jane to develop healthy and self-affirming lifestyle routines because she is exhausted and in a funk.

Illiana gave birth to her daughter Camila Lucia McDonnell on January 10, 2021. The adorable baby girl was featured in the Netflix show and receives a lot of love from her parents. Illiana and Liam announced in June 2022 that they were expecting their second child in November of that year.

Christy Aldred

Christy is one of the cast members of the show. She is a mother who prioritizes the needs of her family over her own and is in desperate need of self-care. She’s exhausted from raising a 9-year-old at the age of 50 and hopes Sara Jane can help her regain confidence and grow her business.

Christy is not only selling her earrings on online marketplaces, but she also appears to be getting ready to launch her own website. In addition, the businesswoman sells her products in physical stores.

Bunny Yan

Bunny (@sooobunny) is one of the cast members of the show. Bunny is Sara’s last student in season one of Mind Your Manners. She is a fashion vlogger who immigrated to the US from China at age 12. Feeling caught between two worlds, she wants Sara Jane’s help getting back in touch with her Chinese roots.

Bunny’s work in the fashion industry has been nothing short of impressive. She aims to combine fashion, comedy, and sustainability as a Fashion Storyteller and Founder of Leftside Of Fashion. She is also a Startup Mentor for Various Startup Incubators and has been the Founder/CEO of Squirrels since March 2013.

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