Monica Maranillo Boyfriend: Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After Star’s Relationship Detail in 2022!

Monica Maranillo is making her big-screen debut through Netflix Series Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After. Previously seen in a singing reality competition, Maranillo’s boyfriend is something fans are curious to know. Let’s find out her relationship status and more details on her new Netflix series.

Monica Maranillo is a Spanish singer & actress who has become the center of the spotlight just after releasing the trailer of a new Spanish series, Once Upon a Time… Happily Never After. This is Monica’s first time acting in any show as she has appeared on Television only once in 2017 which was on a singing reality show, La Voz Kids 3.

Monica Maranillo was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 2002. She is the second child of her parents as she has an older sister named Laura Maranillo. Monica jokingly refers to her sister as an adopted child because she and her sister’s faces are very dissimilar. Both siblings attended the same local high school in Barcelona for their education. Her desire to master both singing and dancing was fueled by her passion for both. We discovered that she has been singing since she was three years old which is really remarkable. Since Monica is in the spotlight, let’s have a look at her relationship status.

Monica Maranillo Boyfriend: Who is the Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After Star’s BF?

monica-maranillo-boyfriend-once-upon-a-time-happily-never-after-2022Monica Maranillo is starring in Netflix’s Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After and fans want to know if the young actress is dating her boyfriend.
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Within a few days of the trailer’s release of Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After, the number of views had surpassed 410,000. Fans are curious to know more about the cast. Similarly, the desire among fans to know Monica Maranillo‘s boyfriend’s name is growing by the day. Here is what we know about Maranillo’s relationship status.

We did some investigation to see if Monica was dating someone, but unfortunately, we were unable to find anyone. Her Instagram was full of music covers, her debut movie promotions, and pictures of her enjoying her life with friends and families. However, on September 14, 2021, she posted a picture with a guy named Bruno Xirau. They were seen a little close and like a couple in the picture. She regarded him as her best friend in the caption, however, a red heart emoji in the caption captured our focus and we felt it necessary to explore the guy further.

Unfortunately, Bruno Xirau turned out to be just a normal party guy and not Monica’s boyfriend. His Instagram was full of his pictures partying with different girls and it does not have a single hint about Monica, therefore, we were forced to believe that Monica was not lying in the caption.

On the other hand, people are also whispering about Sebastian Yatra‘s relationship with Maranillo. Some have even stated that they have been dating for over a year. However, other than shooting days, we are unaware of any instances in which they have appeared together. They have been together promoting their Netflix series for a time now and some fans have been speculating that they seem to be more than just co-stars of the series. We shall inform you as soon as one of she confirms her boyfriend.

Therefore, Maranillo does not have a boyfriend right now, not that we are aware of at least. It’s her choice if she wants her relationship to be public or focus on her career right now. She has every right to do whatever with her life and we wish her the best.

Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After: Everything We Know About Netflix’s Love Drama Series

Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After is a new Spanish fantasy-love series that is set to be premiered on Netflix this Friday. If you liked Schmigadoon! on Apple TV+, you’ll appreciate this musical show because the two share some similar themes. Monica Maranillo, Sebastian Yatra and Nia Correia and   star in the love series.

The official trailer for Netflix’s musical comedy Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After was released in late February. Created by Manalo Caro, the love series tells the story of a couple who has been forced to separate and who is also playing a game of creating a new life for each other in order to break a spell on their town, a place where no one is allowed to fall in love. This Netflix love drama series will premiere on March 11th, 2022.

Netflix’s foreign shows and musical series, as well as movies like Vivo and Rebelde, have been huge hits. When you add in the fantastical element, this new series has the potential to be something amazing. It’s vibrant, colorful, sensuous, and passionate, and the trailer makes it appear amusing as well. Once Upon a Time…Happily Never After should be a fantastic pick for you going into the weekend if you’re looking for some lighter fun and possibly something a touch hot.

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