Is Nadia Jagessar Married? Who Did She End up With Vishal or Shekhar?

Apr 30, 2023 @ 1:25 GMT-0500
Is Nadia Jagessar Married? Who Did She End up With Vishal or Shekhar?

Many people were curious to see Nadia Jagessar and Shekar getting married in Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking. However, the hope of the fans turns into disappointment after they break up during a phone call. The businesswoman also dated a new guy this season called Vishal, who was seven years younger than her, but things did not end well, and she was left in tears at the end.

How do you deal with trolling? Have you ever trolled someone? Well, it's a personal choice to like or dislike people, but trolling someone based on their choice is something we should avoid doing. The Internet has been an open platform to keep our thoughts, but lately, due to this, many celebrities and known faces have been accused of negative things.

If you have watched Indian Matchmaker, then you must be familiar with the reality show star. Do you know about Nadia Jagessar? Recently, she has been trolled on social media by many fans as a heartbreaker and selfish person ever since season two of the hit Netflix show aired on August 10.

Why has Nadia been called a heartbreaker even though she is the star of a matchmaking reality show? After the troll, everyone is wondering about her love life. To learn about her personal life and her marriage, read this article.

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Nadia Jagessar Is Not Married in Indian Matchmaking as She Ditched Shekar Jayaraman!

Nadia Jagessar (@nadiajagessar) and Shekar Jayaraman were expected to get married in Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking by fans, but after seeing Jagessar ditch Shekar over the phone, people started trolling her and calling her selfish. It seems like she tried too many times to get into a relationship but failed every time to make it successful. She has been ditched by Vishal in season one and, in season two, by Vinay. As of now, she is still a client of Sima, who is tired of being ghosted again.

Nadia Christina Jagessar is an Indian media personality who gained fame after appearing in the reality show Inaidna Matchmaking season 1. She was born and raised in New York City, America, to Indian parents. She is a business student who has earned a BA in Psychology from the State University of New Jersey. She started her career at ADP Dealer as an assistant, and as of now, she is the marketing manager at Givaudan.

Nadia Jagessar has been in the spotlight since she made her debut in Indian matchmaking season one. The reality show has a matchmaker, Sima Taparia, who charges her somewhere between Rs 1,00,000 and Rs 5,00,000. In the reality show, she tries to manage her client and tie their knots according to their similarities. Who did Nadia date in the season?

In Indian Matchmaking Season 1, Nadia Jagessar went on dates with many guys who were fixed by Sima. She dated lawyer Ravi Guru Singh, Vinay Chadha, a fitness entrepreneur, and Shekar Jayaraman. Who do you think she would date longer? Who was her dream man? Did anyone ghost her?

Picture of Shekar Jayaraman and Nadia Jagessar.Picture of Shekar Jayaraman and Nadia Jagessar.
Source: Celebs In Depth

When talking about compatibility, Nadia Jagessar chose to meet Ravi Guru because his mother is also Guyanese. But after their first date, they both realized that they were incompatible and decided to never see each other again. After that, she was matched up with Vinay, but it seems like she made the worst decision of her life as he ghosted her. The two went on multiple dates, and people adored them for a while after seeing their good-going chemistry for two months.

However, Vinay was criticized by many after he ghosted Nadia Jagessar. With the ending of Vinay and Nadia's date, Shekar enters the show. But as always, the reality show left his fans curious. The suspense was created, and fans were left guessing as season one ended. Did you watch season 2?

What Happened to Nadia Jagessar and Shekar? Who Is the New Date of Nadia?

Many of their fans were curious to know about Shekar Jayaraman and Nadia Jagessar. Did you mark the date for season 2? What were you expecting from this season? Well, for me, I was shocked after seeing Shekhar out of the picture.

Not only me, but I guessed there were a lot of people who were surprised by the plot. Why is Shekar out of the picture? Who is the new cast member in the show? Who did Nadia end up with? All the questions and answers are shocking news for the fans. Some of the fan's expectations were broken down who were wondering to see Nadia getting married this season.

In this season, Nadiia Jagessar meets Vishal, her new date.In this season, Nadiia Jagessar meets Vishal, her new date.
Source: Daily Express

In this season, Nadia Jagessar meets Vishal, her new date. The couple went on a few dates, but the matchmaker, Sima, does not approve of their relationship as he is seven years younger than her, but Nadia is smitten. At the end of the season, Vishal also ditched Nadia, stating that he couldn’t feel a romantic connection.


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