Sean Hannity Girlfriend 2022: Relationship With Ainsley Earhardt; Fans Want to Learn Their Age Difference & Seek Rumored New Wife’s Photos!

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity is dating his girlfriend Ainsley Earhardt, a Fox & Friends co-host in 2022. Despite the fact that the two have never publicly confirmed their relationship, it is widely assumed that they are in love. Sean and Hannity have an age difference of 15 years. Fans often look for photos of Sean Hannity’s new wife.

Sean Patrick Hannity, an American talk show host, and Republican political commentator has hosted a Hannity commentary show on Fox News since 2009. His talk radio show, The Sean Hannity Show, is syndicated worldwide.

While studying at UC Santa Barbara in 1989, Hannity worked as a general contractor and volunteered as a talk show host. He eventually began working for WVNN in Athens, Alabama, and then WGST in Atlanta. After leaving WGST, he went to work for WABC in New York, where he remained until 2013. Hannity has been working for WOR Radio since 2014.

Sean Hannity was born in New York City on December 30, 1961. He grew up in the nearby community of Franklin Square, New York. Lillian, his mother, worked as a stenographer and corrections officer at a county jail, and Hugh, his father, was a family court officer. He is the fourth and youngest of four siblings. He finished his secondary education at Pius X Preparatory Seminary in Uniondale, New York. Following that, he resumed his studies at New York University, UC Santa Barbara, and Adelphi University, but he did not graduate from any of them.

The television host started his own business in the residential painting industry in 1982. After a few years, he relocated to Santa Barbara, California, and began working as a building contractor. In 1989, while living in California, he was given the opportunity to broadcast his first talk radio show on the volunteer campus station KCSB-FM, which was affiliated with the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Sean Hannity has been romantically involved with Ainsley Earhardt, who also works for Fox News, since 2019. Following the dissolution of his 25-year marriage to Jill Rhodes, Hannity began a relationship with Ainsley. Is this couple still together? Fans are eager to find out more about his girlfriend in 2022.

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Who Is Sean Hannity’s Girlfriend in 2022? Does He Have a New Wife?

When Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) filed for divorce from his wife, Jill Rhodes, in 2019, he met his new girlfriend, Ainsley Earhardt, a Fox News co-anchor. He is not married yet. However, Sean and Ainsley are yet to reveal their relationship. They began dating while he was still married, despite the fact that Jill was no longer a part of their lives. In comparison, she has been married twice.

Sean and his girlfriend, Ainsley are both Fox News on-air hosts, in case you didn’t know. Earhardt was hired as a station employee in 2000. One of her first roles was on her co-star Sean Hannity’s talk show, Ainsley Across America. Hannity hosts the conservative news show of the same name.

Ainsley, along with Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, is one of Fox & Friends’ three anchors. Sean and the author have worked together in the same office for over ten years. In 2020, rumors began to circulate that the co-hosts were a couple. Sean was rumored to be dating his girlfriend Earhardt.

After they both attended Pete Hegseth’s and Jennifer Ratchet’s weddings in August 2019, rumors of a romance between them began circulating. They were married at the Trump National Gold Course in New Jersey. To the delight of their global audience, talk show hosts were seen arriving at the scene via helicopter. This is one way to make an impression.

Meanwhile, the Former Fox executives are said to have called their arrival great. Witnesses said the two were acting very romantically toward one another throughout the ceremony. Multiple Fox News employees helped to establish their relationship. Furthermore, they claimed Hannity and Earhardt had been dating for some time.

However, the American talk show host and his girlfriend, Ainsley Earhardt (@aearhardt) did not publicly confirm their relationship. In contrast, Hannity has kept this information hidden. When a reporter inquired about Hannity’s personal life, he denied providing information about his current relationship status. Likewise, he does not want to discuss his personal life on the air.

Sean Hannity Reportedly Struggled With His Divorce

Sean Hannity was married to former journalist Jill Rhodes for more than 20 years before getting involved with Aisley Earhardt. In 1991, the couple met in Alabama. He was a radio station employee, and she was a reporter for the Huntsville Times. She was highly talented & gifted. However, Hannity fell in love with the small picture in her column.

When the couple decided to marry, many people warned Rhodes about marrying a New Yorker, including the pastor who eventually performed their wedding ceremony. Hannity married Rhodes in 1993, and they have two children, Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly. Hannity’s first book was dedicated to his family.

So when Hannity and Rhodes called it quits, the Fox host reportedly took it hard, with a source saying that he blamed the breakup on his never-ending workload, adding that he didn’t slow down, and it cost him his marriage end. Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes are reportedly still close despite their divorce.

Meanwhile, they are still on good terms and have family dinners together as well as attend tennis tournaments for their children. Sean is also still close to members of Jill’s family. The ex-spouses even spend holidays together as a family with their two children, and Rhodes’ brother still works for Hannity on his Fox show.

The conservative political commentator is now dating fellow Fox host girlfriend, Ainsley Earhardt. While the two have never publicly confirmed their relationship, it is widely assumed that they are in love. In fact, Hannity finally revealed his divorce as a result of this.

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