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The amazing thing about the upcoming new Netflix series The Letter for the King is first the show is the first Dutch adaptation by the streaming giant, and second, the series is bringing some fresh faces to the world of show business. Though he’s been around a long time, Nathanael Saleh is one of those new faces who will definitely benefit from being in a highly anticipated series.

Nathanael Saleh was born on 22 April 2006, to his father, Phil, and his mother, and is the second of two sons of his parents. From a young age he wanted to be an actor which resulted in Nathanael starting his career at the age of three, though he did not appear in movies and TV shows, the young actor was showing signs of what he wanted to do when he grew up.

Nathanael Saleh plays Piak in the Netflix series The Letter for the King.

Nathanael Saleh plays Piak in the Netflix series The Letter for the King.
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A born and bred English native, Nathanael Saleh also took ballet lessons and became a qualified contemporary dancer. Gathering as much tools as possible for a career in show business, the actor got his chance in front of the camera at the age of 10 and considering he is only 13 years old now, The Letter for the King, and the buzz surrounding the show will definitely have massive impact on the career trajectory of the young Nathanael.

Nathanael Saleh Plays Piak in the Netflix Series The Letter for the King

The Letter for the King is about a young 16-year-old boy, Tiuri, who wants to be a Knight like his brave father, but his destiny makes him answer a desperate call. He needs to deliver a letter to the King, with the latter being of vital importance to the defense of the Southern realm against the conquering Northern Kingdom.

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Nathanael Saleh plays Piak in the series; Piak is the small brother of Foldo, played by Jack Barton. Piak is energetic and fearless, which is why he doesn’t hesitate for a second to follow his brother on a perilous journey through all the dangers they need to face. On their pursuit is a young Prince Viridian, played by Gijs Blom, who wants the letter and will do anything to make the journey of the two brother and their friends difficult.

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The Letter for the King will be made worldwide on 20 March 2020 only on Netflix, starring Amir Wilson plays Tiuri, Gijs Blom, Ruby Ashbourne Serkis playing Lavinia, Thaddea Graham as Iona, Jack Barton as Foldo, Islam Bouakkaz as Arman, Jonah Lees as Jussipo, Emilie Cocquerel as Queen Alianor, Jakob Oftebro as Crown Prince Iridian and Yorick van Wageningen as King Favian.

First Acting Credit of Nathanael Saleh was Game of Thrones – Career of the Piak Actor

As mentioned above, Nathanael Saleh started acting at the age of three, and he first started out with appearance in the Playbox Theatre Company located in Warwick, England. He followed his brother Asher Hardy to the company. Nathanael honed his skills with the theatre company, and in 2016 he was hired to appear in the biggest show at the time.

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Nathanael was only nine years old when he was hired to appear in the sixth season of Game of Thrones. You’d have to be living under the rock to not know what Game of Thrones is, well, Nathanael is one of the actors who appeared in two episodes of the sixth season. He played Arthur, one of the “little birds” who spies for the Qyburn.

Nathanael Saleh appeared in the Disney movie Marry Poppins Returns

Nathanael appeared in two episodes, and he was the kid who lures Lancel into the catacombs where the wildfire is stored, and Cersei uses them to blow the Great Sept of Baelor. Nathanael’s character was instrumental in taking down the enemies of Cersei. He followed up the performance in the HBO series with an appearance in the Disney movie Mary Poppins Returns.

Nathanael appeared in Days of the Bagnold Summer in 2019 and then in a short movie called The Snatcher. But the regular cast role in the Netflix series The Letter for the King is definitely going to boost his career.

Nathanael Saleh’s Social Media Presence

Social media is important in the career of a young actor to be in contact with the well-wishers and also reach new audiences and make them aware of the work. Nathanael Saleh first started posting on Instagram in the latter half of 2018, where he started posting about the Mary Poppins movie.

The bio of Nathanael’s Instagram reads, “Young actor with the goal to one day executing the perfect backflip.” Though there is no mention, his social media presence is probably monitored by his parents, which is reasonable. He is a young man, but his Instagram is an interesting follow, so go ahead and become a fan now, Nathanael Saleh is going places.

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