Nicole Jimeno’s Teeth: Did She Remove Her Braces? – Nicole Jimeno has removed the braces from her teeth in early 2023. The braces were on for five years, and some people think that she kept the braces for a long time to look young and beautiful. Well, the rumors have not been confirmed till now, but she has admitted to having injections to correct her weak chin.

Nicole Jimeno is an antagonist in The Family Chantel, particularly because she never accepted her brother Pedro’s ex-wife, Chantel Everett. Recently, she has been in the news after people started calling her a monster. Have you watched The Family Chantel yet? Why are people calling her a monster?

After watching Nicole’s behavior on the reality show, the Family Chantel people started calling her a monster. Popele is claiming that she is one of the worst sisters-in-laws in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and took joy in Chantel Everett’s misfortune. Her actions have shown her to be greedy, coldhearted, and willing to stoop to any level to create drama and undermine her brother’s relationship with Chantel.

Nicole Jimeno’s monster side led people to be confused when she used her former friend, Coraima, to hurt Chantel and cause problems in their marriage. People are curious to know about Jimeno’s teeth, which seem to look different than before. In this article, we will be talking about her love life, personal life, and before and after teeth. To learn more about her life, read this article.

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Nicole Jimeno Has Removed Braces From Her Teeth

Nicole Jimeno‘s (@nicole.jimeno) teeth have changed, and their shape looks more correct than before. She had braces for more than five years to correct her teeth, and as per sources she removed it in early 2023. People are claiming that she had the braces on for a long time to look younger than her age.

Nicole began her career by winning Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2016. If you guys have been watching her journey, you might have noticed her teeth. At the beginning of her career, she used to have teeth that were a little mismatched, and after some years, she started getting braces to fix them. Well, recently, during her appearances in The Family Chantel, people got curious to know if she had taken off her braces permanently or not.

Nicole Jimeno had braces on her teeth for more than five years. celebsindepth.comNicole Jimeno had braces on her teeth for more than five years.
Source: Instagram

Nicole Jimeno had braces on her teeth in between The Family Chantel seasons 2 and 3. It’s been more than five years, and people were similar to her braces look, but her recent changes have made people wonder if she will have her braces back or not. Her before and after teeth have changed, but people think that to make them look better, she should remove them in 2025.

Did Nicole Jimeno Have Braces for Long on Her Teeth to Look Young?

After Nicole Jimeno removed her braces from her teeth, people started commenting and spreading rumors. On April 26, 2023, one of the users posted her before and after pictures and asked people to answer his question. He asked why is she talking head-to-head with braces but not during segments. The user also said that he is confused about why she has braces, like five years ago when they were first on.

Nicole Jimeno had removed her braces in 2023. celebsindepth.comNicole Jimeno had removed her braces in 2023.
Source: IMBD

Many of the users commented on their thoughts, some said that in the Dominican Republic, they do fake braces on the beach as a status symbol, while others said that in poorer communities, it’s a sign of wealth, and oddly, she wanted to look wealthy. One of the users also said the braces were for many reasons, and one of them was to make her look younger than sugar daddies, as the user stated;

I had a neighbor who would put braces on and off, depending upon the age of her latest trick (I mean boyfriend/fiancee) Don’t know the logistics, but she thought braces made her appear younger to older men. Maybe stunt braces are a thing? My neighbor was 40ish.

Why Did Nicole Jimeno Have an Injection on Her Face?

Nicole Jimeno has been very open about her life, from hating her sister-in-law to having many cosmetic procedures. During the reality show, The Family Chantel, she admitted to having injections to correct her weak chin, resulting in a much sharper jawline. Some said that the weak chin might just be an example, while others thought that she was brave enough to admit the procedure.

Nicole Jimeno is also guessed to have had other fillers in her face and other major plastic surgery, which has not been confirmed yet. Her appearance also made people believe Nicole more closely resembled Chantel after her cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Well, whatever she has done, we think she is making sure to get everyone’s attention, and she looks more confident these days.