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Nuno Lopes is a busy man, he is an accomplished actor who dominated both the live and on-camera field, and then in his spare time, the actor is also a famous DJ. His Instagram account is full of pictures of the actor showing off both his talents. But the reason the multi-talented actor is in the news right now is for his main role in the upcoming mystery/thriller series White Lines, from Alex Pina, the creator of Money Heist.

The versatile actor was born on 6 May 1978 to his parents in Lisbon, Portugal. Nuno Lopes wanted to be a creative person from a young age, his first acting credit was as an extra in a movie released in 1995, and he continued to work on a career as an actor. Nuno enrolled in Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema where he trained to become a better actor. But acting is not the only thing the actor learned during his training days, Nuno Lopes is also a fencer, dancer with training in music and singing.

After completing his training, the actor pursued a career in acting which took him all over the world, from soap in Brazil to theatre acting in Portugal. Nuno Lopes made a name for himself and became one of the respected Latin actors while also maintaining a DJ career. The actor’s inclusion in the upcoming Netflix show is only going to add to the fame and star of the respected actor from Portugal.

Nuno Lopes Plays Boxer in the Netflix Series White Lines

White Lines is the first series from the deal between Alex Pina and Netflix. The streaming giant locked the creative mind behind the international blockbuster to a multi-year multi-project contract, which keeps the creator from working with other production companies. White Lines is the first project since the deal was signed, and it is looking to be another hit for the streaming giant, which is banking on the project to weather these rough times we are all in.

The new Netflix series White Lines is about a missing DJ, Axel Collins, from Manchester who was in Ibiza during the summer to party and have a great time. During his time there, Axel gets involved with some sketchy people, which leads to his death, and twenty years later, Axel’s body is recovered, which results in some old things coming to the surface, making the lives of some prominent people in the Spanish coastal town, hard.

Nuno Lopes plays Boxer in the Netflix series White Lines.Nuno Lopes plays Boxer in the Netflix series White Lines.
Source: Nuno Lopes Instagram

Nuno Lopes plays Boxer in the Netflix series White Lines; he is close to Kika, who is a prominent member of the Calafat family. Kika seems to be involved in the disappearance of Axel, and she is trying to help his sister find answers. Boxer is said to be a prominent player in the series with Nuno Lopes, saying he is one of the main characters in the show. We have to wait till the show’s release to determine the depth of Boxer’s character.

According to Netflix, White Lines will be available for streaming on 15 May 2020, consisting of a stellar cast lead by Laura Haddock as Zoe Walker, along with Tom Rhys Harries as Axel Collins, Marta Milans as Kika, Juan Diego Botto as Oriol Calafat, Nuno Lopes as Boxer, Daniel Mays, Laurence Fox, Angela Griffin, and Jade Alleyne as Tanit Ward also starring.

Nuno Lopes Won the Shooting Star Award at the Berlin International Film Festival for Alice

The first acting credit of Nuno Lopes’ career was in the short movie Projecto: Mundo Paralelo, released in 1991. The actor was 13 years old at the time. His first major production came four years later, after which he took up acting as a full-time job while also training in the Lisbon based film school.

After years of moving from project to project, Nuno Lopes got the role he wanted in the 2005 movie Alice. He played Mario in the film, a grieving father who is trying to find his missing daughter and using various methods to fight his grief. Emotionally hurting, the drama was directed by Marco Martins, and it earned rave reviews from critics worldwide.

All the attention Alice was getting resulted in the film heading to the Berlin International Film Festival, where the movie was again well-received. The acting was definitely the strong point of the movie, which resulted in Nuno Lopes being awarded the Shooting Star award. The film and the role of Mario did a lot for the career of Nuno Lopes.

The actor appeared in the controversial movie Une fille facile, where he played Andres along with Mina Farid and Zahia Dehar who played Naima and Sofia in the movie.

Nuno Lopes the Famous DJ – Does the Actor Have an Instagram?

Nuno Lopes is a DJ which he does along with his acting career.Nuno Lopes is a DJ which he does along with his acting career.
Source: Nuno Lopes Instagram

Acting was not the only form of self-expression which took hold of Nuno Lopes, the actor was also interested in music and especially becoming a DJ. Standing behind the turntable and mixing songs and beats to produce mass-moving music was something Nuno Lopes wanted to do. He is not only an actor, but Nuno also uses the time between his acting projects to tour and play gigs as a DJ, and seeing the people turn out, he is pretty famous.

The actor is active on Instagram, over 100,000 followers follow him, and he is not shy about sharing images and promotional materials on his Instagram page. There are close to 1,500 posts on the actor’s Instagram page, and we could not find a single personal picture of the actor or his loved ones. It seems Nuno Lopes is single at the moment, and we could not find a report of the actor ever dating anyone, the actor appears to be pretty secretive about his personal life.

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