‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’ Season 2 – When Will It Air?

In the finale of the AMC drama Dispatches from Elsewhere, the most metafictional episode of the entire series, the lead star Jason Segel ends up playing himself and talking explicitly to the viewers about his reasons for creating the series.

For the majority, it may seem unlikely that the show will hit the screens once again for a season 2 given the fact that the entire game at the core of the series wrapped up a few episodes prior and the subsequent finale neatly tied up loose ends and took the plot to full circle.


Recently, Jason Segel shed light on the potential for Dispatches from Elsewhere season 2. Stick with us to find out what he’s got to say.

Dispatches from Elsewhere Season 2 on AMC – When Could It Air?

The new flagship series from AMC recently concluded its celebrated first season, so there are still grumbles as to whether Dispatches from Elsewhere should return for season 2 or not.

Sadly for the viewers, the formal statement about whether or not the AMC drama will receive a second season is yet to be released. This doesn’t mean the show won’t come back; it just means nothing is decided yet.

If the show opts to continue, there are definitely loads of content to take ideas from.


Dispatches from Elsewhere tells the tale of a group of strangers caught up in a highly enigmatic game that puts them into question their own existence. The cast includes Jason Segel, Sally Field, Richard E. Grant, André Benjamin, Eve Lindley, Tara Lynne Barr, and Cecilia Balagot.

Upon watching the 2013 documentary about a real-life alternate reality game called The Institute, Segel centered the show on the game held in 2008 in San Francisco. Needless to say, there’s no shortage of content there.

Jason Segel Speaks About the Potential for Dispatches from Elsewhere Season 2


Creator and lead star Jason Segel recently addressed the future of the AMC drama talking to Deadline. In the interview, Segel admitted he is not informed on whether AMC is planning to renew Dispatches from Elsewhere for season 2, but he reckons the second season should also be a stand-alone story.

The HIMYM star said:

Yeah, it can be either an anthology or a limited [series], depending on how we decide to proceed. But the idea is that each season is stand-alone—and without giving too much away, each season would profile a specific thing, as the [Jejune] Institute was profiled in the first season.

As for the season one characters, Segel states he wants to leave their destiny to the imagination of the fans.

I don’t, you know? I like the ellipses of it all. I like us imagining what might happen to each of those characters—will they stay in touch, [or] will they not. One of the things I love best about movies that have really impacted me is that they allow my imagination to do some of the work.

In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor revealed he’s got a plan thematically for the show as a whole and for what each theoretical season could be like.

Dispatches from Elsewhere – What is it About?

Created by Jason Segel, Dispatches from Elsewhere is an American drama series starring Segel himself that premiered on AMC on 1st March 2020.

The story, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, follows a group of regular people who happen to stumble across a secret hidden beneath the curtain of normal existence. They soon discover the mystery runs much deeper than they ever envisioned.

Jason Segel plays Peter, a data worker who thinks his life is meaningless. Andre Benjamin is Fredwynn, a smart and suspicious guy committed to finding the truth. Eve Lindley portrays Simone, a trans woman finding a way out of her lonely feelings.


Additionally, Richard E. Grant is Octavio Coleman, Esq., Jejune Institute’s mysterious Boss. Sally Field plays Janice Foster, an ambitious empty-nester struggling to recover herself. Meanwhile, the recurring cast includes Tara Lynne Barr as Young Janice and Cecilia Balagot as Clara.

In July 2019, the show began primary photography in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Dispatches from Elsewhere premiered on 1st March 2020 while the season finale aired on 27th April 2020 on AMC.

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