Pernille Kurzmann Lunden, Real Life Nurse Now: Wiki, Husband, Photos!

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Pernille Kurzmann Lunden, Real Life Nurse Now: Wiki, Husband, Photos!

Pernille Kurzmann Lunden is a real life nurse who has been documented in Netflix's The Nurse. As per her wiki, she now continues to work at the Nykbing Falster Hospital. She is married to her husband, Niels Lunden. The pair moved to Maribo. Both of them were living with their children from previous relationships. Let's check out her pictures.

The Nurse, like Netflix's previous Scandi mini-series The Good Nurse, dramatizes the terrible actual story of one rookie nurse's connection to a sequence of murders at her hospital and how her misdeeds were exposed. Netflix's Danish series 'The Nurse,' created by Kasper Barfoed, follows Pernille Kurzmann Lunden, a nurse who works in the emergency room of Nykbing Falster Hospital. She frequently collaborates with Christina Aistrup Hansen, and the two become known as the Dream Team.

Meanwhile, Pernille notices that several patients died during Christina's shift, but she fails to register it. The unusual number of deaths she records prompts Pernille to investigate whether her colleague has any involvement in these deaths. We were intrigued by the shocking tale of the crime series. Throughout the season, we could see Pernille Kurzmann Lunden as the center of attention, and fans wondered more about her in real life. So let's get into detail.

Pernille Kurzmann Lunden, a Real-Life Nurse, Is Now Married to Her Husband; Check Out Her Wiki and Photos!

Netflix's The Nurse is a real story. Pernille Kurzmann Larsen aka Pernille Kurzmann Lunden is played by Fanny Louise Bernth in the series. Pernille began her career at Nykbing Falster Hospital in 2014. During the night shifts, she frequently collaborated with Christina. A few months following her appointment, Pernille began to observe the deaths of other patients who had abruptly ceased breathing for no apparent reason. She also observed Christina among the same patients, which led her to assume her colleague was involved in the killings.

Real-life Pernille Kurzmann Lunden with her mother.Real-life Pernille Kurzmann Lunden with her mother.
Source: Blurred Reality

As fans wonder about more details/wiki about Pernille Kurzmann Lunden, she is hardly known since she has maintained a private life. She does, however, continue to work at the Nykbing Falster Hospital. A title card states during the final scene of The Nurse: "All nurses from the ER at that time have moved on to different jobs." Pernille Kurzmann Lunden is still employed at the Nykbing Falster Hospital in southern Denmark's emergency department. Her role in Christina's case had a significant impact on her life after the latter's incarceration.

As Pernille Kurzmann Lunden was the one to expose Christina, she had to listen to everyone around her call her a backstabber. Her suspicions were raised when she discovered diazepam traces in the side port of a patient. She began to suspect that the unexplained fatalities in the ER were the result of diazepam injections. While Christina was working in the emergency room, several patients passed away within a short period, including Viggo. She made a breakthrough in her "secret investigation" when she discovered a syringe with suspected traces of diazepam in the room of a patient called Maggi Margrethe Rasmussen shortly after Christina left the room.

When Maggi's condition worsened, Niels informed Pernille that it was time to call the police. Pernille informed the cops that three patients (Viggo, Anna Lise, and Svend Aage) died in the ER within twelve hours, while a fourth (Maggi) was rescued from death. Pernille saw Christina in Maggi's room with two syringes that were bigger than those typically used in the emergency room, according to the police report. The key witness in Christina's case during her trial was Pernille. She seems to have played a key role in the former's conviction.

Picture of Pernille Kurzmann Lunden from Netflix's The Nurse.Picture of Pernille Kurzmann Lunden from Netflix's The Nurse.
Source: The Tab

Unfortunately, it wasn't the end of it. Some colleagues even suggested that Pernille Kurzmann Lunden could just as easily have administered the medication that established the case. Pernille discovered that some of her coworkers were reluctant to bring syringes into the emergency room because they believed the latter would also call the police. However, Pernille continued to work at the same hospital.

As of now Pernille Kurzmann Lunden is married. After being married to her husband, Dr. Niels Lunden, Kurzmann changed her name to Pernille Kurzmann Lunden. The pair moved to Maribo, which is located in Lolland Municipality. Both of them were living with their children from previous relationships. Soon after, the couple welcomed a son together. Her husband, Niels, on the other hand, departed the Nykbing Falster Hospital because he could not accept how the hospital administration handled Christina's case. For Corfixen's book, which served as the inspiration for the series, she spoke with him.

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