Pien Hersman Boyfriend: Instagram Fame Dutch Speedskater is Dating a Fellow Athlete in 2022!

Pien Hersman, the  rising speed skate star, loves spending time with her boyfriend, Daan Alexander. Also, know more about Pien’s father and how he helps her to achieve her dream of becoming a professional speed skater.

Pien Hersman (born on January 20, 2004, in Lisse) is a Dutch speed skater. Hersman won C at the Dutch Championships Pure Sprint Speed Skating 2019 when she was just 15. In October 2021, Hersman also competed in the 500 meters at the Dutch National Championships. Martin Hersman, a retired speed skater, and Colette Zee are her parents.

Still competing in the Junior circuit, the speed skater blew to international fame with her video on Instagram. Pien during the cool down, is seen smiling and the slow motion video had over 7 million likes on the image sharing platform. The video also exponentially increased her follower count as well as interest on herself from around the world. So, to sate that interest, here is everything you need to know about the speedskater’s boyfriend in 2022.

Pien Hersman’s Boyfriend: Dating Daan Alexander Van Der Elst

pien-hersman-boyfriend-daan-alexander-van-der-elst-2022Pien Hersman is currently dating her boyfriend Daan Alexander van der Elst in 2022.
Image Source: Instagram

Talking about Pien Hersman‘s boyfriend, the speed skater has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Daan Alexander Van Der Elst. Alexander is also an athlete like Hersman who loves speed skating and dreams to become a professional speed skater someday. From cycling to weight-lifting, Alexander does whatever it takes to start the journey as a pro athlete. His Instagram(@daanalexander) also shows his love for music, especially his passion for playing Piano. No doubt, Alexander has a bright future ahead of him and we hope he achieves his dream very soon.

Hersman and Alexander probably started dating in the mid of 2021. We don’t have the exact dates but Hersman first posted their picture together 10 weeks on her Instagram story which can be seen on her Instagram highlights. She also has many more pictures with Alexander where we can see them training, having fun, celebrating the new year, traveling, etc. Meanwhile, her Instagram contains only one post where she wished Alexander a happy birthday on the 27th of February, 2022. On the other hand, Alexander’s Instagram wall does not include any post with or related to Hersman. However, he too shares his time with Hersman on his Instagram highlights.

Hersman seems to enjoy time her time with her boyfriend. The couple attends and supports each other in competitions. No wonder, they are very happy as they share the same passion and dream which is to become a pro speed skater. It’s a long way for their dream and their relationship appears to be going well. At such a young age love and romance do tend to be on the fritz, but the couple, being in the same field, have a common thread that binds them together.

With their eyes also probably set on International stage, maybe even competing in the Olympics there is no telling where the relationship will go from here. But at this moment the couple appears to be happy with where they are at together. Pien has a supportive boyfriend, together they are taking leaps in their chosen sport and that should align their interests for a long time to come.

Pien Hersman’s Father: Know More About The Retired Speed Skater

Anthonius Martinus Johannes Maria “Martin” Hersman (born on February 26, 1974) is a retired Dutch speed skater who competed from 1992 to 2003. He competed in the 1000 and 1500 m events at the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics, with his best finish being sixth in the 1500 m event in 1998.

In 1996, Martin(@martinhersman) won a bronze medal in the men’s European Speed Skating Championships and two bronze medals in single distance world championships: 1500 m (1996) and 1000 m (1997). He also won the 1500 m event in 2000 and 2002 in a national championship. Martin was never satisfied with his achievement as he didn’t win the first position in any international events. However, he dreams the same dream through his daughter, Pien. Pien and Martin share a beautiful bond as Martin trained his daughter from her childhood making her love speed skating. Martin, being a retired speed skater, helps Pien with her skills and motivates her to become the best.

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