Qaysean Williams From Next in Fashion Season 2: Learn About His Disability and Find Him on Instagram!

Qaysean Williams, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Next in Fashion Season 2, is a designer, actor, and rapper as well as the founder of the label, Manikin, which is known for its adaptive garments. The New Jersey-based designer is also known as the one-hand sewing man due to his ability to cut and sew clothes and accessories with only one arm because of his disability, Erb’s palsy. Follow to know more about Qaysean with his Instagram handle (@reallifemanikin).

Next in Fashion on Netflix looks for the next big designer in the fashion industry. The reality television show is the first of its kind, with 12 contestants (all renowned designers) facing various challenges and attempting to win each one in order to reach the top. The 12 participating designers have already made significant advances in the fashion industry. They have won design competitions and worked as celebrity stylists for various celebrities.

Qaysean Williams, a contestant on Season 2 of Next in Fashion, attempted to highlight his creative side in the fashion game. After getting involved in fashion in high school, Qaysean went on to found his own clothing line, Manikin, which focuses on accessibility and offers adaptive clothing to help everyone feel beautiful in their own skin.

Qaysean has been one of the highlights of the since and he has gathered a lot of fans globally. So, if you are curious to learn more about his background and wonder about his journey on Netflix’s show, we’ve got you covered.

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Qaysean Williams From Next in Fashion Season 2: The New Jersey-based Designer Is Also Known as the One-Hand Sewing Man Because of His Disability!

Qaysean Williams (@reallifemanikin) from Next in Fashion Season 2 is a designer, actor, and rapper from New Jersey but he is also known as the one-hand sewing man due to his ability to cut and sew clothes and accessories with only one arm due to Erb’s palsy. Williams founded his fashion label, Manikin Mob, to conceal his disability. Williams discusses how having a disability as a child influenced his career choices and inspired him to develop Super-Ability as a creator and entrepreneur. Likely, he also appeared in the film, The City is Mine.

Qaysean hopes that more advertisements for prestigious and high-end brands will feature supermodels alongside LGBTQIA customers/consumers, Black and Brown customers/consumers, and disabled customers/consumers.

To accomplish this, creatives like them must be given a seat at the table, the freedom to speak up without fear of retaliation, a say in product development, the ability to make decisions about both the creative and marketing processes, and the opportunity to participate in product development. The designer has devoted their entire energy to their company, Manikin, which he founded in 2014.

Qaysean did not win the show, but he demonstrated strength and passion in his work. Throughout his brief tenure on the show, Qaysean appeared serious while also having fun in his spare time. The designer’s inspiration in the first episode, titled Royalty, was Nefertiti, and their obsession with Egyptian culture inspired them to create a futuristic caged look that screamed gold. Even though it wasn’t one of the best dresses, it helped them stay in the running.

He was paired up with Eliana, Nigel, Desyrée, Deontré, and Courtney for the team challenge in episode 2. Despite the fact that his team did not win the challenge, they created some fantastic earthy-themed dresses. Unfortunately, the third challenge, Thrift, didn’t stand or live up to his vision and he was eventually eliminated.

At that moment, Qaysean had originally planned to wear a black velvet gown with shocking pink shoulder drapery. He wanted the design to have a ” rich-b***h” vibe to it. When Tan inquired whether they would see Qaysean in his design or just 80s, Qaysean assured him that he would see him this time because his style is risque. Qaysean’s first choice was a wedding gown because he thought it had a lot of fabric to work with and would be simple to repurpose, but he rejected it because it didn’t inspire him.

But he despised his black dress halfway through. “I am really not happy with it, the vibes are not there,” he admitted. He made the shocking decision to scrap the entire design just an hour before the runway show! Qaysean eventually decided to use the wedding gown to make wide-leg lacy pants with a mesh top. He was pressed for time, but he needed to do everything he could to impress the judges that day.

Unfortunately for Qaysean, giving up his first design was the wrong decision. He was determined to show the judges that he deserved to be there, but his risky move backfired spectacularly. Jason Bolden (@jasonbolden) could tell it was hurried and said, “I am so disappointed. The detail of the pant is sensational, but what’s up with the peplum thing? And why is the belt flying? This seems unsure.”

The same view was also held by Gigi Hadid, who stated, “The lines are especially confusing. The seam of the pant isn’t straight. The closer it got to me, it became obvious that you rushed it.” Tan suggested to Qaysean that he keep working on his black dress until he got it right. Qaysean’s journey on Next in Fashion had come to an end.

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