Raven and Paris From The Circle Season 5: Meet Them on Instagram and Learn More About Them!

Raven and Paris McTizic are introduced as friends in Netflix’s The Circle Season 5. Although Raven Sutton is a contestant, Paris is a translator/Deaf Interpreter for Raven rather than a competitor. As per their Instagram, they are both friends for a very long time.

The Circle is a challenging game of deception and strategy. The fundamental goal of The Circle is to become popular; after three weeks, the player with the most popularity receives $100,000. Those who are viewed as less popular or dishonest risk being eliminated. The Circle appears difficult, yet it is easier to understand than it seems. The Circle transforms the routine tedium of social networking into an exhilarating game of trickery, dominance, and victory.

The Circle on Netflix explores the influencer-creating and reputation-destroying potential of social media. Each competitor is housed in their apartment, where they are only able to connect through the program’s social media platform and chats. This is how the show operates. They can be seen interacting with the other contestants to make friends and advance in the game, even if they can’t see each other. Contestants must avoid being blocked through every round of elimination.

Paris and Raven are present, however, they don’t exactly make an interesting duo in the game. Although Raven and Paris are introduced as friends in the Season 5 premiere, it is not immediately clear if Paris is also taking part in the contest to win. Who are they then? Let’s talk further in depth about them.

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Raven and Paris McTizic Are Introduced as Friends in Netflix’s The Circle Season 5, but as per Their Instagram Intro Video Raven Sutton Is a Contestant, and Paris Is a Translator/Deaf Interpreter for Raven!

Paris McTizic (@parismctizic), Raven Sutton’s (@bluejay19xx) interpreter, is introduced to viewers in Season 5 of The Circle. According to his website, the ASL interpreter offers instructional services regarding interpreting, diversity, and accessibility in addition to co-hosting the interpreting podcast.

While playing the game with Raven Sutton, Paris McTizic isn’t competing against The Circle. He appears in one of Raven’s season-specific official Netflix photos, however, he isn’t a cast member and is only recognized as a participant for Season 5. Instead, Paris is here to translate some of the messages that Raven is exchanging with the other participants while using American Sign Language (ASL). According to her Instagram account, Raven is a social worker, deaf performer, and disability champion with close to 50,000 followers. In her introduction video, Paris states,

Deaf individuals can do anything, except hear, as Raven signs along. Watch me, I tell people who claim that deaf people cannot dance.

Although Raven, who is deaf, occasionally speaks out loud on The Circle, she prefers to sign. In those circumstances, Paris is here to translate so that she can type her messages into The Circle’s chat boxes. Naturally, when Raven and her Circle-Boyfriend Marvin have heated chats, it causes some awkward exchanges. However, outside of the show, Paris and Raven are also great friends, making him a natural third party in their connection.

Raven also utilizes her position to advocate for people with disabilities, give back to charity, and talk about her life as a deaf lady. Her job leads her to various venues, including appearances on shows like the internet conversation show #DeafWoke. She is currently employed by Deaf DAWN in Washington, D.C., which bills itself as a trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and transformative justice-based agency, as a survivor resource specialist.

Like Raven, Paris is an important member of the Deaf community in Washington, DC. He has been doing ASL and English interpretation since 2015. The McTizic Interpreting Experience, LLC is another business that he owns and runs. Paris was a non-working participant when he joined the cast of The Circle for season 5. He sees, hears, and observes everything but isn’t competing for the reward. To help Raven Sutton communicate with the other participants, he joined the show and served as her interpreter. But because he’s also her best friend, Raven has a permanent support system.

The two recently appeared on an episode of The Ringer: It Was All a Stream, a Spotify podcast where co-hosts Jomi and Zack examine the episodes of the Netflix series that have already aired. Paris was questioned about what it’s like to be a spectator on the show rather than participating in the circle. He said it was a lot of fun, but in his capacity as an interpreter, he frequently works in settings where he is facilitating dialogue from behind the scenes.

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