Rufus Sewell’s Girlfriend/Wife in 2023: Meet Ami Komai, Yasmin Abdallah, and Amy Gardner!

Rufus Sewell is dating his girlfriend, Ami Komai, as of 2023. He was married twice, to Yasmin Abdallah and Amy Gardner, and has a son named William Douglas Sewell with his second wife. As of now, Rufus and Ami have had a wonderful love life, but they haven’t been married and haven’t revealed their plans to the public. They have a daughter, Lola.

The newest Netflix series, The Diplomat, has been released. The unexpected choice to represent the United States as ambassador to the United Kingdom is Kate Wyler (Keri Russell). She considers it to be the sort of highly visible but uncomplicated diplomatic activity that usually belongs to her husband, Hal (Rufus Sewell). Due to an attack on a British ship that could result in war between the UK and Iran, her first few days on the job turned out to be far more challenging than she had anticipated.

The situation is complicated by Hal’s unwillingness to be a husband and his attempts to carry out his wife’s duties. All of this happens before Kate learns that the position might be a stepping stone toward her becoming President Rayburn‘s (Michael McKean‘s) new Vice President.

With Rufus Sewell’s recent appearance in the show, The Diplomat fans are more interested in learning about his girlfriend. Sewell has played several notable roles in Hollywood films throughout the years, including A Knight’s Tale, The Holiday, and Hamlet. And now, talking about the actor‘s personal life, who is his girlfriend as of 2023?

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Rufus Sewell Is Dating His Girlfriend, Ami Komai, as of 2023, and Was Married Twice, to His First Wife, Yasmin Abdallah, and His Second Wife, Amy Gardner!

Rufus Sewell (@fredriksewell) has always been open about his girlfriend and personal life. He has thus far only briefly mentioned his love life. He has openly admitted to being in a relationship with his girlfriend, Ami Komai (@iam_ami_ami). Although it is unclear how their relationship started, it is likely that the two connected on the TV series set and carried that connection over into their private lives. They started dating after the actor allegedly dumped Alice Eve in 2008 after a two-year relationship.

Rufus Sewell is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Ami Komai.Rufus Sewell is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Ami Komai.
Source: Daily Express

Rufus Sewell’s girlfriend, Ami Komai, is a Japanese-American hairstylist. She has collaborated with stylists for celebrities, including Emily Balius. The woman has been engaged in the fashion and beauty industries for about ten years, even though her professional career as a stylist has not been very extensive. Even though she hasn’t directly styled a well-known celebrity during her time as a hair stylist, she has assisted numerous celebrity stylists on stage with her.

Rufus Sewell has been in several partnerships and has been married twice. In 1999, he married fashion journalist Yasmin Abdallah, and he married Amy Gardner in 2004. In 1999, he got married for the first time to fashion journalist Yasmin Abdallah. They started dating when she was 19 and were married when she was 23. However, a year later, they called it quits. After creating the Conde Nast-developed online retailer, she later made news again in 2016. Abdallah was not prepared for the online retailer’s launch, which led to conflict among Conde Nast’s top executives.

Rufus Sewell with his first wife Yasmin Abdallah.Rufus Sewell with his first wife Yasmin Abdallah.
Source: Glamour Buff

Rufus Sewell remarried in 2004, four years after his divorce from his wife. He married Amy Gardner, a producer, director, and screenwriter. The pair had previously become parents before getting married when they had a boy on March 18, 2002. However, on December 10, 2001, they were seen together in London as they attended the world premiere of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It is unknown when they began dating. They got divorced in 2006 and have a son named William Douglas Sewell (born in 2002).

But in addition to his professional journey, he has also experienced ups and downs in his love life. Sadly, both of Sewell’s marriages—his first and second—were failures. That may be the reason the actor hasn’t yet gotten married, but even without a wife, he and his partner, Ami Komai, have a fulfilling relationship. The two have been living happily side by side for more than ten years. They have a daughter named Lola with Ami Komai, who was born in 2013.

Due to the woman’s lack of business credentials and lack of exposure to the media throughout her life, it is difficult to follow her professional trajectory. However, a few profiles mention her career path and employment details. Sewell and Ami Komai have been together since their initial connection, and despite their significant age difference, they have experienced a wonderful journey of love. Ami is 17 years younger than Rufus Sewell, who is 55 years old. Despite the age gap, they have had a wonderful love life, but they haven’t been married and haven’t revealed their plans to the public.

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