Is Chris Evans Gay: Did He Defend Lightyear Against Anti-gay Critics Because He Is Also Gay?

Eminent for many of his movies like Captain America, The Fantastic Four, and Snowpiercer, Chris Evans is now under the audience’s radar on the speculation of being gay. Young and with no wife, many believe that Evans is still single because he is gay and hasn’t been out. The gesture of Evans slamming anti-gay critics for Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear fueled up the speculation of him being gay even more.

Starring as everyone’s favorite Captain America, Chris Evans from The Gray Man on Netflix is a heartthrob. A veteran at comic book roles, having acted in The LosersThe Fantastic Four, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Chris Evans’s charm has won the hearts of many.

Stepping into Hollywood with The Newcomers, Chris Evans began his career firstly as a model. He played the character Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the Marvel Comic adaptation Fantastic Four in 2005 for his first comic book role. Despite receiving mixed reviews, the movie was a commercial success when it first came out.

Chris Evans mostly is always in the limelight as one of the beloved Hollywood actors. However, this time it’s not for his new movie or role but wild speculation. The question, “Is Chris Evans gay?” is being raised all over the internet and we are here to answer the question.

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Is Chris Evans Gay? Did He Defend Lightyear’s Gay Scene Because He Is Also Gay?

Voicing the title role in the Disney/Pixar animated film Lightyear, Chris Evans (@chrisevans) supports the choice to include a same-s*x kiss between two female characters in Lightyear. This gesture of Evans’s however is fueling the assumption that Chris Evans is gay.

Alisha Hawthorne, a female space ranger who is voiced by Uzo Aduba, is introduced to fans in the new film, which was directed by Angus MacLane. In one sequence, a montage of significant events in Hawthrone’s life is portrayed, including the time she kissed her wife. This gesture of representing the LGBTQ+ community was empowering for many, however, wasn’t the same for all.

While many have supported the Disney/Pixar movie’s inclusion of LGBTQ+ representation, the Toy Story sequel has been outlawed in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Lightyear “is not approved for public exhibition in all theaters in the UAE, due to its breach of the country’s media content regulations,” the UAE’s Media Regulatory Office tweeted on Monday.

Chris Evans was quick to retaliate against it and be on the LGBTQI+ side. While he openly appreciated how same-sex relationships are portrayed on screen, many are assuming he is doing all this because the actor himself is gay.

Despite having all the support, the scenes were altered and the kiss scene was removed for some screening. Frustrated yet hopeful Chris Evans said,

I think it’s a shame that it’s such a story. It should be more normalized, but I’m glad we are making those steps.

Now as to if Chris Evans himself is gay, the actor has never come out as a gay man. Looking at his dating history, it’s quite clear that Chris Evans is straight and he prefers to date women.

Still looking for his ideal partner, Chris Evans has had his fair share of dating highs and lows, but he remains optimistic that he’ll find “The One” soon.

As per his last latest fling, it was with Lily James. When the stars were photographed cuddling up to one another twice in London in July 2020, people’s eyes were on them. James was coy about whether they were more than simply pals, and Evans never publicly addressed the rumors at the time.

Before Lily James, Evans dated Jenny Slate, Minka Kelly, Lily Collins, Sandra Bullocks, and other renowned faces in Hollywood. This clears up the rumors of Chris Evans being gay and confirms that the actor is totally straight and also is actually searching for a wife to spend his life with.

Currently, Chris Evans is not dating anyone and is living his life with his lovely dog. Whether it’s going on road trips or just enjoying at home, everyone’s favorite Captain America has found someone special to share his moments with.

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