Sandra Smith Divorce – Is the Fox News Host Separated from Her Husband? Marriage Details

For almost a decade now, Sandra Smith has appeared on the conservative news channel FOX News. She got her job in the channel about a year after getting married to her husband, John Connelly. The reporter has been married for over ten years, but there are people interested in knowing if she is divorced.

Sandra is one of the few Fox News hosts who are not afraid to criticize the US’s current President. That is the reason why people bash her from time to time on her socials. Maybe the wishful thinking of people, who are fed up with Sandra, is spreading rumors about her getting divorced.

Sandra Smith Marriage to Her Husband – No, She is Not Divorced

sandra-smith-her-husband-john-connelly-married-10-years-not-divorcedSandra Smith is married to her husband John Connelly for over a decade now.
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Sandra Smith and her husband John Connelly are both natives of Chicago, and they met each other there in the early 2000s. After meeting for the first time, romance ensued quickly for the couple, and soon they were engaged in 2009. The couple was working hard in their respective careers but being together was always on the agenda.

Through starting their careers and building a respectable life together, they decided to tie the knot. The ceremony took place on 1 May 2010 in a church with their friends and family present to bless the couple on the happiest day of their lives.

Sandra Smith looked perfect in her white gown, and John was gentlemanly with his black suit, white bow tie, and shirt. And this May, Sandra posted a picture of her wedding day commemorating a decade of being married to one another.

Why are there Sandra Smith Divorce Rumors?

Sandra Smith recently shared her wedding picture with a caption saying she has been married for ten years. This definitely makes it clear that she is still married to her husband, but where are the divorce rumors coming from.

There was a time when Sandra Smith and John Connelly were living apart. Sandra got a job offer to work in New York while John was rooted in Chicago with his own career. She could not let the job opportunity go, and she moved to New York.

The move resulted in people thinking she was separating from her husband. Well, in the end, that was not the case as the husband-wife couple was maintaining a long-distance relationship.

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As most know, the idea of a long-distance relationship is not a particularly great one. But when two people are married, they tend to make it work instead of just a boyfriend and girlfriend. And they did make it work as Sandra Smith, and her husband traveled between Chicago and New York to make sure they were together at least once a week.

The distance between then and the fact Sandra lived away from the family resulted in the rumor of divorce taking hold in social media. But the FOX News channel host’s own social media update is proof that she is still married to her husband, and happily married at that.

Sandra Smith and Her Husband John are Parents to Their Two Kids

The newly married couple gave themselves some years to establish their career, and over three years after tying the knot, the couple welcomed their first child together. Sandra and John’s daughter Cora Bella Connelly was born in June of 2013.

After a year’s gap, Sandra became pregnant again, later giving birth to the couple’s son John Connelly Jr. in 2015. Sandra and John raised their two kids together, and being a mother was one of the biggest challenges for the husband-wife duo.

Sandra said that seeing her children sleep and how much their children’s faces reflect the parents’ personalities. Being a mother opened her to a new experience, and it was also a unique experience for her husband; and according to her, John’s qualities have really shone through after being a father.

Sandra Smith talks about her husband and children so much, and still, there are people who are searching if she is divorced. The news presenter may have a busy life, but this pandemic has brought her family even closer. For those searching for Sandra Smith’s divorce, she is happily married, and we do not see that changing any time soon.

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