Scheana Shay’s Plastic Surgery: Had Botox and Lip Fillers, Is Nose Job True?

Scheana Shay’s plastic surgery is always a topic of discussion. She has admitted to having Botox and lip fillers, but fans believe she has undergone a nose job. She has denied having a nose job and even claims to not have had any medical treatment to enhance her appearance. Nonetheless, her nose appears to be slimmer than before, and the bridge area is nicely shaped.

Scheana Shay, a well-known reality TV star, actress, and singer, is beloved among her fans, but her appearance has varied over the years as a result of several plastic surgery treatments. Unlike many other television celebrities, she has been honest about her appearance changes and how she got her current look. So let us get into detail about her plastic surgery.

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Scheana Shay’s Plastic Surgery Procedures Include a Nose Job Along With Botox and Lip Fillers!

Scheana Shay (@scheana) is no stranger to plastic surgery. Unlike many other celebrities, she has been honest about her appearance and how she got her current look. Previously, she admitted to obtaining Lip fillers and Botox but denied having any other procedures. Still, the difference in her nose is obvious in the before and after photos.

The Vanderpump Rules cast is known for their devotion to their plastic surgeons as well as their ability to create drama wherever they go. And they’re not ashamed of it, as Stassi Schroeder, Jax Taylor, and Scheana Shay explain in the 5 Questions video series. She claims to have Botox injections every two and a half to three months.

Scheana Shay's plastic surgery transformation before and after.

Scheana Shay has wrinkle-free skin due to the use of Botox.

Scheana Shay uses Botox, as it gives a patient’s face a smooth appearance by reducing and eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is injected into a nearby muscle, and neuromuscular blockers work to restrict muscle spasms in the injected location.

Scheana Shay flaunts her newly plumped-up pout. She took to Instagram to show off her freshly filled lips after a recent trip to the plastic surgeon. She shared a photo of her newest cosmetic procedure on Instagram on May 27. The reality star may be seen having filler injected into her lips and forehead in a video released to her Instagram Story. She posted a before-and-after shot of her lip metamorphosis, capturing the filler process as it happened and including a photo of the results.

Lip fillers are injected into the lips to make them look more shapely and fuller than they were before. Lip fillers differ in terms of the substance they are constructed of, as well as their density and duration. They can be injected along the Cupid’s bow and the visible area of the lips, often known as the vermillion. They can also be injected into the philtrum, the vertical area between the upper lip and the nose. Scheana later shared a video of her new look on her Instagram Story. She said;

No filter, just new lips! The doctor asked me to mention it, so everything was fine.  Just filled! Thank you very much, @theneckdoctor, I feel AMAZING!

Scheana Shay shares a picture of getting lip fillers.

Scheana Shay shares a picture of getting lip fillers.
Image Source: Yahoo

Scheana Shay is said to have undergone a nose job. A Reddit member believes her and is perplexed by her appearance. Like her nose, which simply slopes down and bends in. She said;

It’s almost as though there’s not enough of it. Then, from the front, it appears like the sides are overly small. It resembles the nose of a burn victim. There is no definition, and it sometimes appears to be a slab of skin covering the cartilage. Is this a sloppy job or is her natural nose?

Scheana Shay admits to having Botox and lip injections on Twitter, but she claims she has never had any medical treatment to enhance her appearance. Nonetheless, her nose appears to be slimmer than before, and the bridge area is nicely shaped. She said;

A lot has changed, like the way I apply makeup/contour, but I’m still ME (no plastic surgery).

Scheana Shay's nose job before and after.

Scheana Shay’s nose appears slimmer than before, and the bridge area is shaped.
Image Source: Celebs In Depth

Scheana Shay claims that her face has changed because she has lost weight. She tweeted;

I lost weight, she tweeted. I hadn’t finished my assignment. Believe in everything you want. My makeup has improved, and my face has slimmed down.

To create a flawlessly formed look, every other reality TV star has some type of augmentation. So there’s no need to conceal it if she has had something done to her nose. However, several of her 1 million Instagram followers are skeptical about the makeup/contour story. One of her detractors said;

You are defrauding Schaena. You most certainly had rhinoplasty. I’m a pro at contouring, but you can’t contour a completely new bridge and tip.

Another added;

I just don’t understand why people feel the need to hide or lie. There’s no way in hell you didn’t have your nose done.