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With the rise in content from Netflix, new stories and varied backgrounds of actors and actresses are getting their day in the spotlight. There is something to be said about the declining theatre-going public and the rise of the streaming platform, but no can deny the platform, services like Netflix, are creating for actors like Thaddea Graham and many other rising talents of varied backgrounds.

Thaddea Graham was born in China, around the start of the 21st century, to her parents, who later immigrated to the United Kingdom. Since a young age, Thaddea lived with her parents in Northern Ireland, where she also got her schooling and found her love for the craft of acting. She started her career in the country but later moved to London, where she continued her education and later found an agency which furthered her TV and movie career.

With all the tools in her hand and talent to back her case, the actress is finally getting the stage to showcase her talent to the world. She appeared in various movies and TV shows, also stage plays before, but the biggest role of her career to date is definitely going to be in the Netflix series The Letter for the King.

Thaddea Graham Plays Iona in the Netflix series The Letter for the King

Based on the Dutch novel of the same name, The Letter for the King is about the journey of young Tiuri who needs to carry a letter to the King of Eviellan. The letter holds a message which is critical to the survival of the southern kingdom, and a little 16-year-old boy is tasked with getting the message there in time.

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Thaddea Graham plays the character of Iona in the series; she is one of the friends of Tiuri and also the most skilled fighters of all the kids. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Thaddea talked about her character and what she means to the quest to deliver the letter to the King.

Thaddea Graham plays Iona in the Netflix series The Letter for the King.Thaddea Graham plays Iona in the Netflix series The Letter for the King.
Source: Thaddea Graham Instagram

Thaddea said about Iona, “She’s incredibly skilled, and she’s had to grow very quickly. And she comes from a less privileged background to the other novices. So, she’s got really nothing to fall back on; this has to work. And that’s why she’s so quick to find the thing that’s going to move her forward, and that’s going to drive them.”

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There are some twists and turns for Iona‘s character in the series and they come at the expense of some really good character development. Spoilers ahead, skip the paragraph if you are yet to see the final few episodes of the series. The turn of the actress in the fourth episode of the show was a bit hard to swallow, it was coming, in the way the character was so objective-oriented, but still, we wanted all the novices to be together. The end betrayal which resulted in the death of Jussipo was also heartbreaking considering he only found the muse for his songs, a night before.

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“I think she is a driving force for the novices. I think they would never ever get anywhere without her. She keeps them on track,” she continued. The Letter for the King will be released worldwide on 20 March 2020 on Netflix with Amir Wilson playing Tiuri, Gijs Blom playing the main villain Prince Viridian, Ruby Ashbourne Serkis playing Lavinia, Nathanael Saleh playing Piak, Islam Bouakkaz playing Arman, Jonah Lees playing Jussipo, Jack Barton playing Foldo, Emilie Cocquerel playing Queen Alianor, and Yorick van Wageningen playing King Favian.

From Stage to Acting in Front of the Camera – The Career of Thaddea Graham

After finishing her high school, the actress enrolled in Arts Educational Schools in 2015, where she honed her skills as an actress and also started appearing in stage plays. The actress finished with a Bachelor’s in Acting in 2018 and also a slew of stage acting credits to her name by the time she was finished.

While she was studying in Arts Educational Schools, she also appeared in TV shows and short movies. The actress appeared in two episodes of The Sparticle Mystery in 2015; she was credited as Thady Graham during her early acting jobs. The biggest role of her career came in 2019 in the British series Curfew, starring Sean Bean.

The role brought some attention to the actress, and she also appeared in three episodes of The Irregulars. Now the actress will be seen fighting large men and assisting her friends to deliver an important letter in the Netflix series The Letter for the King. The actress went through rigorous four hours of daily training on fighting and horse riding for the role.

Thaddea Graham Relationship Status – Is the Actress Dating Anyone?

Thaddea Graham seems to focused on her career and is currently single.
Thaddea Graham seems to be focused on her career and is currently single.
Source: Thaddea Graham Instagram

Thaddea Graham is a young actress, someone who is looking to find her footing in the world of show business. She only recently got a top billing role in an international series, and the constant work of moving from shoot to shoot probably does not leave much time to find a partner and maintain a relationship.

After a thorough examination, it seems the actress is content with being single at the moment, and there does not appear to be any sign of a special someone in her life. She is, however, focused on her career, which is definitely something for an actress of her age.

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