Shelley Hennig Has Not Revealed Her Boyfriend After a List of Dating Histories!

Shelley Hennig has had a high-profile relationship with her partner, but in 2023, she has not revealed having a boyfriend. Her dating history includes s, Darin Brooks, Thomas Dekker, and Ben McKenzie.

Obliterated, a Netflix comedy created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, centers around an elite team made up of the best and brightest from several branches of the US military. They are tasked with preventing a devastating terrorist strike in Las Vegas, and in the first episode, they appear to have completed their assignment, celebrating with a night of wild partying. Their compromised senses make things tough for them, and some of them suffer from the inability to make clear decisions, but it’s nothing they can’t handle.

Shelley Hennig has been cast in the show as Ava Winters, a CIA operative and the leader of the elite team tasked with retrieving the nuclear weapon and saving Las Vegas. Fans’ interest in her has grown as a result of her appearances. Especially her action moves have made several people have crushes on her, and they have wondered about her boyfriend.

Shelley Hennig Has Yet to Reveal Her Boyfriend in 2023!

Shelley Hennig (@shellyhenning) seems to have had a list of boyfriends in the past, and some of the dating histories were just rumors and were never verified. However, fans are now wanting to learn more details about her personal life regarding her current relationship status in 2023. So is she dating anyone? Let us learn in more detail.

Shelley Hennig seems to be focused on her work rather than her relationship. celebsindepth.comShelley Hennig seems to be focused on her work rather than her relationship.
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Asp Per our investigation, we are not sure if Shelley Hennig has a boyfriend at the current time. The actress has not revealed being in a relationship with anyone and has not stated that she is single. It’s not that she has to reveal her relationship status, but fans are always curious about their favorite celebrities personal  lives. So, she looks to be single.

If you want to get any details about your favorite celebrities, you have to check their social media. We did the same, but the well known actress was not seen or posted any pictures, giving hints of having a partner in her life. Also, if you check out the recent posts of Shelley Hennig, it’s all about her professional life. She is promoting her new series, Obliterated, and has posted several with her coworkers, but nothing has been suspicious about her having a relationship with anyone.

A Look at Shelley Hennig’s Dating History!

Although Shelley Hennig has not revealed her boyfriend as of now and is thought to be single, she has a list of dating histories. She has earned several benefits from her successful acting career. She is best recognized for her roles in the US soap Days of Our Lives and the supernatural drama Teen Wolf, and fans who are fans of her might be well aware of her dating rumors and her past boyfriends.

As per the source, she dated Jay Johnson from 2008 to 2013. ‘Days of Our Lives‘ star Jay Johnson and actress Shelley Hennig were reported to have dated during the show’s run. The celebrity duo created a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry during this time. They never revealed many specifics about how their romantic relationship began or how they first started dating. However, their fans are sure to have an idea because the lovebirds were co-stars on the soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives.’

Shelley Hennig and Jay Johnson dated from 2008 to 2013. celebsindepth.comShelley Hennig and Jay Johnson dated from 2008 to 2013.
Source: TV Source Magazine

Her affair with Jay was not private, as they were open about it. They have been seen together, as a result, their relationship was confirmed by the paparazzi. Shelley and Jay were sighted in 2009 at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Eventually, their high-profile romance did not appear to be sustainable, and they chose to split up.

She is also rumored to be hooking up with Darin Brooks. She was also rumored to be dating Thomas Dekker, as there were several pictures of them being cozy, but the rumors were never proven to be true, and they never admitted to having a relationship. She had also been linked to Ben McKenzie. Their relationship rumors first arose in 2013. However, neither of them provided confirmation. Maybe, due to all these rumors and all, she is trying as much as possible to hide her recent relationships until now. We will have to wait until her new romance comes to the public eye.