Meet the Cast of Single’s Inferno Season 2 on Instagram!

Dec 21, 2022 @ 0:18 GMT-0500
Meet the Cast of Single’s Inferno Season 2 on Instagram!

Season 2 of Single’s Inferno recently premiered on Netflix and viewers are interested to know about the cast members with their Instagram handles. Among the new faces in the series, some of the major names include Choi Jong-woo, Shin Seul-ki Park Se-Jeong Lee So-e, Lee Nadine, Shin Dong-woo, Kim Han-bin, Jo Yoong-Jae, and Choi Seo-Eun. 

Single's Inferno, a Netflix reality show, follows the interactions of 12 singles stranded on a deserted island together. It has an intriguing premise in that the only way for the participants — who are given very few resources — to escape the island to a luxury hotel (dubbed "Paradise") is to romantically pair up for date nights. As a result, the South Korean show is highly entertaining, focusing on attractive, flirty singles who know nothing about each other but want to thrive on the island.

The dating game show quickly became popular across the world as people rushed to see the romantic and even friendly interactions between the South Korean participants, many of whom are niche social media celebrities .that, along with the bold, romantic, and cozy aspects involved, makes the South Korean production not just entertaining but almost addicting.

So, let's learn more about the actual participants/casts on Instagram who bravely risked heartbreak by coming in season 2 of Netflix's Single's Inferno. Here is everything you need to know about the show cast as well as their Instagram handle.

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Single's Inferno Season 2: Here Are All the Cast Members and Their Instagram Handle!

The first two episodes of Single’s Inferno Season 2 have already aired from December 13, 2022, with five women and four men arriving on the island. Here's where you can follow the casts on Instagram.

Shin Seul-ki

Shin Seul-ki  (@shinseulkee) seems cold and snobbish at first, but people who get to know her to describe her as easygoing and "surprisingly fun." In terms of appearance, guys frequently tell her that she has stars in her eyes. In her intro, she says that she hasn't dated anyone in a long time, so she came on the show to meet new people. She's also looking for nice guys who are considerate and have a friendly demeanor.

Park Se-Jeong

Park Se-Jeong  (@jennonpark) is a fitness fanatic who stays in shape by lifting weights and playing tennis. In her introduction, she mentions her most appealing features as her eyes, "sexy body," and surprisingly playful side. She also came on the show to meet someone as hot as she is, and she wants someone with a pretty smile who can take care of her.

Choi Jong-woo

Choi Jong-woo (@jvvcful) is a former competitive athlete who has been playing soccer since elementary school. In his introduction, he mentions his empathy, sensitivity, and the corners of his mouth that naturally curl up. He also stated that he decided to appear on Single's Inferno after having his fortune read by a monk, who told him that if he appeared on the show, he might meet someone he could end up marrying.

Lee So-e

Lee So-e  (@ e._.soi) is a dancer with an honest and kind personality, though she is sometimes clumsy. She describes her type as a tall man with strong features who are generous and dependable. She also says she's attractive because she laughs a lot and listens well. She's only had a crush on one guy and ended up dating him, so her success rate is 100 percent.

Jo Yoong-Jae

Jo Yoong-Jae (@yoongkda) is confident that he will be the strongest man on the show, and he stays fit by doing CrossFit and going on hikes. In his intro, he says that he's attracted to wisdom in a woman, and he's looking for someone he can be with for the long run and not just for the summer.

Lee Nadine

Lee Nadine (@deeenerss) is a Harvard student majoring in neuroscience, who previously went viral for her college acceptance reaction video(opens in new tab) on YouTube. She enjoys playing lacrosse and soccer and describes herself as cold and honest. She also claims that when she speaks English, she sounds more stern and professional, and when she speaks Korean, she sounds cuter and soft. She auditioned for the show because she wanted to get out of her comfort zone and date.

Kim Han-bin

Kim Han-bin (@domestic_seal) is a rock climber with a big smile and a happy, upbeat personality. He prefers people who make direct eye contact and claims that if he meets such a woman, he will fall head over heels.

Han-bin is a rock climber with a big smile and a happy, upbeat personality. He prefers people who make direct eye contact and claims that if he meets such a woman, he will fall head over heels. He claims he wants to meet someone who is also positive and create a positive energy field with her.

Shin Dong-woo

Shin Dong-woo (@darricksss) is a weightlifter and basketball player who, according to his friends, lives life to the fullest. In his introduction, he states that he has a calm personality and prefers someone who is energetic. He also mentions that, because Single's Inferno is a place where they can only attract people with their looks and charm, he's curious to see how much he can appeal to people.

Choi Seo-Eun

Choi Seo-Eun (@4x4ischoi) is a former Miss Korea who claims she can create a relaxed atmosphere no matter who she talks to. On the Han River, she enjoys paddleboarding and meditating. She also claims that when she likes a guy, she can become very cutesy and affectionate, and she wishes to be in a happy relationship with someone who can make her happy just by looking at his face.

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