Did Song Kang Undergo Plastic Surgery? His Before Cosmetic Appearance!

Nov 28, 2023 @ 8:37 GMT-0500
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Did Song Kang Undergo Plastic Surgery? His Before Cosmetic Appearance! celebsindepth.com

Song Kang's flawless and charming appearance has led viewers to suspect that he has had plastic surgery. Looking at his before pictures, we could see the difference. Mostly, he is said to have had fillers, botox, nose jobs, and skin whitening cream.

My Demon is an intriguing addition to the burgeoning repertoire of supernatural K-dramas. The plot evolves into an odd story about a demon and a successful businesswoman who marry under contract. The show's extraordinary cast is fronted by two Korean drama favorites, 20th Century Girl actress Kim Yoo-jung and actor Song Kang, who play a multimillionaire heiress and a demon who appears to lose his abilities and travels to Earth. The first episode of "My Demon" ended on a cliffhanger, with Gu Won's demonic powers unexpectedly transferred to Do Do Hee, along with the cross tattoo on his wrist symbolizing his position.

Actor Song Kang's presence in the Netflix show is already a big attention-grabber for viewers, as he is a handsome Korean actor. As a South Korean actor, he has received international acclaim for his acting and also for his charming appearance. The actor looks so good that he has been suspected of having plastic surgery. So let us get into details.

Song Kang Most Probably Had Fillers, Botox, and Nose Jobs!

Song Kang's (@songkang_b) charming appearance and fantastic body have undoubtedly grabbed attention, but has he really undergone plastic surgery? There is no doubt that he is the national and international crush of several young females, but did he really go under the knife to get the appearance he has desired to gain fame?

Song Kang has a charming appearance, leading fans to believe he had plastic surgery. celebsindepth.comSong Kang has a charming appearance, leading fans to believe he had plastic surgery.
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Although these celebrities don't reveal any details about having plastic surgery, we have some speculations about Song Kang's possible plastic surgery that he has had. He is in his late 20s, as he is 29 years old, and he still has such a smooth face, just like that of a child, with no signs of aging or any flaws.

Song Kang has been called one of the cutest Korean actors, but there is a claim that he has had cosmetic surgeries, possibly fillers, botox, Nose job, and skin whitening cream. South Korea is known as a plastic surgery capital, with many Korean celebrities having undergone the procedure. In South Korea, plastic surgery is fairly common. Even youngsters will get surgery for nose jobs, lip fillers, and other cosmetic procedures, so no doubt the actor has also undergone the procedures.

Song Kang Looked Different Before Plastic Surgery!

If you look closely at Song Kang's before plastic surgery pictures, you can clearly see that he has changed a lot, particularly since undergoing a nose job. He had a flat nose during his teenage years and in childhood. He now has more refined looks and a thin nose, after undergone plastic surgery.

Song Kang before and after plastic surgery. celebsindepth.comSong Kang before and after plastic surgery.
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Also, if you check one YouTube video that compares his before appearance with recent ones, you could notice that he had a flat face with fat on his cheek and didn't have a jawline; however, now Song Kang's has a jaw line and a smooth face, looking more charming and handsome. So there is no doubt he has had plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Details on Song Kang’s Appearance on My Demon!

'My Demon' is a fantasy K-drama about an unforeseen relationship that brings an old demon and a brave human together, forcing them to fall in love. Demon Goo-won and chaebol heiress Do Do-hee clash right away. The show provides an easy way to enter a wonderful world where Do-hee and Goo-won's gradually blooming romance captivates the audience, leaving them wanting to see how the couple's relationship develops. Do Do-hee is focused on her work and nothing else. Jeong Goo-won is an ancient demon that is known for striking advantageous arrangements with mankind.

However, the fortunes of the two become entangled when Goo-won loses his powers and Do-hee becomes his key to regaining them. As a result, the two must collaborate to find a mutually beneficial solution to the challenges caused by their life-changing meeting. As a result of misunderstandings, Do-hee and Goo-won wind up on a blind date. Because it's Do-hee's birthday, she figures Ju reserved the entire restaurant to make the meeting memorable for her.

Song Kang with his My Demon co-star Kim Yoo-jung. celebsindepth.com

Song Kang with his My Demon co-star Kim Yoo-jung.
Source: Instagram

Similarly, Goo-won feels the woman is another magical person, perhaps even sent by God, due to some comedy semantics misinterpretation. Nonetheless, neither gets off to a good start with the other. Nonetheless, after a strange event drains Goo-won's powers and transfers his demon mark to Do-hee, the former is compelled to remain near the woman. As a result, both parties figure out how to cohabit while benefiting equally from their situation. Well, to know more further stories, you will have to watch it on Netflix.

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