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Sophie Simnett is a young actress who is known for getting her start in the Disney Channel show The Lodge, where she played the character of Skye Hart. Now she is in the comedy, action, adventure series Daybreak playing the character of Samira ‘Sam’ Dean.

The Sam actress was born on 5 December 1997 in Chiswick England, where ever since she was able to walk and talk, she wanted to be an actress. After she grew up, a little Sophie begged her parents her let her go to acting classes, which they allowed after much convincing, and she also took care of her education in Putney High School.

Sophie Simnett appears as Samira 'Sam' Dean on the Netflix show Daybreak.Sophie Simnett appears as Samira 'Sam' Dean on the Netflix show Daybreak.
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Sophie sold chocolates to raise money for her show, which allowed her to get the attention of an agent. The agent put her in the first short movie Footsteps of Angels in 2014, followed by a one-episode role in Dickensian. But her first major role came in the form of Skye Hart in the Disney show The Lodge. For her leading role in the series, Sophie was asked to audition 13 times when she was finally hired. This show was also the place where she met Luke Newton, and the two formed, quiet the chemistry on and off the screen.

Sophie Simnett and Luke Newton Relationship On and Off-Screen

Sophie Simnett and Luke Newton started dating while they were together on 'The Lodge'Sophie Simnett and Luke Newton started dating while they were together on 'The Lodge'
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After her 13 audition, Sophie was finally given the role of Skye Hart in the Disney Channel show The Lodge, also starring Jade Alleyne as Kaylee Markson. Her co-star Luke Newton was also cast in the show where he played the character of Ben, who is a repairman working at the North Star Lodge, the place owned by Skye’s father.

The Lodge is about the struggle of Skye to get her father not to sell The Lodge, a place she is now emotionally attached to. The relationship between Skye and Ben was evident for all to see, Sophie Simnett and Luke Newton shared amazing chemistry on-screen, and this translated to the two being romantically involved off-screen.

Sophie Simnett and Luke Newton started dating right after the first season of The Lodge aired on Disney. They were together for the entirety of the second season run of the series, but then the relationship between Sophie and Luke started to stagnate, and the couple separated around mid-2017. At the same time, his photos stopped appearing on Sophie’s Instagram page.

Luke Newton is currently in a relationship with theatre actress Jade Louise Davies. Luke seems to be in a healthy relationship with his new girlfriend while Sophie was also linked with her other co-stars, but the rumors are false. While The Lodge was starting out, Sophie Simnett and Thomas Doherty were linked, but Thomas was later revealed to be dating his co-star from Descendants, Dove Cameron.

Sophie Simnett’s 'Daybreak' Character 'Samira ‘Sam’ Dean'

Sophie Simnett plays Samira 'Sam' Dean in the show Daybreak on Netflix.Sophie Simnett plays Samira 'Sam' Dean in the show Daybreak on Netflix.
Source: Instagram

Daybreak is a comedy, action, adventure series from Netflix released on 24 October 2019 to good to moderate reviews and to surprising fan reactions. The show is about a post-apocalyptic world where social outcast Josh goes in search of his missing girlfriend while teaming up with an unlikely band of misfits, which consist of 13-year-old Angelica, played by Alyvia Alyn Lind and Josh’s high school bully Wesley Fists played by Austin Crute.

Sophie Simnett’s Daybreak character Samira ‘Sam’ Dean is the missing girlfriend of Josh. In the first few episodes of the Netflix series Angelica and Wesley convince Josh, Samira died by staging a dead body, but in reality, she was captured by the jocks, but due to her social status in high school, she is respected while also being a prisoner.

Watch: The trailer for Netflix show Daybreak currently streaming all over the world

About her character, Sophie Simnett’s interview with A Book Of stated, “She is a badass. She holds her own and wants everyone to be happy. It is really nice to see that in a female lead rather than just pitting females against each other”

The Lodge brought Sophie Simnett recognition, but Daybreak allowed her to make her presence felt in front of a wider audience. Considering Daybreak’s cast, which includes veteran actor Matthew Broderick and up-and-coming actor Colin Ford who plays the leading character of Josh. Among all the names in the Daybreak cast, she manages to hold her own and come out with a recognizable performance.

Will Sophie Simnett Return in 'Daybreak Season 2'?

Daybreak season 2 is still not confirmed but fans want more of the show.'Daybreak' season 2 is still not confirmed but fans want more of the show.
Source: Flickering Myth

Samaira ‘Sam’ Dean is definitely up there with one of the most high profile characters of her still budding career. Daybreak definitely made an impression on fans who are still discovering the show on Netflix, and there is potential for Daybreak Season 2.

The way Netflix does business is they wait for about 40 days to announce whether a show will be renewed for a second season or not, which means we are still not certain if Daybreak Season 2 will happen, but we are more than excited to see the Sophie Simnett in the second season of the hit series.

Sophie Simnett’s Net Worth

Sophie Simnett made her career on the small screen and she accumulated her net worth from her work.Sophie Simnett made her career on the small screen and she accumulated her net worth from her work.
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The actress’s age is 21 years old, and before her 22nd birthday, she’s been in over ten projects with varying levels of difficulty. It doesn't matter whether she is appearing in one episode of hit British show Poldark as Andromeda Page or singing on tour with the team of The Lodge, and through her various appearances, she was also paid handsomely for her troubles.

During her time on The Lodge, the actress was paid about $10,000 per episode, which amounts to about $250,000 for two seasons of the Disney show. She was also involved in the musical tour of the cast which also paid the actress a lot of money. Sophie Simnett’s Favorite Place to be from The Lodge is also a hit, which probably pays some amount to the actress.

Sophie Simnett's Net Worth stand at about $700,000.Sophie Simnett's Net Worth stands at about $700,000.
Source: Instagram

Netflix is also known to pay the top talent of a show handsomely, which leads us to believe she was paid around $200,000 for the first season of Daybreak. All in all, the net worth of the actress stands at about $700,000, which is a lot considering her whole career is ahead of her.

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