Supernatural Season 15 – Anna Grace Barlow Amazes as the New Lilith in ‘Proverbs 17:3’

The 5th episode of Supernatural season 15 saw the return of one of the strongest demons to ever grace planet earth. In fact, the very first demon ever created by The Devil himself. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s none other than Lilith played by the outstanding actress Anna Grace Barlow.

The episode titled ‘Proverbs 17:3’ saw Sam and Dean investigate a werewolf case that looked pretty ordinary until it took a dramatic turn out of the blue, leaving fans gobsmacked.

Anna Grace Barlow as the new Lilith stole the show

Anna Grace Barlow's performance as Lilith received appreciation from fans.

Anna Grace Barlow’s performance as Lilith received appreciation from fans.
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‘Proverbs 17:3’ sees our favorite hunters bumping into a werewolf attack survivor, a sweet innocent blonde girl named Ashley, who recently graduated college. The boys rescue the girl, only to become aware she is the white-eyed demon Lilith.

It turns out the story Chuck was writing in the previous episode involved the re-introduction of Lilith. She was clearly dead in the Empty, but God decided to bring her back to retrieve the magic gun. As much as we love the boys, it was fun to see a powerful demon on-screen once again who could literally toy with the brothers at will.

Lilith is one of the most powerful demons ever to exist, and this episode clearly did her justice by showcasing her raw demonic strength that is no match to even the invincible boys.

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The best part of the episode – even more than the brilliant execution of the plot – was the young actress Anna Grace Barlow. Her swift transformation from a sweet, innocent girl to an evil, manipulative demon was beyond impressive.

Fans subsequently took to her official Instagram (therealagbarlow) as well as Supernatural’s official Insta (cw_supernatural) to shower praises towards her. Moreover, the fans on Twitter were in awe of her performance even if they had little clue as to who she was. Let’s check out some of the reactions.

As per her IMDb page, Ashley Grace Barlow boasts 24 acting credits, most notably Commanders (2019) and Summer Forever (2015).

A quick recap of Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5 – ‘Proverbs 17:3’

The episode begins in Black Forest, Colorado, where three fresh college graduates are camping. As expected, things suddenly take a turn for the worse as two of the friends get killed, and the third is left screaming in shock horror.

Then we head to the bunker, where Sam sent about a million texts to Castiel, all of which are unanswered. Dean returns from a supply run and makes a foolish decision to intake ghost pepper jerky, instantly regretting it. The boys then head to Colorado to check out the situation.

In the car, Sam has another one of his visions where he kills Dean. Once they arrive in Colorado, they perform a throwback to season 1 by pulling out the Wildlife badges they used in episode 3 of the first season. It turns out the boys hadn’t updated their pictures, which makes the locals hilariously question whether Dean is who he says in the badge.

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At the hospital, Dean convinces the survivor Ashley to tell her the truth. She reluctantly obliges after making him promise he’s gonna protect her. Ashley reveals it’s a guy (werewolf) named Andy.

The boys head out to meet Andy, who lives with his brother Josh. After the duo refuses to touch the silver pen, Dean claims the case is now done, and it was way too easy. Josh, meanwhile, blames his brother Andy for letting Ashley go and convinces him to take care of the unfinished business.

Following her release from the hospital, Ashley asks to be with the boys, and Sam and Dean subsequently give her their room. Dean and Ashley chat for a bit before both of them fall asleep. Sam later returns from a food run and notices Ashley is gone while Dean is asleep.

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The boys quickly make their way into Andy’s place where a battle ensues before Andy ultimately kills Josh. Andy states – “He was never gonna stop. He turned into a monster. And I’m a monster too.” He then shoots himself and dies.

The biggest shock arrives when Ashley accidentally falls onto some deer antlers and supposedly dies. While Sam and Dean are processing what just happened, Ashley speaks and wakes up, leaving the boys flabbergasted. In a shocking turn of events, Ashley is LILITH!

Lilith reveals God brought her back from the Empty, and she was supposed to seduce Dean and get the equalizer from the brothers. When the bros refuse, and the push comes to shove, she knocks out Sam unconscious while Dean reluctantly vows to take her to the gun.

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While Dean and Lilith hit the road, Sam has another vision where he sees Dean with the Mark of Cain, killing him with the first blade in the bunker. Back at the motel, Lilith tells Dean Chuck wants one of the brothers to kill the other, and the entire Werewolf story was him foreshadowing.

Lilith soon realizes Dean doesn’t have the gun in the motel and begins to torture him. Sam shows up just in time to put a Devil’s Trap bullet into her head, which stalls her for a bit but not for long. Before the boys can escape, she heals and seemingly channels her inner Sherlock Holmes and figures out the gun is in the Impala.

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Lilith locates the gun in the glovebox, melts it, and leaves with the brothers left in despair. Back at the bunker, Sam tries contacting Cas to no avail. Dean tells Sam about Chuck’s ending, which prompts Sam to reveal his dreams. The scene cuts with the boys utterly hopeless as they haven’t got a clue on how they could possibly fight God.

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