‘Supernatural’ – Jensen Ackles Reveals One of His Favorite Episodes and It’s Definitely Fan-Favorite!

Jensen Ackles recalls a Supernatural episode he loves more than most.

Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles remembers one of his treasured episodes in the long-running CW drama.

A lot of talk surrounding Ackles this week is about his upcoming appearance as Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3, but he’s still got some unfinished business: the final chapter of Supernatural.

Ackles spent 15 years portraying Dean Winchester, a fan-favorite role that put him at the core of a pretty loyal fandom and made him a genuine TV star.

Alongside him, Dean’s brother Sam Winchester is played by Jared Padalecki; both of them couldn’t be more loved by the audience. The fantasy series follows the two siblings as they hunt monsters as part of their family business.

Jensen Ackles with his beloved impala "Baby".

Jensen Ackles with his beloved impala “Baby”.
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The initial intention was for Supernatural Season 15 to be completed earlier this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the production of the remaining seven episodes. Due to this setback, fans were offered what looks like more than one final season.

Supernatural made its return on 8th October, and the other six will be released every week before the finale airs in November. In the meantime, fans are left curious just how the story will end since their ultimate fight is with God Himself.

Ackles recently remarked on Supernatural‘s long-standing popularity speaking with Rolling Stone, where he also revealed one of his beloved episodes.

There’s no doubt the fandom will agree with him, too, when he named the fan-favorite season 11 episode 4 titled “Baby.” Ackles called it “one of the coolest episodes we had ever done,” from the perspective of Dean’s dearest impala.

Explaining the behind the scenes process, the actor said:

I remember we had outfitted, like, eight cameras in and around and on the car, and then they just set us off. Jared and I were just – he hopped in and we just took off down the road. There was no camera operator, there’s no grips, there’s no electricians, there’s no DP, no director, no script supervisor, no makeup, no nothing…We were doing everything ourselves.

“Baby” was quite a unique episode, where the events were kept strictly to the Impala as Sam and Dean moved around the country to look for a brand new monster.

At the time of its broadcast, “Baby” was met with strongly positive feedback from viewers and critics; a simple glance at IMDb shows it is now one of Supernatural’s best-rated episodes.

The Impala is also thought to be like a third Winchester brother, so it’s no wonder it received moments in the spotlight while fans loved it a lot.

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Making it all the more meaningful is the fact that Ackles received an Impala of his own that he took home after the production of the series concluded for good.

Padalecki, too, got one, but because the impala is Dean’s “Baby,” there’s an additional sense of feeling that it belongs to Ackles.

Meanwhile, with just five episodes left, only time will tell if all of them will impress viewers almost as much as “Baby” did four seasons ago.re still somehow together.

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