Kassandra Clementi

Kassandra Clementi | Jacqueline Toboni, Partner, Relationship, Girlfriend, Husband, Married, Home and Away, Dr. Chris Brown, Andrew Morley, Net Worth, Dating

Kassandra Clementi

Kassandra Clementi, born on 10th October 1990, is best known for her role in Home and Away (2013-16). She’s got a younger brother. The actress

Jacqueline Toboni | Sarah Finley, The L Word, Net Worth, Partner, Sister, Dating, Relationship, Girlfriend, Married, Wedding, Parents, Grimm, Easy

Jacqueline Toboni

Jacqueline Toboni, born on 18th February 1992 to an Italian father and Irish mother, is best known for her guest performance as Trubel in the

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