The Crown

Who Is Norton Knatchbull in The Crown Season 5? Royal Family & More!

Norton Knatchbull, the grandson of 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma Louis Mountbatten, is the third Mountbatten of Burma also known ...
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Ipatiev House From The Crown: The Romanov Family Assassination Explained!

Ipatiev House is a merchant’s house in Yekaterinburg where former the assassination of Russian Emperor, Nicholas II, his family, and ...
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Penny Knatchbull AKA Lady Romsey From The Crown: Actress Natascha McElhone Plays ‘Penny Ramsey’ in Season 5!

Penny Knatchbull a.k.a Lady Romsey, the only daughter of butcher-turned-entrepreneur Reginald Eastwood, is the wife of Norton Knatchbull, 3rd Earl ...
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