Gabriel From Netflix’s The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself: Relationship With Nathan and Actor Emilien Vekemans’ Age Explored!

Gabriel from Netflix’s The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself is one of the characters played by actor Emilien Vekemans (@emilienvekemans). The alchemist Gabriel, one of Nathan’s closest friends, was taken in by Mercury, who made him forget his past thanks to her powers. Although the actor is 30 years old in real life, he plays the role of a 19-year-old boy. The list of names in his book was one of the factors that made us wonder if Gabriel might be bisexual.

The young adult drama The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself on Netflix centers on the life of Nathan, a sixteen-year-old boy. Because of his infamous father, Marcus Edge, his life is tough. Colm McCarthy, Debs Paterson, and Rachna Suri’s film The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself transports us to the well-known world of witches and magic spells while also infusing it with a touch of authenticity.

Any maker who ventures there does so at their own risk. The issue is that the genre has already established some extremely strong precedents, making comparisons inescapable. The creators are aware of this as well and make it clear right away.

Witches and Fain, or non-magical people, comprised two distinct groups in the world. Fairborn and blood witches were two further divisions made for the witches. The Wolfhagen Peace Massacre, a tragic event that resulted in the deaths of numerous Fairborn witches, was carried out by the blood witches under the leadership of Marcus Edge.

One of them is Gabriel, who not only develops as Nathan’s closest friend and ally but also proves to have a deeper bond with him. He encounters various people on the dangerous voyage he does in the first season, and he develops strong relationships with them all. Let’s learn more about him.

Gabriel From Netflix’s The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself Is One of the Characters Played by Actor Emilien Vekemans!

Gabriel is one of the characters in Netflix’s The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself, played by Emilien Vekemans (@emilienvekemans). Gabriel was an odd fellow. Although he is 30 years old in real life, he plays the role of a 19-year-old boy.

Although Gabriel had always considered himself to be a fair-born witch, there were some doubts about this. He is initially introduced later in the series when Nathan (Jay Lycurgo) (@jaylycurgo) is charged with discovering Gabriel’s true identity. They encounter Gabriel, a Blood witch, as Nathan and Annalise run from her father and the Council of Fairborn Witches, who want to take Nathan in.

Gabriel was taken in by Mercury, and she has been his home ever since. He was able to forget his past thanks to Mercury using her powers. He was tasked by Mercury with bringing Nathan to her. But Annalise had shown up without warning, and he had no idea who she was. He understood that he couldn’t bring Annalise along. Mercury was not the type of witch who valued unexpected visitors. Gabriel, however, was not given many options. His flat had been broken into by Fairborn hunters, who were now shooting guns at them. They made their way out of there, then boarded a ferry to travel to a port in France.

The only issue was that Gabriel understood he would have to keep Annalise’s Fairborn heritage from the other participants. When he, Nathan, and Annalise arrived in Paris, Gabriel discovered that his house had been broken into and that many belongings were missing.

Gabriel also left Mercury’s location and arrived right away in Wolfhagen. His companions, Nicky and Hugo, also showed up at Wolfhagen to murder Nathan. They were unaware that Nathan was on their side and would not do such a thing.

Although the show very clearly establishes Gabriel’s sexuality for the audience, there may still be many aspects of him that we do not yet know. He is gay and has courted numerous men, but he has never been committed to any one person for a long enough period to develop a meaningful commitment. However, things take an intriguing turn when he meets Nathan and fall in love with him.

The list of names in his book was one of the factors that made us wonder if Gabriel might be bisexual. It initially appeared to be a list of the women he had fallen in love with throughout the years. There were a few girls on the list, so it seemed that Gabriel’s sexuality might not be as easy as it first appeared to be. However, later on, we learn that these are the names of the people he can’t remember, which gives his character a new dimension.

It is easy to assume that Gabriel is not bisexual because we never see him with a woman and he never expresses feelings for one. Even though he exhibits many aspects of mysticism and eccentricity, he is very vocal about his feelings for and desires for certain people. He has developed feelings for Nathan, which raises another query.

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