The Privilege Netflix Cast 2022: German Horror Film is Led by Former Dark Star!

The Privilege cast is led by Max Schimmelpfennig and other German actors. Get all the details for the Netflix horror flick currently streaming on the service.

It’s not Halloween yet but Netflix is here to serve us our monthly dose of horror! Releasing on February 9, 2022, the trailer of the series The Privilege is already creating a huge buzz and has everyone on their toes. Directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde, not just the plot, but the much-anticipated cast is what’s making the series so in hype right now.

Revolving around the lives of teenagers who explore the lingering darkness, the German series is expected to mark yet another international hallmark. Featuring the upper crust of the teen world, we meet a group of pupils at a dreary private school where only the social elite attend. The story progresses as they stumble upon the unknown discovering there’s a darkness lurking close after a series of bizarre incidents take place right under their noses. The thrilling exploration of the curious teens is what’s preceding about the movie, and the cast has quite the role in it. So, here’s everything we know about The Privilege cast.

The Privilege Cast: Former Dark Star Leads the German Horror Flick

max-schimmelpfennig-the-privilege-cast-netflixMax Schimmelpfennig leads The Privilege cast, currently streaming on Netflix.
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Germany has showed off some high profile productions on Netflix over the years, most notably the critically acclaimed and much discussed mystery series Dark. Since then a steady stream of good to decent shows and movies have been gracing the streaming platform with the most recent one being The Privilege. Leading the movie is none other than a former Dark star.

Max Schimmelpfennig Leads the Privilege Cast as Finn

Coming into the hype with his incredible acting and role in the popular Netflix series Dark, Max Schimmelpfennig is now starring as the lead of the movie The Privilege. The name of the character he will be playing isn’t revealed but he surely looks to have an important role in the story progression.

Born in 1996, in Berlin, Max is recognized as one of the promising German actors. Making his debut in 2015 with Kommissarin Heller, Max is mostly known for his remarkable role in  7500, Das Boot, and of course Dark. Other than that, Schimmelpfennig has appeared in many big as well as small productions like Der Schweinehirt, Tempel, LOMO: The Language of Many Others, and many more.

Scouring through Schimmelpfennig’s socials, his Instagram to be specific, he has a good follower’s number of 68.1k. The actor seems to love sharing snippets of his latest projects and mostly posts related to his work. Max ‘s hobbies include football, singing, bouldern and Muay Thai. He is also skilled at playing guitar, drums and piano as mentioned in Lastrada doells. Max seems to be a professional and a career-focused individual keeping most parts of his life private including mention of a girlfriend or partner.

Lise Risom Olsen

Playing the role of Yvonne Bergmann, Lise Risom Olsen is another potential actress added in the cast of The Privilege. A Scandinavian actress born in Fredrikstad, Lise is based in Berlin and works internationally in the entertainment biz. Best known for her performance in the Netflix series The Innocents and in Germany crime series Tatort, Olsen’s ork languages are mainly German, English and Norwegian. She has been doing multiple projects in England, Denmark, Germany and Norway, thus going international.

Making her first debut in 2008 with Max Manus: Man of War, Lise has worked in numerous movies, series as well as theatre over time. Some of her works include Dag in 2011, Letzte Spur Berlin in 2017, Pros and Cons in 2018 and now The Privilege. As talented as she is, Lise has won multiple awards including Best Actress in Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest 2020 for Ghostly Remote Effect, Best Actor in a Student Short in Changing Face International Film Festival in 2020, Best Actress in Falcon International Film Festival (FIFF) in 2020 and Best Supporting Actress in Varese International Film Festival in 2020 for Ghostly Remote Effect. 

As per the actress’s socials, her Instagram has around 684 followers. The underrated actress shares pictures of herself and mostly random pictures on her Instagram. She seems like to live through the simplicity of life.

Caroline Hartig

Playing the role of Anna, Caroline Hartig is an amazing addition to the cast of the series The Privilege. Working under La Strada doells, Caroline is growing quite popular. Born on 1997, Caroline is German and grown up in Germany. Hartig has received special education which includes speech training by Gabriella Crispino in 2020, coaching by Jens Roth in 2019, individual coaching by Jens Roth in 2018, speech training by Paulette Schmidt since 2018), and drama seminar by Ron Burrus actors conservatory in 2016.

Stepping into the entertainment world with her starring in Kilimandscharo – reise ins leben in 2017, Caroline has appeared in many productions till date. Her other potential features include Schattenmoor, Blackout, Ich bin sophie school and many more.

A very skillful person, Caroline’s hobbies include horse riding, which is horsemannship, snowboard, dance especially jazz, hip hop, cheerleading, and sailing. Scouring through the young actress’s Instagram, she possess quite a number of followers. Hartig also seems to be doing modelling and professionally building her career as seen through her posts.

Nadeshda Brennicke

A German actress, singer and author, Nadesha Brennicke is a multi-faceted personality adding yet another interesting spice to the cast of the series. Born on 21 April, 1973, Nadeshda attended the Zinner Studio in 1989. Eventually, she and Jennifer Böttcher established the singing duo Charade, which was produced by Municher Freiheit’s Stefan Zauner and Aron Strobel. All of You and The Colour of Your Eyes charted at number 67 and 60, respectively, in Germany. Nadesha became one of the established singer and more was in stored for the talented personality.

As per Nasdeshda Brennicke’s acting career, she got the lead part of Tina in the German comedy film Manta – Der Filmduring her senior year of drama school. After afterwards, there were more performances for television productions. She became more well-known for her part as Tessa Norman in the television series The Streets of Berlin. She has then appeared in many productions like Tatort in 2011, Der Heiratsschwindler und seine Frau, Zwei Familien auf der Palme, The Team in 2015 and many more.

Mike Hoffmann

Mike Hoffmann is yet another amazing cast addition which makes the series much more anticipating. Born in 1974 in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany, Hoffman is better know for his roles in Sibel & Max in 2015, Cologne P.D. in 2003 and Here Comes Kalle in 2006. Beginning his acting career in 2003 with a series called Cologne P.D., Hoffman is a recognized German actor, thriving in the industry.

The actor doesn’t seem to be that active in social media. He belongs to the category of celebrities who like keeping their personal life little too private and just focus on sharpening their craft.

Janina Agnes Schröder

Another potential actress in the cast of The Privilege is Janina Agnes Schröder. Born in 1991 in Berlin, Germany, Janina is one of the popular German actressess, slowing rising to her fame. Best known for her work in known for Calvn Fragmenti in 2015, Homeland in 2015 and Fucking Berlin in 2016, Schröder began her career in 2015 with Homeland.

Eversince her first debut in the entertainment biz, Janina worked in multiple productions like The Olive Tree, Die Känguru-Chroniken, Babylon Berlin and now The Privilege. The actress has been growing like a wildfire and her talent is being widely recognized.

The actress however doesn’t have social media and seems to be lowkey and private type.

Swetlana Schönfeld

Not just an actress but also a theater director, Swetlana Schönfeld is an interesting incorporation in the cast of the series. With an acting degree at the State Academy for Dramatic Art in Berlin-Schoeneweide in 1971, Swetlana always knew she was meant to be in the realm of entertainment. She began performing in theaters and eventually stepped into the golden screen.

Swetlana began her film and television career in the mid-1970s at DEFA and East German television, where she performed in a variety of films. She appeared in a number of literary adaptations, including 1984 in Thomas Langhoff‘s Three Sisters, which was based on Anton Chekhov‘s drama of the same name, and Herrmann Zschoche‘s cinematic biography of German poet Friedrich Hölderlin, Half of Life.

Schönfeld has been in the field for more than a decade now and the addition of such veteran in the series will surely amplify its potential.

The rest cast of the movie includes, Dieter Bach as Agent Trondthal, Jan Andreesen, Christine Rollar, Laurenz Wiegand as Sanitäter / Notarzt, Christof Düro as Polizist and Leonas Sielaff.

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